4 Ways to Beat Spring Fever

Today is April Fools, and I’m worried that the weather is playing a sick joke on us. It has been sunny and over 50 degrees for two days in a row here on Long Island. I’m starting to feel a false sense of happiness over the fact that Spring is nearby. Knowing that the inevitable late April snowstorm has not happened yet is like a cloud looming over the arrival of Spring. Seasonal Depression is absolutely real, but it is also something that is more than manageable. Get outside while the weather is cooperating, but on the large chance that it doesn’t, here’s some ways to beat the spring fever and start finding ways to enjoy the colder weather.

Embrace the Indoors and Cozying Up

There is a peacefulness in being in your own home. Call me a homebody, but nothing beats creating a place that really is home. Take some time to really make your place your home. Create a few Pinterest boards and start finding inspiration. When the weather gets cold and you have to be inside, you might as well be in a place that makes you feel content.

Enjoy some time to yourself at home and cuddle up with a blanket, a hot cup of tea, and a book. Just because it is cold outside doesn’t mean that the same has to apply inside.

Get off Technology and Social Media

It’s easy to get distracted by Social Media. I can find myself getting lost on TikTok or Instagram just scrolling through these perfect moments that others post. Instead of looking at others lives or looking through your own posts of warmer weather’s past, put down the tech and focus on you! Get a few things done around the house or go out to a local restaurant you’ve always wanted to try.

Get a Jump-Start on Spring Cleaning

There is nothing better than being organized. Whether its your bathroom, kitchen, or your bedroom closet, giving your place a reboot really helps your overall mood. Theres no science there it’s just a known fact. Go through you closet and get your Spring/Summer wardrobe ready. There’s nothing better than being prepared and nothing wrong with being organized while you do it.

Meditate and Relax

Take a second to really be in the moment instead of wishing you are anywhere but here. Start to fall in love with being inside and really relish in the moment. Try to focus on things that make you happy instead of the things that can make you anxious or tense. Use a guided meditation to help ease your mind and not worry about things you can’t control.

I find myself always wishing that the weather was different instead of really embracing what it is currently like. I’ve been actively trying to be more in the moment and hope that these can help you do the same!

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