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A Guide to Roadtrip Planning

Early tomorrow morning, my boyfriend and I and heading out on a 8 hour roadtrip to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was team ‘let’s just book flights,’ while he insisted on driving there. We all know that I love driving, but the trip to Pittsburgh is absolutely daunting and honestly plain old boring.

While roadtripping is my thing, I’m still not really feeling this one but we’re doing it and we’re gonna be stuck in my car for 8 hours. I’ve been planning and scheduling this trip for almost a week now and wanted to share some tips on making sure your roadtrip is a smooth as humanly possible.

A Guide to Roadtrip Planning

Plan an Exact Departure Time

Things always get hectic the day of leading up to a roadtrip. Chances are you’re leaving super early or super late, to avoid traffic, and things always seem to come up last minute. Setting a goal of leaving at an exact time can help reduce the super last minute tasks and keep your schedule on time.

Make Sure Your Car is in Top Condition

Get a service check, get a fresh oil change, rotate your tires, make sure your car or vehicle is good to go. The last thing you need is for something to break or for your car to stop working because you did not take care of routine maintenance.

Make a Packing List

I’m talking about an extensive packing list – clothing, accessories, toiletries, snacks, everything. Write everything down! The most annoying thing after roadtripping somewhere, is getting out of the car and realizing your forget something

Prep the Day Before

Pack your bags, load up the car, give yourself a mental pep talk the day before you leave! You want to make the start of the trip as easy as possible. No one wants to be running around like crazy the hour before a trip wondering if everything is good to go.

Pack Car Bags and Trunk Bags

When packing organize your belongings by when you are going to be using them, during the roadtrip or once you get there. For me, I’ll be working remote this roadtrip so you better believe my laptop and my charger are in my car bag, along with some snacks and plenty of water bottles! I also keep all my chargers and headphones in my car bag, along with lysol wipes and hand sanitizer!

Plan Bathroom Breaks & Gas Station Stops

There’s great apps like roadtrippers and GasBuddy that make this easy, but having a good understanding of where you need to stop for gas and breaks limits the stress of potentially running out of gas or stopping in a less than ideal area.

Bring a Spare Tire

Accidents happen, so do pot holes and nails in the road. If you experience a blow out its better to be prepared. Especially if you are in a remote area, tire shops may be few and far between. Having a donut or a full size spare can ensure you can get your car to a safe location to ultimately get it repaired.

Make Playlists

Part of the fun of roadtripping is just hanging with yourself or your friends and just hanging out. Nothing is better than an epic roadtrip playlist – throwbacks to billboard top 50 hits, whatever you are feeling make a playlist, put it on shuffle, and forget about it. All you have to do is sing along when your favorites play.

Pack Snacks & Water

It’s important to remember to bring food and water! Even with a solid plan for stops, there’s always a chance that traffic or construction will slow your trip down. Being prepared to be stuck in the car for longer periods of time than anticipated is important.


Triple A is a necessity for all roadtrippers. Before you go off on your trip make sure you have a AAA Membership. There are different tiers, so you can pick the one thats most affordable for you. Obviously it takes time to the mechanics to reach you if you do need help, but knowing that they are a phone call away takes away a lot of stress and anxiety.

Share Your Phone Location With Friends and Family

It’s not smart to text and drive, but it is important to keep those closest to you updated on your location. Sharing your location via Find My Friends or another mobile application, gives those are home peace of mind. This is especially important for solo-travelers – You should always have your location shared with at least 3 people. Should anything happen they are able to pass on your whereabouts, but also they can follow along on the incredible journey that you are embarking on!

Get Excited!

Roadtrips are awesome. Even if I’m not reallllyyy looking forward to the one tomorrow morning, I know it will be a great time. You get to see so much from a perspective that you wouldn’t get from flying. You can stop at smaller towns and live like locals, things you wouldn’t get to do in those tourist hotspots. So, get excited for your trip! It’s going to be a great one.

