Amazon Basics Every Millennial Needs

Amazon Essentials Every Elder Millennial Needs

Amazon has become an essential in my life and it continues to prove itself valuable time and time again. From last minute Birthday Gifts for friends and last minute Christmas and Holiday gifts, Amazon has your back when it is down to the wire. I’ve been starting to turn to Amazon for my regulation purchases and everyday items. I work a full time job and coach 2 lacrosse teams (which is each a full time job in its own right), so getting to the store to buy things I already should have is so much more of a task than it should be. For all the busy elder millennials out there, this essentials list is for you.

Check out these great Essentials you can buy on Amazon :

Amazon Essentials Every Elder Millennial Needs

Every Day Ribbed Tank Top

Oversized Button-Up Shirt

Oversized Hoodie

Lucky Me I See Ghosts Dupe

Lululemon Align Tank Dupe

Lululemon Align Pant Dupe

Oversized Cropped T-Shirt

Cropped Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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6 Reasons to Visit Long Island This Fall Colorful fall leaves on a tree in Long Island New York

6 Reasons to Visit Long Island This Fall

Long Island is notoriously known as a Summer spot and is highly trafficked in between Memorial Day and Labor Day by those who live in New York City. I don’t blame them for coming out this way, Long Island has everything you could want for an epic Summer weekend – the beaches, the relaxation, the amazing restaurants. But once the Summer House leases end, so does a lot of the city-slickers which makes room for the locals! Granted, we the city people come out east to the island, they’re immediately going to the Hamptons or Montauk. There’s a whole lot more in between NYC and the Hamptons, but I’ll leave that for another post.

With the summer Long Island hype dying down and the New York City locals returning to the concrete jungle, it can only mean one thing – Fall is around the corner. Fall on Long Island is very different than summer on Long Island, but just as enjoyable (but for different reasons).

Visiting Long Island in the Fall is the best time to visit, in my opinion. Here are 6 reasons why :

6 Reasons to Visit Long Island This Fall

Fall Activities on the North Fork

This one is pretty much a given and isn’t much of a secret… The North Fork of Long Island is already a packed house in the fall, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be mentioned here. Between all the farm stands, apple picking, pumpkin picking, sunflower fields, corn mazes, and more, the North Fork on Long Island is the ultimate Fall destination on Long Island. Visiting Long Island in the fall means going back home with an endless supply of apples, pumpkins, plenty of local beers & wines, and maybe a pie or two from a local farm stand. The North Fork is very different from the South Fork, which gets most of the notoriety in the Summer season. You’re in for a laid back, relaxing, slow-paced (by New York standards) trip that is very different from the fat paced, party scene of the South Fork during the Summer.

Because of it’s popularity, I’d recommend visiting early in the Fall season. My cousins and I went on Labor Day Weekend 2 years ago, and it was the most enjoyable Fall Trip to the North Fork to date. We went apple picking, went through the corn maze, stopped by the sun flower field, and grabbed some wine at a local vineyard, and most importantly successfully avoided the crowds. Going early means missing out on some of the live music, pumpkins, and more seasonal activities like hay rides and haunted houses, but it is a very small price to pay in order to beat the crowds.

Colder Nights

We all know it will be 70’s / 80’s all the way through September, especially this year with the crazy heat. Nothing beats a warm fall day on the beach, followed by an epic sunset – now throw in that its sweatshirt weather and it’s a perfect night. No more muggy, hot, humid, nights – at least less often. Whether you are at the beach are walking around Sag Harbor, it’s a more enjoyable without getting drenched in sweat from the crazy heat.

There’s just something special about warm days, being able to enjoy all the outdoor activities during the day, like the beach, outdoor dining, hiking and be able to enjoy a nice night with a bonfire and some warm drinks.

Breakfast Foods at Long Island Restaurants

Best Breakfast Spots on Long Island

Looking for the best breakfast on Long Island? Look no further. I’ve put together a list of some the best breakfast places that Suffolk County has to offer. If you are looking for some Long Island brunch spots, this list can double as that too! These are not listed in any order, so you should … Read More

Local Breweries’ Pumpkin Beer

It’s Pumpkin Season – which means pumpkin beer! There are so many Long Island Breweries, located all throughout the Island – from Barrier Brewing Company to Port Jeff Brewing Co. and from St. James Brewery to Moustache Brewing Co. The breweries on Long Island should be it’s own reasons to visit Long Island, but the pumpkin beer is definitely a reason to visit Long Island in the Fall.

