20 White Elephant Gifts Under $20 That People Actually Want and Will Use

White Elephant gift exchanges are so much fun – they provide laughs, some competition, and some great times. Sometimes it can be hard to pick the perfect white elephant gift in your price range. Should I go a serious route? Do I go for a gag gift? Should I get the top gift that everyone steals? There’s so many different places to take your white elephant gift buying.

Personally, I try to always pick a gift that someone will use. It might not be the number 1 gift of the night but whoever gets the gift will be pumped about it. I tend to go this route because…

1. I can’t be the person that buys a gag gift

I couldn’t knowingly buy a crap gift knowing that one of my friends would get it after they put so much thought into their own gift. I would feel like a total loser, especially if I ended the gift exchange with a solid gift.

2. I’m not wasting money on something that will get thrown out

Regardless of if you keep your gift or not, you are spending money on it. Would you want to throw your gift away if you got it? Then whoever gets it will probably throw it away too. Poof there goes your money!

3. There’s nothing better than a surprise good gift from a White Elephant

Imagine opening a gift and totally not expecting it, then realizing wow I’m going to use this all the time. Nothing is better than opening an awesome gift that you didn’t anticipate having. Now you can be the person that supplies that surprise to your friends and family.

So with all that being said, here are 20 White Elephant Gifts for under $20 that people will like and actually use :

20 White Elephant Gifts Under $20 That People Actually Want and Will Use

Moscow Mule Mugs

Wireless Phone Charger – 2 Pack

French Press Coffee Maker

Yeti Wine Tumbler

Left Right Center Dice Game

Poo-Pourri Sample Pack

Bonsai Tree Growing Kit

The Chameleon Board Game

White Sage Candle

Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Kit

Outdoor Single Hammock

Back Massage Tool

Lavender Weighted Eye Mask

Incense Waterfall Holder

Mini Sound Machine

Amazon Gift Card

Ferrero Rocher Gift Box

Yoga Mat

Nalgene Water Bottle

BruMate Slim Can Holder

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