5 Tips for Beginner Bloggers

5 Tips for Beginner Bloggers

As a beginner blogger, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. Having such a clean slate can be overwhelming at first. You may have tons of ideas in your head about what you want to write about and how you want your website to look, but at the same time have no idea of what you actually want. Trust me, I get it. I’ve been there.

Being a beginner blogger is exciting! It means you took the first step to creating your own space on the internet that you truly own. It’s your website and you can do whatever you want with it!

It is exciting in more than just one way. You’ve taken a step towards something you’ve probably been thinking about for a decent chunk of time. You’re opening yourself and your thoughts up to a very large audience. You’re even stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit and trying something new. Being a beginner blogging is truly exciting.

Starting a blog can also be nerve-wracking and overwhelming. There’s a lot to do. There’s a lot to learn. Meanwhile, all you want to do is blog the best way possible and be successful.

Here are 5 Tips for Beginner Bloggers :

5 Tips for Beginner Bloggers

Write About What You Love

In world full of thousands of blogs, it can be tough to truly stand out. Don’t write about something that you think will perform great, write about what you truly love. If it’s cars, or sports, or fashion, it could be anything. Write a blog about what you are passionate about. It’s going to help you get creative with posts, to get you excited to log in and write, and to allow you to share what you already know. If you’re already interested in something, researching it and learning more about it to share won’t seem like a chore. Just because you saw a successful blog about Amazon finds, doesn’t mean your blog on Broadway shows won’t be equally or more successful.

Learn SEO, Don’t Swear By It

SEO and Keyword Research are imperative to getting your blog to land on the Google Search results page. If you master this then you are ensuring there will be visitors to your blog daily who are searching for content like yours. The only downside to really diving into SEO means that you could start writing to include long-tail keywords and suddenly your blogs go from thoughts on paper to written like a robot who’s trying to cram in as many search engine friendly phrases as possible. If you are writing to appease search engines, there is a chance your writing will be tough to read and highly repetitive when stuffing in keywords. As a beginner blogger, you should learn SEO and how to leverage it to your advantage but don’t swear by it.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Starting a blog is a lot of work. It’s something that you have to devote a decent amount of time to – from setting up a website, to hosting, to picking a ‘niche’, to learning how to grow your blog. It’s a process and it takes time. If you’re a beginner blogger and you’re looking for something to be successful overnight, this may not be the best way to achieve it. Don’t get discouraged if your blog doesn’t take off overnight – if you put the work in, it will. There will be times when you put tons of work into an SEO-friendly, well researched, well thought out blog, to only have a handful of people view it. It sucks in the moment, but it is not the end of the world. The beauty of blogs is that they can be found at any moment in time, you may have and old blog start crushing it out of no where! Just because you don’t see that instant success or have instant gratification from your blog, doesn’t mean that you never will.

Roll With the Waves

When you are writing a blog you are likely going to have motivation that comes in waves. Sometimes you’re on fire and can brainstorm tons of topics and want to get writing immediately. Other times it can be like pulling teeth to even think about sitting down at your desk to start writing on a topic. The beauty of blogging is you can write and share your thoughts on your own cadence. No one is forcing you to write multiple pieces of content a day, or even a week! Roll with you waves of motivation. When you are in the blogging mood – blog! When you don’t feel like blogging – do something else! Blogging is supposed to be fun, especially for a beginner blogger. You’re sharing your thoughts and your take on topics that you are passionate about. Some days it will be easier than others, but don’t let a few days of no blogging put you down because inevitably there will be a wave of blogging motivation that will eventually come your way.

Keep Going!

If you’ve read this far then you’re obviously very interested in blogging or trying to get your already started blog running like a machine. My advice for you as a beginner blogger is to keep going! Remember why you started your blog in the first place. Remember how awesome if felt to see your website with your name for the first time. Remember how many people said they were proud of your for doing this. Remember the people that said you couldn’t or doubted you and you proved them wrong. Your blog will only be as great as the effort you put into it. Whether it’s promoting it on other channels or writing more consistently, keep going at whatever you are doing!