I’ve already seen Leaf Pile Ale from Greenport Brewing Company out and about! I spoke to some friends at Port Jeff Brewing Co. and Boo Brew will be hitting the shelves soon. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to plan a brewery tour of Long Island to try out all of the Pumpkin Beers.

Haunted Houses

Although I am a big baby and don’t do haunted houses, there are quite a few incredible haunted houses on Long Island that are worth visiting this Fall. There really is a haunted house for every level of fear you are looking for. Family friend to fearing for you life level scary. ‘ Chambers of Hell ‘ located in Hauppauge, New York continues to be one of the top rated haunted houses in the nation, coming in at #1 in New York State and 39th best haunted house in 2021. Gateway Playhouse always puts on a show with their Drive-Through attraction “Haunted Playhouse,” located in Bellport, New York. Deepwells Farm in Head of the Harbor, New York, adds a historical touch to their haunted house ‘ Haunted Mansion ‘ which adds in a unique element since Deepwells Farm is known for its paranormal activity and real-life ghost encounters that happen year round on the property.

If you’re looking for a great scare this Fall, there’s no need to travel way upstate or into New Jersey or further. There is a plethora of options to visit this Fall on Long Island!

Long Island Coffee Shops, Patchogue Coffee Shops, Garden City Coffee Shop, Nassau County Coffee Shop, Suffolk County Coffee Shop, Smithtown Coffe Shop, Long Island's Best Coffee, Coffee on Long Island, Coffee in Suffolk County

5 Must-Visit Long Island Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops are my go-to spots – morning, afternoon, or night! Back when Covid-19 wasn’t a thing, you could find me posted up at a local coffee shop working on this blog or some of my work projects. The atmosphere is always so welcoming and they are all decorated so cute. It’s safe to safe … Read More

Hikes to See Beautiful Fall Foliage

Being in the Northeast means all 4 seasons! Getting to see the leaves change color is such a highlight on the Fall on Long Island. Visiting Long Island in the Fall is a great time to really take in the changing of the seasons. The leaves changing mixed with the serene landscape is a recipe for the perfect Fall vision. There is way too many hiking trails to list, but all have their own unique view of the Fall Foliage – especially those that run near the water on either the north or south shore. There’s something very special about seeing the reds, yellows, and oranges in the tress right next to the water line. From Nassau County to Suffolk County, the fall foliage is on display.

One of my favorite hiking spots is Avalon Preserve in Stony Brook, New York. The rich history of Stony Brook is attractive in its own right, but the amazing walk through nature, especially in the Fall, is worth visiting.

Locals Only

The best part of Fall on Long Island is that it is mainly just the locals! Visiting Long Island in the Fall is a great time to take in everything Long Island has to offer without all the commercialized, tourist-trappy, Instagram clout chasing, parts of the Summer that make it all seem in-authentic. At the end of the day Long Island is an amazing place to visit Year-round, no matter the season. Long Island can get a bad reputation in the summer, especially with all the negativity press around the $90 chicken fingers this summer. Once all the summer craziness slows down, the beauty of Long Island really shines. Enjoying Long Island as the locals do is the best way to really immerse yourself in the amazing place that I am lucky to call home.

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Blue 1976 BMW 2002 in light blue restored driving in Port Jefferson New York on a summer night in August

The Perfect Port Jefferson Date Night

After what has been (and honestly continues to be) the world’s most crazy and hectic summer, Ian and I finally found some time to enjoy a much needed unplanned date night. Last weekend was really no different from the rest of the insane weekends we’ve been doing all summer ( Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Birthday Weekends, Lacrosse Tournaments, anything you can think of we’re had on our calendar this summer), considering we had a Bat Mitzvah and a Guyanese Wedding to attend, but we somehow managed to get a few hours to spend together in Port Jefferson for a date night on Saturday.

Every weekend has been regimented, there’s been so much to get done that the only way to fit everything in is to make wild schedules – wake up at this time, be ready to leave by 9, stop at Target or CVS, grab a quick lunch, off to the next event, try to catch a breath, drive another hour, get to the restaurant for dinner, get home at 1am and set your alarm to wake up at 6am… It’s been more stressful than relaxing, even with my amazing Summer Fridays from work. When we found a few hours on Saturday Night that weren’t accounted for, we immediately knew that a spontaneous, no thought, low-key date night was needed.

We didn’t want anything crazy, just a simple night – no fancy restaurant, no crazy traveling involved, just a low-key night spent together. Jumping in Ian’s cute little BMW 2002 and heading over to Port Jefferson was the obvious choice!

