Top 5 Jeep Accessories that are under $200

A question I get often, is what can I do to my Jeep that isn’t the most expensive, but will make a huge difference. Obviously if you are building your Jeep to be a monster, you are focusing more on suspension, steering, and making sure you know where the “weak” points, if any, are on your build. Getting quality parts comes at a premium and the phrase is absolutely true when it comes to Jeeps, You get what you pay for. This list is not for that.

If you’re looking for some minor changes that will complete shift the look of your Jeep, then this list is for you!

Under The Sun – Grill Insert

Under The Sun Inserts is a New York company that is crushing the grill insert game. With a solid selection of patterns and colors, Under The Sun has a design for everyone. If you don’t like any on their website, which I bet won’t happen, you can send them an image that the team will print onto an insert. You can really change up the whole look of your Jeep just be adding in a grill insert from Under The Sun!

Price Range – $115.00 to $155.00 depending on design

Carolina Metal Masters – Knuckle Grab Handles

If there’s anything that gets the most comments on my Jeep, it’s these! My CMM Knuckle Grab Handles were not only so easy to install, but instantly elevate the look of the Jeep. I’ll be in traffic and people ask me about them. Not only is the product Made in the USA, but the team at CMM is some of the best people you will ever meet. A quality product from quality people, you really can’t beat that!

Website –
Price Range – $164.99 (Front JK/JKU)

D-Ring Shackle Supply Co. – D-Rings

Every Jeeps needs recovery gear, and why not have them match your Jeep? The guys at D-Ring Shackle Supply Co./ KK Finshing Co. are some of the best you will meet. The work they do is second to none, and they have the cutest shop dog in the world. D-Rings are a small edition to a bumper, but they can add a little pop of color and function. Will you get some words about having powder coated d-rings? Probably. But they look a lot better in color than bare metal!

Price Range – $28.99 – $34.99 per D-Ring/Shackle

Any Sticker/Decal From Seven Slot Society

Is that Gretchen Wieners on the back on my Jeep? Yes, Yes it is. The amount of times I catch people taking a number of that stick is endless. Does that say “You can’t wheel with us?” Yup. – Good news for you? This is one of many epic stickers from Angel over at Seven Slot Society. If you like Jeeps and hate people, then Seven Slot Society is for you.

Website –
Price Range – $2.00 to $8.00 depending on design

MORryde – Hinge Kit

When I decided to do the spare tire delete, there was no way I was keeping the stock hinges. They look pretty grungy and the plastic covers are sort of tacky #realtalk. Adding the MORryde hinges not only is a unique look, but also adds a bit of strength to your tailgate. The aftermarket hinges become pretty functional if you run a spare and have larger tires, the extra weight can take a toll on the stock set-up. Having the extra support makes all the different on your tailgate!

Website –
Price Range – $150.00 to $180.00

These are just a few options, under $200 that really change the look of your Jeep. Nothing crazy. Let’s be real, none of these are really considered “modifications,” they’re just small cosmetic additions/changes. If you’re looking for any major upgrades, (wheels, tires, suspensions, etc.) I’d recommend doing your research and making sure you go with the products/company that work best for what you want your Jeep to be.

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