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7 United States Cities You Can Fly to For Under $375 Round Trip

I think it’s safe to say that people are struggling with staying in the same place. It’s been almost 8 months of the pandemic and slowly but surely more places are opening up. Although leaving the country is still not recommended, I’ve pulled together a list of some domestic travel options that will fulfill your travel desires and make your wallet happy.

Disclaimer – All these flights originate from NYC (LaGuardia or JFK, no one has time for flying out of Newark) and are all real flights for a long weekend trip on November 19 to November 22, 2020. With prices this crazy, I would check for any weekend and you may be shocked! I only included airlines that I personally would fly. So that means none of the fly for a few bucks but then we’ll screw you with bag fews and make you fly on a really old crappy plane that kinda seems like it shouldn’t be flying still and might fall apart in the air. Sorry for the run-on, but you get it. I got you.

There are so many amazing travel locations through the United States. So many look to travel international but forget about the beauty in our own 50 States. Use this post to plan a weekend getaway next year. Save it and Share it with you friends. For anyone still struggling with cabin fever, this will be your travel life line. Not only are these travel options cost-friendly, but the are to some incredible places that we all should visit at somepoint!

Los Angeles, California

American -Nonstop, JFK > LAX – $297 Roundtrip
JetBlue – Nonstop, JFK > LAX – $354 Roundtrip

Looking to escape to the West Coast? Now is your chance! You can’t beat these prices for nonstop flights for a long weekend in LA. Go hang with all the celebrities and influencers in Studio City or go get a workout in at Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. LA is not just a nice warm getaway this time of year, but there is so much to do and so much to see.

Chicago, Illinois

United – Nonstop, LGA > ORD – $107 Roundtrip
American – Nonstop, LGA > ORD – $177 Roundtrip
Delta – Nonstop, JFK > ORD – $271 Roundtrip

Craving some deep dish pizza? Then you should already be booking your flight to Chicago! You can’t go wrong heading to the midwest to spend sometime in Chicago. With a many parks and great nightlife, it is a great destination for both those who like going out and those who are laid back on vacation. There will always been something for you to do. I can’t forget to mention the gorgeous skyline either. As the Hollywood of the midwest, you won’t be disappointed.

Nashville, Tennessee

American – 1 stop, JFK > BNA – $261 Roundtrip
Delta – Nonstop, LGA > BNA – $267 Roundtrip

Maybe I’m biased, but Nashville is one of my all time favorite cities to visit. At these prices, you really have to The atmosphere and energy are second to none. Waking up and grabby coffee at the frothy monkey, then heading to the Country Music Hall fo Fame, then off to Honky Tonk Central seems like a pretty good day to me right now. The nightlife is amazing and live music is everywhere. It’s hard to see many people having a miserable time in Nashville, everyone is happy and it’s just electric to be a part of it. If you are looking for an upbeat weekend filled with amazing food and great drinks, Nashville is the destination for you.

Houston, Texas

United – Nonstop, LGA > IAH – $161 Roundtrip
Delta – Nonstop, LGA > IAH – $287 Roundtrip

Houston is a relatively young city with a great nightlife, but it is also rather relaxed. It makes it a great location for a long weekend trip. Not to mention it is way warmer than it is up here in New York, which makes the trip much more attractive in my eyes. There’s a little bit of everything in Houston – low key sports bars, chill wine bars, and wild night clubs. Whatever you are into is there in Houston! This city is also known for its amazing food and has an amazing amount of restaurants where you are guaranteed a great meal. For under $300 for a round trip, Houston really seems like a no brainer.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

American – 1 Stop, LGA > MYR – $246 Roundtrip

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is the beach oasis to escape too. As a quaint beach town with a vibrant personality, Myrtle Beach is the perfect escape for anyone stuck in a city right now. With great fishing and better beaches, you will be living the simple life along the Atlantic Ocean for a weekend. I’d trade a large hotel for a beachfront rental in Myrtle Beach any day. There’s no roaring nightlife worth noting, aside from some great beach bars and local watering holes. Which in my opinion are some great places to go to! A trip to Myrtle Beach is filled with relaxation, and with the year we’ve all had doesn’t seem like a bad trip to invest in.

