10 Cute Amazon Finds

10 Cute Amazon Finds That You Will Love

By now we all know that Amazon has everything you could even imagine and more. From kitchen finds to athletic goods and everything in between, Amazon is your one stop shop for what you are looking for.

If you’re looking for Cute Amazon finds for yourself or for a gift, check out this list.

All of these Cute Amazon Finds are also on Prime so if you have a hard time waiting or need a gift in a pinch, you can easily get these on your doorstep as soon as possible.

10 Cute Amazon Finds That You Will Love

Weighted Dinosaur Stuffed Animal for Anxiety

Cartoon Chick Phone Stand

Acrylic Make-Up Mirror

Llama Ring Holder Bowl

‘You’re My Bestie’ Fill-In Book

Silver Scratch Art Mini Notes

Duck Nightlight Lamp

Pig Mug

Bow Tie Make Up Headbands

Cat Ear Socks

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10 Best Amazon Kitchen Finds

10 Best Amazon Kitchen Finds You Didn’t Know You Needed

Amazon has a way of hiding little things that make your life so much easier and when you find them you wonder how you ever lived life without them.

From kitchen goods to home goods, Amazon has everything. You never realize what one little tool can do to make your life easier and Amazon is full of those surprises.

I genuinely enjoy searching for Amazon Finds because half the time I don’t know what I am looking for. It’s like stumbling across a gold mind!

10 Best Amazon Kitchen Finds You Didn’t Know You Needed

Taco Tuesday Lazy Susan

Two Piece Under Drawer Sliding Storage

Dish Soap Dispenser with Sponge Holder

Mini Ice Cube Ball Trays

Electric Vegetable Peeler

Snap & Strain Pasta Strainer

Electric Jar Opener

Cupcake Corer

Cake-Sicle Pan

Table Top Snow Cone Machine

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My Favorite Amazon Purchases from 2022

The fact that 2023 is a few weeks away is terrifying. What’s also terrifying is the amount of money that I’ve spent on Amazon throughout the year. The convenience that Amazon brings is really next to none, and even though I started leaning into it more this year with my busy schedule, I think I made out better in the long run. I was able to save money on gas, time on commuting, and quite frankly paid less for things because of the amazing deals you can find on Amazon.

Reviewing all of the awesome purchases I’ve made – here are my 5 favorite Amazon purchases from 2022!

24in Curved PC Monitor

This bad-boy upgraded my work desk and totally increased my productivity. I was a laptop advocate and multi-screen hater for a while, but purchasing this for right around $100 is by far one of my favorite purchases this year. It’s part of the reason why I’ve picked back up writing on the blog as much as I have been! Between work and my creative outlet, this monitor has already paid itself off.

The Best Pop Up Beach Tent Ever

I really jumped into Beach Volleyball this year and had to step up my beach set-up for the early morning tournaments under the crazy sun. Do I give credit to the shade this tent gave me and my partner for winning our first doubles tournament? Yes. It’s so light and easy to set up and clean up, it comes in a small bag. It also is pretty sturdy and you can adjust the set up so easily to move with the sun so you always have shade. 100% a must purchase. The amount of people that ask me about this tent every time I set it up is astronomical.

Magnetic Screen Door

My second floor apartment has the best deck ever, views of the bay and all that Long Beach has to offer. Only problem was it didn’t have a sliding door, just a regulation door. I got this magnetic screen door and it was an instant game changer. Not only could I leave my door open without any bugs coming inside, but I was able to enjoy the breeze and sun while working indoors.

Lululemon Align Legging Dupes

I’ve been a colorful koala advocate since day 1. These leggings are top notch and a great price. They are great for everyday wear and also for intense workouts. I’ve sworn by them for years now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. Colorful Koala leggings 100% a top purchase in 2022.

Peel & Stick Wallpaper

My house was all boring and painted white when I moved it, it lacked character and brightness and excitement. This peel & stick wallpaper totally upgraded my living room. It was really easy to apply, even though it probably would have been easier if I waited for someone to come help me do it. But regardless it looks amazing and everyday when I walk into my living room I get to see this beautiful amazing wall. Mood Booster – 10000% a top purchase in 2022.

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The Best After Christmas Amazon Finds

Did you not get all the gifts you wanted this Christmas? Want to treat yourself for surviving the horrible year that 2020 has been? Need to get a gift for those pesky January birthdays that sneak up right after the holidays? This list is for you! Check out some of the awesome deals from Amazon!

Luna Queen Sized Weighted Blanket

Price – $109.99

Amazon Echo

Original Price – $99.99
Sale Price – $69.99

Bose Spot Earbuds

Original Price – $179
Sale Price – $159

Apple AirPods Pro

Original Price – $249
Sale Price – $199

Apple Watch Series 5

Original Price – $429
Sale Price – $349

iRobot Roomba i6

Original Price – $799.99
Sale Price – $549.99

Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker

Original Price – $109
Sale Price – $79.99

Tory Burch Nylon Ella Tote

Original Price – $198
Sale Price – $179

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