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How to find the Best Captions for Instagram

This is How You Find the Best Captions for Instagram

Finding the best captions for Instagram can be a challenge but in reality you don’t have to think too hard.

You can make then short or write a novel. You can make Instagram captions that are funny or serious. The options and pretty endless because if you wanted to you could even make your Instagram caption be an emoji.

What you make your Instagram caption really all depends what you’re going for. Once you decide what the idea of message is you want to share then you are halfway there.

** Also to note, it is just an Instagram caption and I promise that no one cares about it as much as you do so go with your gut and it will be amazing. **

Finding the Best Captions for Instagram

Here are some ideas on creating the best captions for Instagram

1. Ask a Question

Make it short and sweet. Ask a question – it will prompt your followers to answer and could help boost engagement on your post. This is great for those looking to grow their accounts of who are running business accounts

2. Song Lyrics

Have a song stuck in your head? Have favorite lyrics? Share them as your Instagram caption.

3. Instagram Quote Accounts

You can find inspiration for the best Instagram captions on Instagram. Check out some of the best quote accounts for Instagram captions on this blog!

4. Share a Story

The best Instagram captions don’t have to be short and sweet. Have something powerful to share? What to tell a story? Write it down in your Instagram caption

5. Your First Thought

Your gut instinct is always something you should trust. If you have an idea of what to put in your caption, just trust your gut and send it! Remember it’s an Instagram caption after all, don’t think too much about it.

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Why I love blogging

10 Reasons Why I am Happy I Chose to Start a Blog

I have been blogging, on and off, for over 2 years now. Blogging is something that I find truly enjoyable. It’s an addition to my schedule that I welcome. Although, it has been tough finding a true cadence of when to blog, how often to blog, what to blog about, and more. I think I have finally cracked the code that works for me! Getting into a rhythm has been a driving force behind my love for my blog growing and it’s continued success!

I found that the more research I did into what makes a blog successful and how to have a successful blog, the more I found myself struggling to write and produce blog posts that I love. I feel as if I am always trying to product content that is SEO friendly and trendy. I was trying to fit a blogging mold and write for the sake of pleasing a computer and not myself. I constantly have to remind myself why I chose to blog in the first place.

The reason I started blogging was when I started growing my Instagram account, which I have since stopped actively growing. I wanted my own website and my own place to share my thoughts. I found that Instagram captions were very limiting and quite frankly those captions are typically scrolled over and not fully comprehended by followers. I saw starting a blog as an outlet to share more thoughts in a larger format, and potentially even reach more people.

Here are 10 Reasons why I am happy that I chose to start a blog. Maybe it will inspire you to start your own blog as well!

10 Reasons Why I am Happy I Started My Own Blog

It’s a great creative outlet.

As someone who grew up loving the arts and participating in all art extra curricular activities, when I got into college and fully committed my time to focusing on my sport that I was on scholarship for, I slowly let my creative side fall out of view. I had to refocus my energy and time into being the best lacrosse player and student that I cold be that I could not spend time being creative. After being suppressing my creativity for so long, I have found so much comfort in blogging and being able to create whatever I want to and whatever I am feeling.

Limits my time doing pointless tasks.

Looking back, I always found myself scrolling through social media or binge watching tv shows on Netflix when I was bored. Now, I instantly log into my account and plan out monthly content or explore the WordPress Reader and check out some content that other bloggers are producing. It’s refreshing to limit the amount of time I spend on brainless activities. Blogging has been a driving force behind that – granted I don’t watch much TV but I really don’t watch any any more.

I have learned so much about websites.

Not only is blogging a skill that is learned, but so is building a website, creating a theme, and building out a blog template that works for your post. There is so much that goes into creating a blog post. Keyword Research has been something that I enjoy doing and is also something that I was able to carry over into my job. The amount of intricacies and moving parts that make a blog come together are more than I first thought. Mastering the skills and learning as you go have been so exciting for me, learning new skills is something that keeps me moving forward.

I have an outlet for my thoughts that I would have never had access too.