Denver, Colorado

Delta – Nonstop, JFK > DEN – $181 Roundtrip
United – Nonstop, LGA > DEN – $225 Roundtrip

Denver is a young city that seems to be getting a better and better reputation every single day. As a thriving city there is tons to do but there is also even more to see. If you like the outdoors, but still want to go to a “city city”, this is your spot. There are gorgeous hikes and beautiful views in the surrounding areas in this city. Denver really has everything, a great nightlife, lively atmosphere, and all come with a gorgeous view! The mountains are quite possibly the most perfect backdrop. Denver is a great city in the west to escape too, especially if you are looking for outdoor adventures.

Charleston, South Carolina

JetBlue – Nonstop, JFK > CHS – $197 Roundtrip
Delta – Nonstop, JFK > CHS – $311 Roundtrip

Charleston is quite possibly the most charming city in the United States. That’s a bold statement but it’s pretty accurate, if it’s not number 1 it’s definitely near the top of the list. Seriously, southern charm everywhere! Not only is the city so adorable, but it is extremely cost effective once you are there. It is rich with American history and you feel like you are walking through a social studies text book as you walk down the streets in Charleston. If you are looking for a weekend full of resting and relaxation with a large hint of Americana, this is your spot!

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6 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Yourself

So you’re thinking about going on a trip by yourself? Do it! I know that’s easier said than done.

In all honesty I get it. Solo travel is a pretty intimidating idea to think about. Embracing traveling alone can be tough because of the idea of being by yourself and only yourself, the extra time to think, and the challenges that need to be overcome alone. Being by yourself, while traveling, can make anyone uncomfortable.

Putting all the head trash and excuses to the side, It really is incredible what can happen when you spend some time by yourself. Here’s some reasons why everyone should travel solo at least once.

Your Trip Your Rules

Probably the best part about solo travel is getting to do what you want, when you want to. You make all the rules!

Because you are traveling by yourself, you get to control the whole itinerary. Where you go, what you see, places to eat, when to take break, is all up to you. Being able to adjust plans is a huge benefit to solo travel. You’re able to craft your trip exactly how you want.

My favorite thing about traveling alone is getting to stop whenever I want. When driving from Florida to New York, I was able to stop and see a long time friend. I also ate a probably the best BBQ place I’ve ever had. I managed to stop on the side of the highway and walk through the woods to find this cute waterfall I saw from the road. If I was with a group, who knows if I would of been able to do those things?

Your trip alone can be drastically different than it was if you traveled in a group and you are more likely to try new things you’ve always wanted to.

Get to Know Yourself

A huge added benefit of traveling solo is getting to know yourself. Lots of time alone is lots of time to think, without hearing the opinions of others. It really is a good time to reconnect with yourself.

By road tripping solo, I’ve learned to trust myself more and be more authoritative. I generally always need a second opinion or rely on someone else to make a decision. By being on the road alone, you force yourself to take control of the situation and your plans.

It’s honestly a pretty cool feeling.

Self Confidence

After you’ve accomplished navigating a new city or place by yourself, you can do anything. At least it feels like you can! Traveling solo and visiting places you’ve never been adds another notch to your travel belt.

I remember my first time I was in the airport by myself to travel, I thought I was going to miss my flight and get lost. Just me and my carry on were going to be left alone forever. Every possible negative thought went through my head. My flight is getting canceled. I’m going to get on the wrong plane. They aren’t going to let me on the plane. I’m gonna get abducted. Literally every one. But guess what, none of that happened. I now walk through airports like a solo-traveling champ that I know I am.

My airport meltdown is only a small example. Think about all the experiences and challenges you have to overcome when traveling in general. Now think about taking all of that on by yourself. It seems pretty rewarding, right?

