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It’s Okay To Have That “Sad Feeling.”

I’ve been told a few times that life isn’t always perfect. Ain’t that the truth. I can’t even begin to count the amount of times that things have gone wrong. Without being incredibly cliche, life really is a roller coaster. You could be on top of the world one day and with the blink of … Read More

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Uplifting Quotes That Can Turn Your Day Around

Need a little boost today? I’m right there with you! This is technically my last full week working for the year and there’s been tons of stress building up around that. Knowing that a lot of companies close around the 15th of December until the New Year – I figured it would be a good … Read More

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30 Motivational Quotes To Get You Through December

If you need an extra push to get you through the eventful year that is 2020, then you are in the right place. It’s safe to say this year has been a roller coaster. But guess what? One month left! We did it! All the good and bad is coming to an end, but there’s … Read More