The Perfect Port Jefferson Date Night


Instagram –

We wanted low-key, but we also wanted great food that doesn’t break the bank – Slurp it was. Located right in town, we were able to find a parking spot super close so there was no need to drive around like crazy trying to find something. Parking in Port Jefferson is notoriously difficult, but we had no issue finding a solid spot on the side of the road without having to go into any of the parking lots. We started off with Bao Buns for an appetizer. For Dinner, Ian got the Vegan Slurp Ramen and I got the Spicy Slurp. Both were pretty damn good and I would absolutely get them again.

Vegan Ramen and Spicy Ramen at Slurp Ramen in Port Jefferson New York

After Dinner Drinks

Port Jeff Brewing Company
Instagram –

A short walk across the way from Slurp leads you to Port Jeff Brewing Co. It was the perfect night to sit outside and Port Jeff Brewing had tons of outdoor seating, for all different sizes of groups. There was no live music when we went on Saturday, but they had a schedule up for all the days bands would be coming to play. There were dates throughout September, so even after Summer officially ends you can still enjoy outdoor entertainment. We were hoping to grab a Sour at Port Jeff Brewing because its out latest obsession, unfortunately they were sold out BUT we did get the amazing news that are going to be releases Boo! Brew soon!!

Walk by the Water

I really wish I took more pictures of the night because it was the best weather possible. We decided to keep the night rolling, and walk off the ramen, by heading down the water. We head past Danfords and made our way down to the Port Jefferson Visitors Center. The lit path was a perfect walk to the “beach” area – it was late at this point but you wouldn’t of guessed it purely based by the amount of people who were also out and about. We made our way past the #PJBIGCHAIR and naturally had to get a picture of Ian… He’s 6’6″ but by the picture you can barely tell.

Walking by the Water in port jefferson new york taking a photo break in the #pjbigchair a giant blue adironack chair on the walking path

We rested by the Big Chair for a bit enjoying the live music that could be heard from Danfords. After a couple Billy Joel singalongs and some boat watching, we decided to call it a night. It was a blast just heading out to Port Jefferson without a plan for a low-key date night. There were so many great spots to choose from but our little date night in Port Jefferson was perfect for us!

If you’re thinking about a spontaneous date night on Long Island, Port Jefferson is a great spot to pick!

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8 Ways to Reduce Anxiety WOman experiencing anxiety and anxious emotions

8 Ways to Help Reduce Anxiety and Anxious Feelings

Believe it or not anxious feelings and anxiety are not something that is rare… In fact many people battle with anxiety every day. Anxiety can come at different levels and can cause a ray of emotions and physical effectives, it is very different for each person and each situation. Just because you don’t experience anxiety like someone else, does not mean that you are better or worse off. It just means that you process these emotions differently.

Regardless of how you experience anxiety, there are some ways to help reduce anxiety. Again, it is different for every person and this list serves as suggestions to try to help reduce anxiety and anxious feelings. These all may work for you, or none of the work – but navigating anxiety is a learning experience at its finest. Learning what works, what doesn’t, what helps, what doesn’t, what increases feelings, what decreases feelings, is all part of each individual’s journey and for everyone’s own discovery. So wherever you are, I hope this list can help provide some value and some help in reducing anxiety.

8 Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Begin a Meditation Practice

Meditation is a way to disconnect from what surrounds us and reconnect with our physical being. Removing distracts and disconnecting with what doesn’t serve you works wonders on an anxious mind. Practicing this disconnection can help aid in reducing anxiety because you become more aware our your physical being and in touch with why certain emotions are present. Your body reacting in certain ways, anxiety included, is your body’s way of communicating with you. When you disconnect to understand the underlying reasoning you can being to release some of the anxious tendencies.

Release Emotions Instead of Holding onto Them

Holding in past emotions, from all experiences, aid in anxious feelings. Whether we are aware of it or not of past experience shape us and until we acknowledge all emotions and the feelings/behaviors that are tied to them, we won’t be able to fully embrace life in the now. Anxiety plays a role as we are constantly nervous or scared to walk down roads or experience pain that we have felt before. Releasing these negative emotions to make room for positivity can help reduce anxiety and also makes rooms for more positive energy and experiences to fill the void that these negative emotions once filled.