Meet new people

The best way to immerse yourself in a new location is by meeting the locals! I’ve met some pretty cool people on my travels just by saying “hello” at a local coffee shop or restaurant. If you are shy, this is tough. Saying hi to strangers is super uncomfortable, but it’ll break you out of your shell! Insight from locals can help mold your trip and point you to places you didn’t even know existed.

A few years ago while traveling to North Carolina, I met the nicest man at the airport after our flight landed. He gave me an incredible list of restaurants to try in the area and more importantly some awesome advice on chasing your dreams. Before parting ways, he told me he played football in the NFL. Go figure!

You never know who you will meet and how they will impact your life if you don’t put yourself out there!

Try New Things

I know I mentioned it briefly before, but you are more likely to try things and go to places you always wanted to but never got the chance to. You don’t have to worry about what anyone else will say or anyone else’s opinions.

You’re doing this trip for yourself, that’s what solo travel is all about. Try something new while you explore a new place! Whether its a new restaurant, favorite local dish, or an activity, try it out!

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I’m a big believer in getting comfortable being uncomfortable. My lacrosse coach in college used to scream that at us while we were running some insane run tests. We were actually physically uncomfortable and it felt like our bodies were going to give out on us. I can’t believe it’s applicable in some other parts of my life, but it’s extremely relevant more times than not.

Traveling solo is scary. Humans crave groups, security, and comfort. Being alone is the total opposite. Lots of great things come from escaping out of your comfort zone. For me, it’s worth it to push the nerves aside and get away by yourself.

So let lose, pack your bags, and travel by yourself.

Traveling Alone is not always sunshine and rainbows. You will deal with some hurdles but you will get over them.

You will probably run into some weird people that might make you feel unsafe to be around or go through some places you might not be that familiar with. It’s so important to trust your gut and travel safe when traveling solo. Be aware of what and who are around you at all times.

Dealing with the road blocks is all parts of the journey, for me the pros of traveling alone outweigh the cons.

Share your solo travel stories in the comments!

7 Tips to Stay Healthy While Road-Tripping

I’ve been on enough road trips and learned from way too many mistakes to compile this list of ways to stay healthy while on the road. Hope you find them helpful!

Drink Water & Pack Extra

There’s nothing worse than being dehydrated when stuck in your car. Did you know that most of the time when you are hungry, you are actually just thirsty? Keeping hydrating can keep you from snacking and I also have to mention the astronomical prices of water bottles at rest stops. So save yourself the literal headache and a few bucks by stocking up on water before you leave!

Wake Up Early and Exercise

I’m not saying run a marathon before you get in your car to drive, but waking up and walking or doing a quick ab circuit can help get your blood flowing can keep you awake and alert for the drive ahead.

Pack Healthy Snacks

You’re going to be sitting for long periods of time, this isn’t the time to eat food that’s going to turn into fat instantly. Fuel your body right and pack high protein snacks and bars to keep your energy up. Although it’s tempting to stop and get fast-food or binge some candy, eating crappy food is literally the last thing your body needs. Plus when you get to your destination, it’s better to be ready to go than feeling like a complete slug who ate sugar straight for 5+ hours.

Get Sleep

I don’t think I can stress this enough. Sleep! Driving drowsy is incredibly dangerous to you and everyone else on the road. Make sure you plan pitstops to sleep and set driving times and rest times to make sure you aren’t pushing yourself past your limits.

Take Breaks & Stretch

Don’t plan on driving 12 hours straight. Be realistic about your trip and the length you can travel in a car for. Plan breaks to split up the trip, whether it be mile markers or some sort of planned stop along that way. Whenever you get out of the car, try to stretch! Don’t get stuck sitting for day and keep your body moving!

Plan Activities Along the Way

Having planned stops are things to look forward to, they keep you moving forward before you hit your end destination. Giving yourself checkpoints keeps the energy up and helps you continue on your journey and not get burnt out. On road trips, it’s important to keep up with both your mental health and your physical health.

Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to what your body is telling you. If you need to stop and walk, stop. If you need a nap, take one. If you want to get out of your car, do it. A Roadtrip is supposed to be fun, don’t make it anything else than that!

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