Holiday Affirmations

25 Holiday Affirmations for December

Affirmations help align our being and can be a an incredible to tool. Affirmations help keep our thoughts and actions in sync to either claim more of what we need or release what we do not need. Affirmations are a great addition to a morning routine, nighttime routine, or a journaling practice.

There are affirmations for everything. Theres not a set list, you can get creative and create you own. No matter what phase of your life you may find yourself in, finding a few affirmations that align with how you are feeling and the direction you are going and using them daily can be a great practice to add to your self-love routine. During December, when all the holidays start popping up, it’s easy to get lost, stressed, and feel tension and anxiety. Using Affirmations that align with this time of year can help bring calmness to your day to day.

Take these Holiday Affirmations with you as the holiday season approaches. While this season can bring excitement and joy it can also bring stress and tension. Take what resonates with you and leave what isn’t aligned.

Holiday Affirmations

I am ready to receive love from my family and friends all season long.

I am grateful for all things good in my life.

Being thankful fills my soul with gratitude.

I will put all negativity aside to enjoy the moments with family and friends.

I am a bright light that can be seen in darkness that cannot be put out.

I do not need to receive gifts or money to be thankful.

I will not let small things get under my skin when spending extended time with family.

I am not afraid of setting boundaries and enforcing them.

I invite gratitude into my life and look forward to feeling its warm over months to come.

My love and gratitude for others is not hidden. I am not afraid to speak my feelings of gratitude to others.

I release my holiday anxiety and stress and am open to receiving love and joy.

Releasing what no longer serves me only leaves more space for what is meant for me.

I embrace change and look forward to what awaits me in the future.

I do not let the words of others affect me. I stay calm in uneasy moments.

I am open to receiving love from all those closest to me.

The holiday season is my reminder to reflect on the love I feel for others.

I am thankful for all acts of love and gratitude and will pass on the energy to others.

Sharing the holiday spirit and joy fills my heart with warmth and love.

I am full of gratitude for my family and all that I have in this life.

The warmth I feel in my heart is strengthened during the holiday season.

I am willing to slow down and reflect during the colder months.

I release any memories from the past that bring back negative emotions. I am open to creating new positive memories to replace the old.

This holiday season I am grateful for love ones living and passed.

I am not afraid to leave an uncomfortable situation.

I search for gratitude every day and welcome it into my life.

Journaling Your Affirmations

Affirmations can be spoken, written, or both! I personally enjoy writing down my affirmations multiple times every morning. Not only are I speaking them to myself, but I am writing them on paper. Having a journal that speaks to you and motivates you to pick it up and write is something that can evolve your practice with affirmations. Writing down all that you are grateful for before you write down your affirmations is a great way to raise your vibration and be in a positive mindset. This is so powerful when using affirmations! I’ve curated a list of you great journals that I hope can inspire you to start journaling with your affirmations.

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