Add a Morning Routine to Your Day

Starting your day with a plan, a routine, creates structure. For me personally, the unknown is a major driver of anxiety. Not know what is next or what to do is a trigger, especially when I have a lot of things on my plate. I worry that I can’t balance them all, and cue all the anxious feelings. Adding a morning routine provides a pattern of structure to follow, every morning the routine is the same and sets your day up on the right foot. This routine can incorporate daily tasks, self-love practice, hydration, physical activity, really anything that helps you focus on yourself and put yourself in the best headspace to start the day. Morning Routines do not prevent bad days, but they sure help create more good days!

Get Active

Physical Activity is known for producing serotonin. Positive energy and physical activity are was to reduce anxiety. Physical activity can be anything from a brisk walk to running a marathon. For some people it’s an hour long gym session and for other’s it’s a five minute walk during their lunch break at work. The point here is you do not need to compare your physical activity level to anyone else’s and any level physical activity and getting active can help reduce anxiety.

Daily Entries in Your Bullet Journal

Journalling is a practice that has helped more than just my anxiety, but has been vital in my own self-love & spiritual journey. Bullet Journalling is even more valuable because of the minimal time investment and lack of intense short. It’s brief, concise, and to the point. A three line entry will do the trick. Journalling is a great way to acknowledge and get in touch with your emotions, including anxiety. Acknowledging what causes your anxious emotions is the first step to addressing them. Once you are aware of your triggers, you can work to identify what has worked in reducing them and even what increases them – A bullet journal is a great place to document this information!

Make To-Do Lists for the Next Day

Those hard to fall asleep nights are usually cause by anxious feelings and can be tackled by simply getting thoughts to paper on the next day. Similar to a morning routine, writing out a to-do list for the next day before you go to bed is a great way to build structure. It can help reduce those anxious thoughts a fear of forgetting items or tasks that need to be done. I always feel that a written to-do list is more effective than writing one on your phone, but both are great options to help ease and calm your mind before sleep.

Use Affirmations

A great body builder, Kai Greene, once said “thoughts become things” and I couldn’t believe in this more. When dealing with anxious thoughts and anxiety, it’s important to remember that you are in control of your own thoughts, which in turn means you are in control of what becomes from your thoughts. That can be positive energy that is needed in all facets of live, motivation that’s needed to accomplish your goals, or even working on your physical appearance. Using positive affirmations that support abundance, success, self-love, and positivity, can help shape your thoughts and reduce anxious feelings.

Talk to Your Friends & Family

This ties to one that was mentioned before, but it is worth mentioning twice. Your friends and family all love you and support you, they are you pillars that are there to help. If you are experiencing negative emotions and anxiety, talk to them about it. Opening up about how you feel to a trusted source is therapeutic in its own right, and helps you put words to the emotions that you are feeling, which helps you address what they are, how they got there, and what you can do to help minimize their presence. It can also be a relatable conversation – People tend to hold in anxious thoughts because they feel alone, but at the end of the day every person often experiences some degree on anxious emotions. Talking to friends and family can make you feel that you are not in this fight alone, they can offer some great pieces of advice also!

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Underrated Self Care Activities

Underrated Self-Care Activities Anyone Can Do

When you think self-care, you may think a spa day filled with a 60 minute massage and champagne or a long gym session with lifting weights and cardio. Self Care is not as invasive as you think it is, even small tiny changes can start a ripple effect of positivity in your life. They key is to doing things for yourself, and for nobody else! Failing to practice self-care can lead to headaches, stomach pains, difficulty sleeping and even focusing at work. Self Care is vital to include in your daily routine, no matter how little it plays a big role in your overall physical and emotional well-being.

Self-Care is something that you have to choose to do, no one can make you love yourself. It’s not only a change in behavior, but a change in your mental health. When you prioritize yourself, amazing things can happen. Here is a list of some underrated self-care activities that anyone can do!

Revisit and Edit The Accounts Your Follow on Social Media

The content you ingest every single day directly affects how you feel. Sometimes we are not in control of how our friends, family, co-workers/bosses, and people we interact with engage with us, but you do control what shows up on your social media feeds. Remove people who no longer provide value to you, this can be ex-friends, celebrities, exes, anyone! You control what you are exposed to and who you follow on social media, make sure its what you want to be seeing.

Clean Your Space

There’s this new trend on TikTok showing “depression rooms,” which are wildly messy bedrooms and living spaces. I had one of these on high school, and even college. Just clothes everywhere and no will power to clean even though you so desperate want to have a clean space. It’s crazy how as you grow you learn about why certain behaviors were present in your life… Take 5-10 minutes a devote time to making your living space orderly. Being proud of where you exist is a vital piece to the puzzle, and is a great way to practice self-care. This could be totally re-organizing a room or simply just shifting around furniture.

