30 Journal Prompts for January

30 Best Journaling Prompts for January

There’s no better way to spend some quality me-time than by journaling. There’s something therapeutic about writing down our thoughts and feelings. Some of those that we feel comfortable talking about out loud and others that we may have supressed.

Journaling has a large amount of mental health benefits. Expressing emotions and feelings that we may not feel comfortable sharing but still need to release is one way, but journaling can also provide direction. Goal setting & tracking, manifesting, & sharing gratitude are all effective ways to journal also. These journaling practices can help you focus on your goals and gain clarity into exactly what it is that you want.

Sometimes journaling comes more naturally than others. It may seem like you are pulling teeth to write a few words. That is totally okay and natural. Sometimes we have more to say on one day than others. Journal prompts are a great way to spark motivation to journal and get some fresh thoughts flowing from your head to the paper. If you are a beginner or advanced, journal prompts can help you throughout your journaling practice.

The New Year is a great time to start a journal! You can set intentions for the New Year and document your feelings and progress toward your goals.

30 Best Journaling Prompts for January

Goal Setting Journal Prompts for January

  1. 5 things I want to accomplish in January are…
  2. Write a ‘Success Plan’ to reach one of your January Goals
  3. Describe your ideal ‘job’ you would like to have this year
  4. Write down how it feels when you finally complete your goals
  5. What is your New Years Resolution? Why did you select it?

Self Love Journal Prompts for January

  1. My favorite personality trait of myself is… I love this about myself because…
  2. Write 5 things you are proud of yourself for.
  3. What is your morning routine? What would you like to add or change about it?
  4. Thank yourself for 3 things you’ve recently done within the past 30 days.
  5. Create 10 affirmations for self love that are meaningful to you.

Manifesting Journal Prompts for January

  1. Pick one goal you have for January. Write down how you will accomplish it and how you will feel at each step.
  2. Describe you ideal life partner
  3. Describe you dream house
  4. Write down 15 things you are grateful for
  5. Write down your New Years Resolutions. How will it feel to accomplish every one?

Fitness Journey Journal Prompts for January

  1. List and Explain 5 Ways you can be more active in your life
  2. What are 5 Reasons why you want to lose weight
  3. What keeps you motivated in the gym when you feel like quitting?
  4. How are you maintaining your diet? How often have you cheated?
  5. Why did you start your fitness journey?

Financial Journal Prompts for January

  1. What is your financial savings goal for January? What are you saving for?
  2. If you had infinite income, what would be the first 3 things you spent money on?
  3. When you think about money, how do you feel? Describe it in detail.
  4. Create 3 financial goals you’d like to accomplish this New Year.
  5. What do you spend the most money on every month? Why?

Reflection Journal Prompts for January

  1. List 10 things you are proud of yourself for from last year
  2. Write about a time you were disappointed in yourself. How did you overcome it?
  3. What are 3 lessons you learned last year? What are you taking with you into the New Year?
  4. What did last year mean to you?
  5. List 3 challenges you faced last year. Describe what it meant to you to complete them.

Looking for Some Journals to Get Started?

I’ve curated some of my favorite Journals for Amazon for you guys. They range from classic, cute, and motivational. One thing that keeps my motivated to continue writing in my journal is having a journal that I love. I hope some of these can resonate with you! You can view all of the journals here at my Amazon Storefront.

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One thought on “30 Best Journaling Prompts for January

  1. Ooh these are lovely prompts! I especially loved the Reflection section! Thank you for sharing! I hope to journal a lot more this year – so these are perfect!
    Happy new year!


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