Black Jeep Wrangler in Blue Hills State Park in Massachusetts. Boston, Massachusetts is visible in the background.

5 Pieces of Advice for New Jeep Wrangler Owners

Owning a Jeep is pretty cool, you’re entering into a world of some pretty crazy people. Everyone has a different image for how they want their Jeep to be and why they got it in the first place. Here are some tips for new Jeep owners!

Do Your Research

Finding information online about Jeeps is insanely easy. It can be overwhelming at first, but if you have an idea of what you want to use your Jeep for you should have no issue learning about the companies you should trust and the products/parts you will need to make your dream Jeep come to life. There are also a lot of different directions you can go in when building a Jeep. Follow your vision and make it a reality!

Asking questions to Jeep owners is a great way to learn. When I first bought my Jeep, I knew nothing. I was able to pick the brains of some friends who were much more knowledgable in the industry than i was. I can confidently say that a majority of all people I have met in the Jeep World are incredible resources and so helpful.

Regardless of how you find out information, you need to do your research. Understanding what you need to make sure you are building your Jeep correctly, and not cutting corners, is insanely important. Not all Jeep parts are made equal and in the end it comes down to what you eventually pull the trigger on. There are a lot of options out there. Don’t just base your choice on price or by what your cousin’s brother’s girlfriend’s aunt told her a family party 2 years ago. Research and learn what you need and why!

Buy Once, Cry Once

There’s really no need to go into too much detail here. You get what you pay for. It’s that simple.

If you are looking for cost effective ways to build you Jeep, I get it. That’s totally okay and there’s nothing wrong with having a budget. I absolutely have a budget with mine! What’s important to think about here is the quality of product you are getting for the price that you pay. Read reviews on products/companies you are looking at, most are extremely candid and will give you a good idea of the product quality.

A product may look good to your checkbook, but could cause some major issues on your Jeep. The cost of replacement, or fixing addition breaks because of a faulty part, can add up. Sometimes it’s most cost effective to go with a quality product over a deal.

Don’t Go Crazy Modifying Your Jeep Without Knowing What You Want

When you start doing research, attending events, going to off-road parks, you will run into people and those people can have Jeeps that are built much more than yours. You will like them. Warning: You will want to buy everything and make your Jeep look like your favorite one you’ve come across.

Don’t rush it. Don’t do things just cause they are cool or because someone else told you it’s the best. To reiterate, do you research. Find out what you want your Jeep to look like, then figure out exactly what you need to make it happen. Don’t cut corners on your build just because you want it done ASAP. Talk to professionals and find a reputable shop who can help guide you in the right direction.

The moral here is don’t feel like your Jeep is inferior to others. Some people have years and tons of money into their builds. You may want your Jeep to get there eventually but enjoy the process and don’t rush anything. Have fun with it and don’t jump off the deep end (right away)!

Avoid Joining 1,000,000 Jeep Groups on Facebook, Just Join a Few

Yes, Facebook groups are a great source of information and can introduce you to new friends but they can also be breeding grounds for trolls and companies that just want your money. So join carefully!

There are so many Jeep/Off-Roading Groups on Facebook that joining all of them will result in your timeline becoming inundated with Jeeps, Jeep questions, Jeep People, etc. If that’s what you want, go for it! Just be prepared. People will ask the same questions (not look to see they’ve been asked 75 times already), constantly ask for you to follow their Instagram (follow for follow ask, like my latest post, things like that), and ask for help then say everyone that tries to help out is wrong (everyone knows it all right?). It becomes a headache.

You shouldn’t avoid Facebook Groups all together. Just be weary of joining a million, because it’s very easy to. To restate, they are incredible knowledge bases and filled with some people who are experts on all things Jeeps. My advice is to find your local Jeep club group and join that one. You’ll have access to meet-ups and planned events, a knowledgable group to ask questions to, and a small community that is close by! Meeting your new Jeep family is a lot easier than you think! I’ve met so many lifelong Jeep friends through social media. It’s a valuable resource if used correctly.

Have Fun!!

You are the owner of one of the most fun and versatile vehicles on the planet. Attend events, make friends, modify your Jeep as you wish, have the most fun with your Jeep as you possibly can.

Drive your Jeep off-road, or to the mall, whatever floats your boat. There’s nothing better than driving with the top and doors off, so enjoy it!

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