Get Your Nails Done

The 20 minutes of sitting down, and getting a brief pampering make you feel like a queen.

Phone a Friend

Chat with a friend and catch up with someone you love. Even if you think it’s been way too long, having a conversation with someone you love can help you disconnect from what if holding you back and reconnect with things that excite you. Friends are also amazing shoulders to lean on in good and bad moments. You never know, you may call a friend to share some good news, but they need a good vent sessions. The self-care can work both ways!

Listen to a Motivational Podcast

The best thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them at any time. Throwing a motivational podcast on, or one that teaches you a new skill, while driving from work to home or going to/from errands can kill 2 birds with one stone. Even if it is only 5 or 10 minutes, you are still choosing to better yourself in that time! 5 to 10 minutes every day can add up to substantial time.

Reflect On Your Day in a Journal

Reflecting on your day – what you did, how you felt, who you engaged with, who you wish you had the chance to engage with, what’s left to be done, what it all makes you feel like now… These are all things that can help you prioritize your time in the future and can help you devote time in the places that would be best for your own mental health. It’s difficult to learn how to make lifestyle adjustments if we don’t take the time to sit down and reflect on our emotions.

Practice Mindful Breathing

Take a few breaths to reconnect with yourself and release what no longer serves you.

Get Outside

The power of nature and being outside is very underrated. Existing in the fresh air and taking in all the energy around you can help make a hectic stressful day into a light and enjoyable one. Taking time to walk around, or walk, or bike, or skate (see how many options there are?) is keeping you active and giving time back to yourself. Prioritizing yourself can be through activities or by just spending some alone time in different settings.

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Friday Five My Favorite Things

Friday Five | My Favorite Things From the Week

Happy Friday!! The weekend is finally here and we can all finally shut our laptops and relax for a little bit. This week has been an absolutely hectic one. Last weekend I played in a Beach Volleyball Tournament in Long Beach on Saturday and went to Fire Island on Sunday, had my club lacrosse team’s tryouts, Beach Volleyball on Wednesday, plus a full work week. A very beach filled Long Island Summer weekend/weel… This weekend is a little different with a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday and a wedding on Sunday. Just as hectic, but a little less beach…

Let’s get into my 5 favorite things from this week!

1. David Rio Tiger Spice Chai Mix

My boyfriend is an angel sent from heaven and makes me the most delicious Chai Lattes every morning. I’ve been trying to cut coffee from my diet because I really have been relying too much on it to wake up and focus. So, chai was the natural alternative! I have tried in the past, and nothing compares to the Chai Lattes I get from my local coffee shop. This Chai mix that he uses is the best I’ve ever had. It is amazing on its own or mixed with a shot of espresso. I’m super thankful for my boyfriend and he’s always in my top 5, but this Chai mix is Number 1 this week!

You can buy some here – I highly recommend this brand and trying it out. It’s also super cost effective!

2. NA-KD

“Where’d you get your jeans?” – If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that questions I’d be rich. I swear by NA-KD. They’re a great price and great quality. Why is NA-KD number 2? Well they had a ridiculous sale and I got 7 pairs of jeans for $200. Yes, you heard me. Around $30 per pair. These are typically $70-$90 jeans, so this price was tough to turn down.

I got great casually wide leg ripped jeans and some more classic khaki, black, and denim that can be worn to work. The only thing that’s annoying is sizing, and not all the jeans fit even though they are the same size… I guess it’s part of the game when you order from online boutiques. It’s also motivation to get in shape since they really do fit, I just wish 1of the pairs was looser!

3. Electric Tea Pot

I added a cup of tea into my nightly routine a few years ago. I’ve always relied on a classic tea pot to boil water… Oh has my life changed with the electric teapot. Prep time is cut in half, and some, and I get to relax and drink my tea sooner! Check out the one I bought here.

4. Bungalow West (LBNY)

I’ve been between my place and my boyfriend’s all week. It just hasn’t made sense to go grocery shopping because I would end up wasting most of the food. Bungalow West has been my go-to for lunch and dinner when I’ve been in Long Beach. Wait times are short, food is great, and it’s just a short walk from my house! Thanks for keeping me fed and happy Bungalow.

5. Crocs

Ya girl got crocs! Not the first time I’ve owned them, I technically have 3 other pairs… But they are from high school and my mom successfully took them in as her own, so I haven’t had a pair in years.