I briefly mentioned this before, but all social media channels are great ways to express yourself. Some have restrictions on the amount of content you share, who it reaches, and when it reaches certain people. The idea that my content and thoughts didn’t belong to me was a reason a started blogging. This blog is now 100% me. It is 100% my thoughts and it has been created exactly how I would want it to be. It’s truly been enjoyable to have this much control over something that belongs to me. There are no character restrictions or file size limits, only what I chose to do.

I have learned so much about topics I care about.

When I make a blog post, I research the crap out of whatever topic I am writing about. I want to make sure I am sharing what I want to share but also that it is accurate and reliable information. I’ve spent a lot of time diving into mental health, mental performance, self love, self care, and daily practices and behaviors that can help you grow as a person. It’s been incredible for me and hopefully for you as a reader as well!

Blogging is fun!

At the end of the day I enjoy writing and love sharing my thoughts on things that I typically wouldn’t be having conversations about. As a Sales Leader in Advertising Technology and a Lacrosse Coach, there are not many times where I get to take about my awesome weekend trips, or affirmations, or even my love for Jeeps. It’s been an amazing outlet to have and it really is so much fun to start typing and seeing my thoughts come to life on the screen.

I have met some amazing people.

The blogging community is one that is very accepting and friendly. Right off the bat, I met a few bloggers through WordPress who not only offered tips and feedback but have been constants throughout my blogging journey. I have their support on every post and they have my support on theirs. I feel on social channels, there is a lot of jealousy and competition between influencers and people trying to grow on the platforms. At least from my experience, the blogging community wants everyone to succeed.

It makes a little bit of money.

I never started blogging to make money or to have a massive income stream from it or to have it replace my full-time job. I know many people have those intentions, but not so much for me. I really just wanted a place to write and share my thoughts and it’s turned into a small bit of money in my pocket every month. It’s obviously motivating to know that if I continue, I can potentially make more money from this monthly! Regardless of how much money I make from the blog, any little bit is rewarding because I wasn’t anticipating any in the first place.

It gives me something to work towards.

As a former athlete, I strive for progress, growth, and improvement in everything that I do. This blog is no different. It has given me a new place to invest my time and work towards new goals. Whether it be driving viewership weekly or coming up with creative posts, this blog challenges me to think differently, create goals, and then crush them. Not only has this been a creative outlet but it is also something that has helped me grow as a person. Blogging continues to challenge me and force me to explore my thoughts in different wats and I genuinely love that.

I have my own website

Right now this is my blog, but I own teenafey.com and I can make it anything I want it to. Knowing that I have my own place that is mine is incredible. I wouldn’t have this or even know I could if I didn’t jump into blogging.

I couldn’t be happier to consider myself a blogger. Regardless of how many people view this website and how many likes or comments I get on posts, I will continue to write and share my thoughts because I really enjoy doing so.

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Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Christmas Cheer

As we work our way through December, Christmastime is in the air and good vibes are all around! Looking for ways to have Christmas all around you? Follow some of these Instagram Accounts. They are sure ways to bring a smile to your face every time you scroll though your Instagram. They can give you Christmas inspiration for food, activities, decorations, and even movies to watch!

If you’re looking for a little extra Christmas in your life, then these are the best instagram accounts to follow for Christmas cheer.













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Best Captions for Instagram

Where to Find the Best Captions for Instagram

There’s a ton of places you can find inspiration for the best captions for Instagram, but sometimes it becomes more of process figuring out what to make a caption than to pick the actual picture itself. As a blanket statement, I think some people put way too much effort into posting on Social Media, and maybe writing this piece is playing into that. I’m hoping that those who think and care way too much about what other people think of them, find this blog post and then hopefully find a caption quickly as well. That way they can get back to enjoying real-life and not stressing over fake Instagram life. 🙂

Here are some places to get inspiration from to find the best caption for Instagram.

Where to find the best captions for Instagram

1. Other Instagrams

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery right? Go to your favorite celebrity or influencers page and steal a clever caption!

2. Song Lyrics

It’s easy to forget every lyric to every song when you’re thinking of a caption. Search your favorite artist or song and copy and paste your favorite lines! Maybe there’s one that relates to the place, people, or situation that you are posting about.

