Unique New Years Resolution Ideas for 2023

Unique New Years Resolution Ideas for 2023

Every year there’s an ungodly number of people who say they are going to “get back to the gym” for the New Years Resolution. So much so, that gyms heavily market this time of year to potential new members because it is such an opportunity to gain business! Business that means money in their pockets and no gym use, resolutions are known to only last 1 month, if that, in the gym!

Part of coming up with a New Years Resolution that sticks and is successful, is putting in effort to be creative and make one that fits exactly what you are looking for. The generic “get back to the gym” doesn’t really motivate you to actually get to the gym… Let’s break down some common New Years Resolutions into some more actionable Resolutions that may help you stick to your goals in 2023.

Unique New Years Resolution Ideas for 2023

Instead of Get Back to The Gym Try…

  1. Train at the gym 3x a week in January, and work up to 5x a week by March
  2. Add Cardio workouts at the end of every weight training workout
  3. Start every Monday morning with a workout regardless of how I am feeling
  4. Earn the Wellness Reimbursement from work by attending the gym 12x a month
  5. Learn proper form for squats and deadlifts
  6. Add weight training to my workout
  7. Try one new workout class every month

Instead of Be Better With My Money Try…

  1. Save $100 per work in a savings account
  2. I will max out my 401k this year
  3. Not spend more than $XXX on clothing in a month
  4. Pay all credit cards off in full every month
  5. Pay off my car loan by December
  6. Save $ XX,XXX this year for a downpayment on a house
  7. Limit spending by dining out once per week and going to the bar once a weekend
  8. When paying in cash, whenever a $5 is received in change, save it do not spend it.

Instead of Be Healthier Try…

  1. Will commit to ________ diet for the entire year
  2. Moving my body more by walking 10,000 steps per day
  3. Incorporating vegetables or fruit with every meal
  4. Drink 1 gallon of water every day
  5. Limit junk food and soda
  6. Cut or Limit alcohol consumption
  7. Commit to 8+ hours of sleep every night

Instead of Practice Mindfulness Try…

  1. Meditate for 10 minutes every day
  2. Attend a yoga class every week
  3. Begin a daily gratitude journal and stick to it for the entire year
  4. Will remove myself from situations that overwhelm me before they get out of control

Instead of Being More Organized Try…

  1. Keeping up with laundry and putting away immediate after it comes out of the dryer
  2. Vacuum every morning
  3. Clean bedroom weekly and make sure everything has a place
  4. Organize your car and not leaving things in the back seat or trunk

Instead of Be More Social Try…

  1. I will go out to dinner with friends once a week
  2. I will host a wine night with my friends once a month
  3. I will try to go on 3 dates a month
  4. Commit to trying 1 new restaurant every month
  5. Have at least 1 conversation with a stranger every day
  6. Compliment a different person you see every day
  7. Suggest plans to your friend group monthly
  8. Every Friday I will go to the local Starbucks to work in public

Giving yourself a clear goal and action item as a New Years Resolution is much more motivating than just a general blanket statement. You can even mix and match ideas to create the ultimate New Years Resolution that is perfect for you. For example you want to be healthier, workout more, and by more social – You could try “I will go to the gym 3x a week and add 15 minutes of cardio to every workout. I will have 1 conversation with a stranger at the gym every time I go. I will not let my new workout schedule effect my 8 hour per night sleep routine.” That’s a pretty powerful sentiment if you ask me!

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