While we were in Pittsburgh two weekends ago, we went to the Croc outlet and I picked out my very own crocs and jibbitz. Don’t worry, I am judging myself too. They are so comfortable and perfect for running errands or just running out of the house quick to take out the trash or grab something from my car. They’re a big time game-changer, especially since my tried and true Kith slides just broke and needed to be retired on Monday.

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5 Quick Ways to Live a Healthier Life Girl running up stairs outdoors in orange nike sneakers

5 Quick Ways to Live a Healthier Life

A few months ago, I was talking to my mom a lot about how, with a full-time job, a part-time job, friends, boyfriend, family, this blog, and many other responsibilities, it’s so hard to focus on living a healthy life. Time seems to just vanish into thin air and the time you want to use to workout is over before you could even start heading to the gym. My mom was feeling the same kind of stress around this as I was, and as everyone knows stress doesn’t do the body any good…

I tried to implement different ways to get up and move, eat healthier, and to get into a healthier mindset. Had some successes and some failures, but overall was able to shed some pounds and just overall feel better. Here are the 5 quick changes that have stuck in my routine and don’t take up too much of your precious time!

5 Quick Ways to Live a Healthier Life

Drink More Water

Dehydration kills more dreams than anything else. Staying hydrated is key to feeling healthy, from reducing headaches to healthier skin, water does the body wonders. Maybe it is just me, but I feel more focused when I am hydrated which helps while I work! Focus on drinking water at specific times in the day. I personally have a large water bottle and make myself drink every hour… With work and constantly calls with my team, it’s very easy to forget to just drink water. When I used to used glasses on water, I would finish the glass but not find the time to get up from my computer to refill it (I know that sounds pathetic but it’s true). Check out the water bottle I got – It’s been a total game changer for my water consumption.

Cut Down on Alcohol

This is obvious, but easier said than done. I never drank too much, in terms of having to have wine or beer every night with dinner or every time I go out. Cutting down on beers here and there have made a big difference in my appearance. I am less bloated and don’t deal with the dehydration and its side effects like headaches anymore. Not only has my body thanked me, but so has my wallet. The price of these craft beers and a good bottle of wine can do a number on your bills. If you have trouble turning down drinks, there’s some great non-alcohol alternatives out there. You can also order a soda water with lime, everyone will think it is a vodka soda!

Peloton App’s 10 Minute Abs

Peloton is my favorite thing in the world – I haven’t been able to ride my bike as much as I liked because of time, but also because my apartment doesn’t have central air. My Peloton is in the living area that has no AC, so there’s no way I would be doing a peloton ride in a sauna… I turned to the Peloton App and started doing the 10 minute ab workouts in the morning. These are short, tough workouts! I noticed a difference in my mid section just two weeks into Emma Lovewell’s Crush Your Core Class. They also have other great classes – like Yoga, Boot Camps, and Run/Walks. I also enjoy their meditations. The app has everything to help you live a healthier life, physically and mentally. The fact that the classes can range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes, means there’s no excuse to not try to fit in a short workout to your crazy schedule.

Work Day Movement Breaks

Knowing I am stuck sitting at my laptop all day, adding in movement breaks has been a game-changer. Every hour on the hour that I am working (and am not on a video call), I do 10 crunches and 10 squats. It takes maybe 90 seconds and gets the body moving. …Also after an 8 hour work day, you’re looking at 80 crunches and 80 squats, not bad for a quick addition to your day!

Sunset Bike Rides / Walks

Once the work day ends and I start blogging or working on side projects, I lose all motivation to leave my house. I am just mentally drained and physically exhausted from the day at this point. In order to get going, I set alarms on my phone for 30 minutes before sunset and make myself go outside and walk or ride my bike! The alarm really gets my up and moving. I always thank myself at the end of the day for getting out and about. It’s really a great way to end your day on a high note. I couldn’t recommend this any more!

A the end of the day, small little changes can make a big difference in your life. These 5 ideas are simple ways that I have found success is living a healthier life, but it doesn’t mean they will work for everyone. Everyone’s body and life is different. Let me know some things you have implemented to live a healthier life!

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7 Things You Must DO Before Visiting Fire Island new York, beach house on fire island in new york

7 Things You Must Do Before You Go to Fire Island, New York

Living on Long Island means you pretty much live where other people vacation. It took me my almost 30 years of life, and living in another state, to really come to terms with that and realize what a great place to live Long Island is. There’s so much to do, including go to my favorite place, Fire Island.

