5 Reasons Why December is the Best Month of the Year

Before getting into this, I need to preface that I am a born-again winter lover. I grew up despising the cold weather. Every time the weather would drop and get colder, I instantly dreamed of leaving the Northeast and going to a tropical location to lay on the beach. The cold wind, snow, and frost bite were my worst enemies.

But let’s be real, December gets a really bad rap.. It’s the end of the year, work gets busy then it gets slow, stress levels go through the roof, it’s quite possibly the highest spending month for a lot of people. That’s just naming a few reasons. You’re probably thinking there’s no way December is the best month of the year, but I truly believe it is.

Flash forward to today, I get a sick sense of enjoyment when December comes around! Keep reading and I’ll tell you more about the 5 reasons why December is the Best Month of the Year.

5 Reasons Why December is the Best Month of the Year

It Marks the End of a Cycle.

December draw conclusion to the past 11 months that come before it. It’s a time for reflection and also a time for action. December is the ultimately planning month – What do you want your New Year to look like? Anything like the year before? Or maybe even something totally different? The beautiful thing, you get to choose what you do. December is the best month of the year because you get to create change during this month, the anticipation is building for the New Year and all the goals you want to accomplish are planned out during this time.

New Years Resolutions aren’t decided in January, they’re decided in December with the actionable start date in January. New Years Resolutions are part of what makes reflecting on the end of the past year so valuable. You can leave things behind in December and be very selective with what you take into January. December being an end of a cycle means it’s a time for change, welcoming change, embracing change, and not be afraid of change. It really is a powerful time!

Winter Sports are in Full Swing.

By December, most mountains are open in some capacity and working towards 100% trail availability. That means dusting off the skis, snowboards, snowshoes, toboggans, whatever winter sport of your choosing and getting outside and to the mountains. Although most mountains declare opening dates in November, early season riding is typical pretty shot… There’s very limited trails open. It tends to be very crowded because everyone is trying to get their early season fix. Theres ice at least in the North East everywhere. Riding really isn’t that enjoyable in November, it’s more about saying you went than it is really enjoying yourself.

But in comes December, the best month of the year – More trails are open, snow accumulation and snow blowing are at their peak. The cold temperatures are finally starting to settle in. You’re finally able to enjoy a few hours of riding before the trails ultimately become unrideable. In December, you finally get to start to enjoy winter sports for the year.

The Holidays are the Most Cheerful Time of Year.

Claiming their stake in December are some of the best holidays of the year. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years Eve all typically take place during the best month of the year. This is a time to embrace family and celebrate your beliefs. The holidays are a great excuse to spend a little extra time with those you love the most. Whether it’s a meal, a holiday tradition, or just a quick meet up for dessert, any and all holiday get togethers are great for the soul. The lights, the music, the movies all come together to create the most cheerful loving atmosphere you could ever imagine. Love and happiness really fill the air – from malls, to neighborhoods, to schools holiday decorations and cheer can be seen and can instantly change you mood for the better.

The holidays are not always about gift giving, even though there is typically a lot of focus on that. During December, it’s easy to get lost in the giving and receiving aspect of the holidays, but the real reason is so much more than the face value. Gifting presents to our loved ones is about showing how much you appreciate them and love having them around. It’s not to show off how much money you have or brag about gifts you received. It’s one big “Thank You for being a part of my life.” December serves as the reminder every year to spend time with those you love the most and to not be afraid to share how you feel.

It’s the Best Weather to Stay Indoors.

Yes, it’s important to stay active and move around but December is a time to sit back and relax. As much as I personally would love to be out snowboarding every day in the winter, there’s something special about sitting inside, starting a fire, and watching the cheesiest Christmas Movie ever created. Lighting a fire, drinking hot chocolate, and cuddling up with your dog or cat is always a perfect December night.

With it being the end of the year, it’s okay to relax a bit. December marks the end of a 12-month cycle and it’s ok to give back some time to yourself. The past 11 months were likely filled with hard work, a little bit of stress, maybe an event that shifting life as you know it. Taking some time to hide from the cold weather that’s brewing inside is literally what the month of December is made more. It’s really a perfect time to start journaling, meditating, and embracing any practice of self-love. While the sun rises later and sets earlier, there’s a lot more time in the day where you can sit back, enjoy the great outdoors and prioritize you time over anything else. That’s on science from this one, the timing of the sun rise and sunset (although slightly depressing) makes December a pretty unique month.

Cold Weather Means More Layers.

Maybe this is a personal one, but I love jackets. I have way too many for my own good and honestly forget how many I have every year when I take them out for the season, and yet I still buy more every year. It’s a problem but I’m admitting it. I think a jacket adds so much to an outfit and there’s certain jackets you can only wear when it gets super cold. December just gives you more options to make a fashion statement and to play around with your own personal style. Jackets are just as much a part of a winter outfit than the pants and the shirt!

Hats, Fuzzy socks, and over sized hoodies are another reason why dressing in December is so amazing. The acceptance of comfort for fashion is embraced in December and means it’s ok to not get all done up every day. Wearing sweats? acceptable. Wearing a beanie all day? acceptable. It’s the little things that make December so great including winter fashion!

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