3. Instagram Quote Accounts

There’s TONS, really tons, of quote accounts on Instagram. You can find athletic quote accounts, fitness quote accounts, love quote accounts, spiritual quote accounts, and so many more. Check out those accounts for a lot of options in one place.

4. Use Emojis

Someone of few words? Just throw an emoji up that relates (or doesn’t).

5. Movie Quotes

Everyone has a favorite movie that they know every single line too… Chances are you know some funny lines, serious lines, random weird lines, and every one in between. Pick your favorite and bonus points if it relates to the picture or reel you’re posting.

6. Leave it Blank

Let’s be real chances are people don’t even read your caption anyways…

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Moon Stages

9 Best Spiritual Instagram Accounts to Follow for Inspiration

Over the past 3 years, I have been on my own personal spiritual journey. It has been incredibly enlightening and allowed me to understand so much more about who I am, what I want to be, and why I am the way I am. This used to be something that I rarely spoke about because I feared that others would judge me, but that’s not the case anymore.

Over time I realized how energy and vibrations can shift your life and create paths that you never thought possible. From career to relationships, the universe is on your side! As I began wanting to learn more about the universe and astrology, I came across some insightful Instagram Accounts that helped me understand more about myself but also the world around me.

If you are beginning your spiritual journey or looking for more outlets for information to continue on your pre-existing journey, make sure to follow these accounts!










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Best Captions For Instagram, Funny Instagram Captions, Instagram captions for girls

10 Instagram Quote Accounts To Follow For The Best Captions For Instagram

Searching for the perfect Instagram caption can take a lot longer than you’d like… Check out these must-follow Instagram Accounts for all things quotes. Why not take a little inspiration from Instagram for the best captions for Instagram? If you’re looking for funny Instagram captions, or motivational Instagram captions, or baddie Instagram captions, these accounts are for you.

1. @signsfromsource

2. @divinemessages


4. @womenhood

5. @sosheslays

6. @girlandhermagic

7. @thegoodquote

8. @fuckologyofficial

9. @sarcasm_only

10. @perfectsayings

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4 Christmas Themed Instagram Story Templates

Christmas is around the corner! There are Christmas lights showing up on many house, Christmas trees are seen on top of car roofs, and you can basically see Christmas cheer everywhere you look. It really is such a great time of year for family, friends, and great times. Why not carry over some of that holiday excitement over to Instagram?

As tempting as it is to want to go take cute Christmas pictures outside to post on your feed – it’s super cold here on Long Island and there’s no snow. So that’s out of the question, I’ll be staying inside with hot chocolate by a fire. Next option? Stories!

That’s why I’ve created these 4 Christmas Themed Instagram Stories! They are super fun and easy to share and fill your own answers in!

Try them out and share them with you friends!

Christmas This or That Instagram Story

My Christmas Wishlist Instagram Story

Christmas Favorites Instagram Story

Christmas Bingo Instagram Story

I hope you enjoy these Instagram story templates as much as I do! Don’t forget to tag me when you try them out. 🙂

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Instagram Story Templates for people who love to travel

4 Instagram Travel Challenge Story Templates

I’ve been a pretty big fan of these Instagram story challenges lately. I’ve gotten tagged in plenty of Jeep ones and a few “About Me” challenges. They are so fun to fill out, at least I think so! Maybe I’m a big weirdo (yes), but it’s something that brings everyone together in this crazy time. It’s also a little fun to share move fun facts about you than a little perfectly crafted square picture can.

I put together 4 fun Instagram story templates for any one who’s looking forward to their next adventure once we are all allowed to travel again. Use these to share your favorite things about travel and get your friends to do the same!

Feel free to screen shot these, save them, and share them on social media!

1. United States Travel Bingo

Instagram Story Bingo for United States Travel

2. My Travel Favorites

All About Me Travel Edition, GIF Challenge for Instagram Story

3. My Bucket List Trip

My Bucket List Vacation Instagram Story Template

4. This or That? Vacation Edition

This or That Instagram Story Template for Travel Preferences and Vacation Favorites

I’d love to see these getting used! Tag me (@teenafey) in your stories so I can see your responses!