Located just south of Long Island, it’s a short ferry or boat ride from the mainland, but provides picture perfect ocean views, adorable restaurants & shops, and everything you would want in a quaint beach town. Before you go to fire island, here are some things you need to know and prepare for!

7 Things You Must Do Before You Go to Fire Island, New York

1. Research the Different Towns

There are so many different places you can go in Fire Island – Kismet, Davis Park, Ocean Beach, just to name a few! Each have their own quirks and charms. It’s important to know that each town is different, some have more restaurants than others, some have stricter beach rules than others, some are much more expensive than others… Do you research to make sure you are going to the best spot for your trip. Trust me, there are very different places you should be going for family trips with children or for bachelorette parties.

2. Book Hotels/Rentals in Wayyyyy Advance

Knowing how small the island is and how dedicated people are to returning to the same place the same week every single year, it’s important to get ahead of the rental game. Not only is booking in advance helpful for getting good rates and the exact dates that you want, but also good properties. Like the towns, not all hotels/rental houses are created equal. Some are brand new fully gut-renovated mansions (that come with a hefty price tag), while others are quaint small 1-bedroom bungalows. Locking in your accommodations early is also important because popular dates fill up quickly!!

3. Get a Beach Cart

I know I mentioned this in a previous point, but the beach cart needs its own blurb. Because there are no cars, you only mode of transportation is your feet or a bike. While most ferries don’t allows bikes on the boat over, you are looking at walking with all of your belongings to your house. If it is close to the ferry dock, you’re in luck. If not, you may be setting yourself up for failure without one. There are plenty of places where you can rent beach carts, but you can also pick up one of your own. The one linked is from Amazon, so all my last-minute shoppers, you can have this in two days! They aren’t too expensive and if you’re a beach person, this will itself off in no time.

4. Pack Everything You Need, and More!!

Fire Island is a small island with no cars. The only way to access is by boat, which means it costs a decent amount to import food, water, clothes, sunscreen, toiletries, and everything we take for granted on the main land. Mark ups are incredibly high and because its such a small island, theres typically only 1 maybe 2 stores where you can get what you need – which means they can charge whatever they want. To avoid spending a large chunk of your spending money on water and food, liberally pack these items with you! Make sure to stock your beach cart and coolers full, the ferries do a great job of helping you load and unload all your belongings!

5. Buy Bathing Suits

You will be living in bathing suits. Whether you are walking to the beach, tanning, or grabbing food, chances are you’ll be in a bathing suit and a cover up. It honestly may be the only outfit you have to pack! Everything is super casual on the island. You can obviously get dressed up and be fancy, but you risk sticking out like a sore thumb! This is an incredibly laid-back island, remember that.

6. Research the Laws of the Town you are Visiting

Another one that was briefly mentioned before. Each town has their own laws, some are more strict than others and most have different rules. The last thing you want is to get in trouble on Fire Island. That would mean another trip back at a later date for court and a typically hefty fine. These towns are also historically known for being very strict when it comes to the rules. At the end of the day, Fire Island is a small island and the owners, police, and regulars like to keep the towns peaceful and free of trouble, so the police will intervene to uphold the rules. That’s why it is important to know the rules before you go, some are kinda ridiculous but you still need to abide by them! I guess it’s a locals only kinda thing…

7. Get Ready for an Awesome Trip & Start Planning for Next Year

Once you go to Fire Island, you will want to go back. There is so much charm to the island and really makes you forget about all the stress and problems on the main-island. Make sure you fully disconnect to really make the most of your trip to Fire Island!

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Best Captions for Instagram

Where to Find the Best Captions for Instagram

There’s a ton of places you can find inspiration for the best captions for Instagram, but sometimes it becomes more of process figuring out what to make a caption than to pick the actual picture itself. As a blanket statement, I think some people put way too much effort into posting on Social Media, and maybe writing this piece is playing into that. I’m hoping that those who think and care way too much about what other people think of them, find this blog post and then hopefully find a caption quickly as well. That way they can get back to enjoying real-life and not stressing over fake Instagram life. 🙂

Here are some places to get inspiration from to find the best caption for Instagram.

Where to find the best captions for Instagram

1. Other Instagrams

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery right? Go to your favorite celebrity or influencers page and steal a clever caption!

2. Song Lyrics

It’s easy to forget every lyric to every song when you’re thinking of a caption. Search your favorite artist or song and copy and paste your favorite lines! Maybe there’s one that relates to the place, people, or situation that you are posting about.

