3 Reasons why you may need a mental reset

3 Reasons Why You May Need a Mental Reset

Living in New York means that everything is also go, go, go. There’s not opportunity to slow down because everyone around you is in a race to get to wherever they are going. You could be going to get a cup of coffee at Starbucks, in no rush, but end up hustling there and then getting impatient waiting in line. There’s always a feeling that you need to hurry up in New York. I recently spent sometime in Stowe, Vermont and it reminded me about why I need to slow down.

The brief 3 day trip was a friendly reminder to just enjoy where you are and what’s around you. No one’s in a rush to do anything, even when people around you are rushing around like in New York, there’s no need to take part. Just stepping away from New York was an incredible opportunity for a Mental Reset. I wasn’t even aware that I needed one because of how caught up with my day to day I was.

Stepping back and resetting mentally is a great exercise and has lots of positive benefits. It can decrease anxious thoughts and stress levels, allow clear vision around an entire circumstance (not just a one sided view), and can help release negativity and leave room for positivity! Sometimes, like me, you might not realize that you are in need of a mental reset. So what exactly is a mental reset? A mental reset is when you take a step back from your normal responsibilities so you can take a break from your typical focuses of the day. This would be work, school, friendships, relationships, anything that can quietly consume your thoughts and time.

Mental resets are a great practice for self-love and self-care, but it’s benefits go well beyond that. Here are 5 reasons that may indicate that you need a quick mental reset!

3 Things That Indicate You May Need a Mental Reset

1. Your Thoughts are Fixated Around One Topic.

Ever have a thought about, a person, project at work, topic from school, something a friend said, just swirling around in your head? This topic can start as a small thought, but then it snowballs into something that you can’t control. It consumes your thoughts and starts taking over your actions, then suddenly it’s all you’ve been none stop thinking about for hours. This may be slightly exaggerated for some, but you get the point.

When you lose control of your thoughts and find yourself constantly circling back to one thought, it may be time for a mental reset. Let’s say you’ve been working on a big presentation at work on your company’s new products and nothing seems to be going right. Every night, you go to sleep thinking of ways to adjust the slides and tweak the verbiage. Every morning, you wake up and feel an urge that you have to open up your computer and immediately begin working on the task. You’ve become so fixated on one topic, that you are incapable of thinking of anything else and thinking about spending the tiniest amount of time on something else isn’t an option. This a very clear indicator that a mental reset is needed.

What will a Mental Reset do?

Having a mental reset when you are fixated on a singular topic or idea will force you to place your thoughts elsewhere. Prioritize your mental health and well being be acknowledging the overload in your head, and remove yourself from what’s happening. Sometimes when you focus too much on one thing, you become closed off to other ideas and may have trouble coming up with solutions. The mental reset, it could be a walk, a brief meditation, or listening to music to disconnect, can help you see the big picture, see clearer, and can force you to step back from what is currently engulfing your thoughts.

2. You Have a Short Temper With People You Typically Don’t Have a Short Temper With.

When we have an overwhelming amount of thoughts or worries floating around our heads, it can be daunting to deal with anything else. If someone brings something to you, and your first reaction is that you want nothing to do with it, it may be time to assess if a mental reset is needed. We may not realize how overloaded our thoughts are at first because it’s become natural to try to balance one million things at once. Like a game of Jenga, it’s a careful balancing act when all of a sudden one move can force it to totally collapse. In this scenario, Jenga is your brain balancing all your thoughts, the one move that knocks it over is someone bringing something up to you, and the total collapse is your short temper erupting.

The short temper is just a side effect of stress and being overwhelmed. There’s just so much going on a once, and you may have to manage all of it, that the only outlet you have is lashing out. Obviously, sometimes we always have short tempers with a select few people, but when the short temper starts to pop up with people that really don’t ever get on your nerves that may be a clear sign to take a mental reset.

What will a Mental Reset do?

Having a mental reset in this scenario will clear your thoughts and give some more space to handle other things. Sometimes we have old stagnant things stuck in our thoughts that need to be let go. The mental reset can be journalling about what is taking up your thoughts, removing yourself from the stimuli around you and going for a drive, or again, meditation. Allowing yourself to allow thoughts to pass through and not get stuck in your head can help clear room to process other things that may be thrown your way.

3. The Thought of Interacting With Others is Daunting.

There is a fine line with this one, because a little alone time is always nice especially when we are feeling overwhelmed. When the isolation becomes so persistent and becomes a daily habit for a substantial amount of time, it may be time for a mental reset. When the thought of engaging with others seems so overwhelming that you would rather stay home or cancel plans, you may be in need of a mental reset. When we are over stimulated, sometimes a reaction is to try to shut off everything that is around us and isolate.

This isolation, when it is a repeated behavior and occurring a lot over long stretches of time, can be determine to both physical and mental health. As social creatures, being deprived of social interaction can lead too depression like symptoms and feeling constantly alone. Being too overwhelmed about interacted with anyone can sometimes be shown when you stray away from participating in things you once loves, like the gym or activities around town.

What will a Mental Reset do?

When we are being over stimulated and can only fathom being around ourselves, it may be important to have a mental reset. Mental Resets in this scenario are going to be different than the ones above. They allow you to reconnect and get through the cloudy mess that’s happening inside your brain. The mental reset can be calling a parent or a loved one to talk or even inviting your best friend over for a movie night. Spending quality time with those you love the most can help you see what really matters the most and help you weed out some of the things that are overwhelming you, but in reality don’t really matter too much.

Everyone has different triggers that could set off feeling overwhelmed. These are just a few examples that can possibly help you identify your own actions that may indicate that you need to disconnect for a bit. One major one for me personally is my eating patterns. When I notice myself not eating or being hungry, I know my head is overflowing with too many thoughts. It’s about listening to yourself and learning what you’re body is trying to tell you.

Take that break if you need it! It will make you more productive in the long run.

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