Healing Crystal for Self Love

Daily Practices That Promote Self Love

With the warm summer weather in full swing and good vibes all around, it seems like a pretty good time to add in some daily practices that promote self-love! Check out some super simple ways to add a little bit of self-love into your daily routine this summer, and beyond!


Meditation is a great way to spend some time getting to know yourself. It’s also a great start or end, to your day. Giving yourself 10-15 minutes, or more, to decompress and remove yourself from the craziness that every day holds. Even if you fall asleep, you’re giving a few minutes thats meant for you and only. Nothing promotes self-love like a little me-time.

Apps like Insight Timer, totally free App and not sponsored in any way, is a great way to kick start your meditation journey. You can navigate through pre-determined sections like sleep, productivity at work, managing stress. It even have a fun tracker that shows you how long you’ve meditated for and consecutive days meditated.

Skincare Routine

Winding down your night, which starts pretty damn early in the winter, with a quick skincare routine is the perfect way to add in a little bit of self love. Whether its a a face mask, which you can grab for a couple bucks from your local CVS, or setting aside 10 minutes for some face rolling with your amazing rose quartz face roller, implementing a quick skincare routine can spark instant self love but also get your skin glowing!

Limiting Time on Social Media

Social Media has its pluses and minuses, especially when we’re talking about self-love. Posting a selfie if you want to post a selfie because you love your outfit is a great way to build some confidence. But social media’s down side is the constant comparison to others and unattainable beauty standards that are postered all over the applications. There is nothing real about social media anymore because all posts and content are insanely manufactured, even ones that don’t appear that way. Cutting time on social media gives back some time in the day to spend with yourself! Instead on comparing yourself to an Instagram Model, go take a self love meditation! I challenge you to check the screen time tracker on your phone to see how much time you spend on social media applications. How much time can you give back to yourself?

Cleaning Your Living Space

There is a very different feeling when you enter your house when it is messy vs. when it is clean. As a super OCD organized person at work, I sometimes let the messiness get carried away at home. Staying on top of your living space directly relates to how you feel. If you live in a cluttered space, your mind will be a cluttered space. Taking a few minutes every day to organize and clean you living space can do wonders for your mood. I’m not saying deep clean you entire home daily, put clean up after yourself, don’t let the laundry pile get crazy, and don’t forget to fold laundry after you do it. These tasks take such a small amount of time and you will thank yourself for it later!

Hot Girl Walks

Yup, hot girl walks are a thing and I am all about them. Especially with working from home, getting outside and breathing in some fresh air is a great way to give back to yourself! Getting outside a walking is not only great exercise but gives you alone time away from work or stress at home to just be with yourself. When I go on walks, I will call my friends who live out of state! It’s a great way to catch up with them and to stay involved in each others lives even though we live far apart. Hot Girl Walks can kill two birds with one stone – exercise and quality time with friends or family!

Picking Up a Creative Hobby

As work becomes more demanding in our lives and our focus goes towards making money to survive and pay bills, we constantly forget about what drives our creativity. Picking up a hobby is one thing, but giving ourselves a creative outlet is another! Whether it’s a blog, like this one, or painting, crocheting, writing poems, having a creative hobby can be an escape from everyday. It also lets us use different parts of our mind that we may not use so regularly. A creative hobby can bring joy! Try picking up a hobby that you enjoyed which you were young. I am a big coloring book fan myself, lord knows it’s the only artistic thing I can do.


Journaling is a great outlet. Some days you can write a novel, others a few sentences. Writing how you feel, what you accomplished, what you did and more can be therapeutic. Your journal also acts as a place to look back on memories and see how far you have come. You can also get a laugh or two when reliving certain memories. There’s a lot of great blank journals out there, but also some guided journals with prompts. Both are great options, but at the end of the day if you begin journaling it’s important to pick a journal that speaks to you and motivates you to open it every day to write an entry.

Wherever you are on your journey to self-love, these daily practices can help carry you along!

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