3. Instagram Quote Accounts

There’s TONS, really tons, of quote accounts on Instagram. You can find athletic quote accounts, fitness quote accounts, love quote accounts, spiritual quote accounts, and so many more. Check out those accounts for a lot of options in one place.

4. Use Emojis

Someone of few words? Just throw an emoji up that relates (or doesn’t).

5. Movie Quotes

Everyone has a favorite movie that they know every single line too… Chances are you know some funny lines, serious lines, random weird lines, and every one in between. Pick your favorite and bonus points if it relates to the picture or reel you’re posting.

6. Leave it Blank

Let’s be real chances are people don’t even read your caption anyways…

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Tech layoffs, Best job Hunting Sites

Navigating the Tech Layoffs | Best Job Hunting Sites

Working in tech is part of being in a special sub-culture. You simply say “tech” because if you actually described what your company did, people would either be concerned or extremely confused unable to wrap their head’s around it. The tech industry recently got a lot of notoriety during the pandemic. It’s known for its casual work culture and great employee benefits, including high pay.

A lot of these tech companies went into a ‘hyper-growth’ period mid pandemic, while lots of job seekers wanted to get into the field because of the common ‘work from home’ benefit. This meant lots of hiring, lots more company overhead, and a lot of new heads in tech companies. With the recession upon us and lots of companies and individuals not spending as much, B2B and B2C tech companies took a hit, and continue to take hits, on their revenue. This is obviously a generalized statement, some tech companies have been and continue to reach/exceed goals despite the recession.

Because of this, tech companies are cutting jobs and even rescinding job offers. I’ve seen many past co-workers who are incredibly talented fall victim to this and it’s so disheartening. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the tech world right now, but that should’t take away from how amazing the industry is. If anything this highlights what to look for in your next job – cash in/cash out, growth plans, tech debt. With companies like Shopify and OpenSea cutting hundreds if not thousands of employees, the job seeker pool continues to grow.

Being in a digital word, here are some of the best job hunting sites and some tips and tricks to make the most of them

Best Job Hunting Sites


LinkedIn has a job posting feature where you can browse hundred of job postings, but that’s not even the most beneficial way to use the platform.

Creating a profile on LinkedIn and highlighting your previous employment puts you in from of thousands of recruiters who are actively trying to fill spots for their own companies or their clients. Flipping the button “actively seeking job opportunities” on your profile means that recruiters will be notified of you and can see if you profile matches the job they have to fill.

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking. Find 3-5 people with the job title that you would ultimately want, this could be senior leadership or c-suite level. Ask them to connect for five minutes to discuss what they do, how they got to where they are. This gets your name on their radar but also helps you figure out exactly what career that you want to pursue. Try this but picking companies you would love to work at, it could lead to plenty of job opportunities


Indeed is a tried and true favorite. It’s easy to navigate and search for jobs. They’re recently added features where you can search by job perks, like remote working.

When searching on Indeed, try not to be super specific. Try searching broader search terms opposed from a very specific job title like, ‘Senior Manager, Financial Strategy for Mid Market.’ Chances of something hitting to that search are slim to none. Plus indeed has a great search algorithm, so putting in “financial strategy” and “senior level”, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that’s right up your alley.


You probably didn’t see this one coming.

Facebook has a large community, and groups that are actively trying to help that community. There are groups for individuals that work in all different fields, industries, demographics, job titles. You can search anything in groups and I’m sure you’ll find one that you can join. Once in a group, you’ll see tons of posts. Some of those could be job postings. You can even post that you are looking for work and get ready for your inbox to get flooded with messages.

Facebook Groups are a great way to find potential career opportunities, but also another great platform for networking. You can meet some very intelligent people, some who can help right away and others who might be a long-term connection who can help you 5 even 10 years down the road. Facebook is a great place to put your name out there, and it is not as competitive as LinkedIn because Facebook is not known as the go-to website for job hunting.


Glassdoor does have a job search/posting section, which can be helpful. But that is not where Glassdoor’s strengths lie.

There is anonymous feedback and company ratings, provided by past and current employees on Glassdoor. If a recruiter reaches out to you on a job, or you see a posting that interests you, double check it on Glassdoor. The website gives a great neutral look into what certain companies are like, and what it’s like to work for them. Do the employees approve on the CEO? How is the work/life balance? What is the managerial style? All of these questions and more can be answered on Glassdoor. This should be a website to keep close when you are job hunting!

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