5 Best Van Conversion Accounts to Follow on Instagram

After I entered the Overland section at SEMA last year, I knew it was something I’d want to get involved in. Not specifically “over-landing,” but van life. The idea of converting a vehicle into your home on wheels to go explore anywhere. The Sprinter Van builds on display in the convention center were insane. I heard about this trend but really brushed it off as a fad, and thought it was kind of crazy to live in your means of transportation. Seeing these in person completely changed that and was the real reason I got bit by the #vanlife bug.

Seriously though, I would love to travel 24/7 and have home with me wherever I went. And yes, these vans can 100% be made into a home. I started following some van-builds on the gram and really enjoyed the view into this lifestyle. Discovering that this is a world-wide trend made me even more excited to find out more about this lifestyle. I follow van lifers from Colorado to Australia! Who knows – Maybe one day I’ll have a converted sprinter van, but until then I’ll be living vicariously through these folks, whose vans and daily views are insanely mind-blowing.

Scott Adamson @comeswithaview

Living Van Life @livingvanlife

Nils & Dani @vantastic_herbie

Jess Bonde @wildbonde

Mariajose & Chase @tioaventuravan

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