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8 Ideas For Some Much Needed ‘Me-Time’

I think everyone knows by now that I am a big advocate for self love and self care practices. I big part of that is just falling in love with yourself and not being afraid to spend time by yourself. It can be a scary place being along with you thoughts with no distraction, but sifting through the noise and sitting at peace with yourself is a very powerful. Any self love practice starts with learning to enjoy ‘me-time’ or alone time.

It takes a little bit of time to really get comfortable being by yourself and truly enjoying ‘me-time.’ It is easy to find comfort being with people 24/7 – friends, coworkers, your significant other, but it’s necessary to check in with yourself from time to time and hang out solo! Learning to enjoy time alone have a multitude of benefits, physically and mentally. When things get hectic it’s nice to just relax by yourself and treat yourself!

In the craziness of today’s world it is not a bad idea to spend time with the one’s you love like family and friends, but what about some much needed

Head to the Gym

Nothing clears your head like a workout does. Whether you are lifting weights or walking on a treadmill, get your body moving. Throwing your headphones on and listening to your favorite music while zoning out and focusing totally on yourself is why I think gyms were made. Going to the gym solo is a great form os self-love and a great excuse for some me-time. Adding solo gym workouts to your daily routine can help boost your energy and also reduce stress.

Plan a Movie Night

Not feeling going anywhere? That’s fine! Plan a movie night in. Grab you’re favorite meal for dinner, maybe a bottle of wine, and cozy up for a movie night! Netflix is popping out awesome movies left and right, so watch one you’ve never seen before or pick a classic and rewatch it for the 100th time. Make sure you leave your phone in another room so you can really check-out from the world around you and just enjoy time by yourself.

Start a New Craft Project

It always refreshing when you get to explore your own creativity. When we were younger, art projects and crafts were staples in childhood! As an adult we sometimes forget that it’s very enjoyable and relaxing to be creative and shut off that side of our brain. To really spend some creative me-time with yourself, run to Michaels or AC Moore and pick up a new craft project. Maybe you want to learn how to crochet or knit, or paint a picture, maybe make a dream catcher, whatever it is spend some time with yourself exploring your creative side.

Take Yourself Out to Dinner

Want to spoil yourself? Take yourself out to dinner! Whether you get a table for 1 or, the less scary option, sit down at the bar by yourself, treat yourself at your favorite restaurant or one you’ve never tried before. Sometimes just sitting with yourself without any distractions is the best way to spend some me-time, plus a solid meal doesn’t hurt either.


Treat yourself to some me-time by scheduling a manicure and pedicure at your local nail salon. This is such a quick way to spend some me-time and disconnect from all the stimuli that is around you. For tops 1 hour, you are forced to be pampered and relax. If you have more time and money to spend on yourself you can even look into a spa day. At first glance, this may seem like an unnecessary expense, but taking this time for yourself is an act of self love and it can even boost your mood and your confidence.

Solo Coffee Date

Having trouble disconnecting in the morning? Work stress is on overload? Spending some me-time at your local coffee shop is a great way to start the day off on the right foot. Whether you’re getting espresso or a tea, slowing down for 10/15 minutes and sitting by yourself enjoying the moment is a great way to spend some alone time. You’ll feel refreshed and refocused and ready to start the day.

Walk Though Town

A great way to spend some me-time is getting outside and breathing in some fresh air. Changing your scenery and moving your body and two ways to really settle down and relax from the craziness of the day. If you live in the city walk around the block to your nearest park or if you’re in the suburbs walk around your neighborhood. I find this the best during midday, right around lunch, when the sun is shining and you’ve been busy doing whatever you’ve had to do all morning. Take a solo walk through town and enjoy some much needed me-time.

Take a Yoga Class

Yoga combines so much – breath work, meditation, stretching, and activeness – everything that can help you relax and disconnect. Yoga is an ideal activity for some me-time. Even if you’re in a group class in a studio environment, the focus is always on yourself and zoning out listening to your body is a great way to spend me-time. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and ready for the day, or the new day if you take a night class!

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