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Navigating the Tech Layoffs | Best Job Hunting Sites

Working in tech is part of being in a special sub-culture. You simply say “tech” because if you actually described what your company did, people would either be concerned or extremely confused unable to wrap their head’s around it. The tech industry recently got a lot of notoriety during the pandemic. It’s known for its casual work culture and great employee benefits, including high pay.

A lot of these tech companies went into a ‘hyper-growth’ period mid pandemic, while lots of job seekers wanted to get into the field because of the common ‘work from home’ benefit. This meant lots of hiring, lots more company overhead, and a lot of new heads in tech companies. With the recession upon us and lots of companies and individuals not spending as much, B2B and B2C tech companies took a hit, and continue to take hits, on their revenue. This is obviously a generalized statement, some tech companies have been and continue to reach/exceed goals despite the recession.

Because of this, tech companies are cutting jobs and even rescinding job offers. I’ve seen many past co-workers who are incredibly talented fall victim to this and it’s so disheartening. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the tech world right now, but that should’t take away from how amazing the industry is. If anything this highlights what to look for in your next job – cash in/cash out, growth plans, tech debt. With companies like Shopify and OpenSea cutting hundreds if not thousands of employees, the job seeker pool continues to grow.

Being in a digital word, here are some of the best job hunting sites and some tips and tricks to make the most of them

Best Job Hunting Sites


LinkedIn has a job posting feature where you can browse hundred of job postings, but that’s not even the most beneficial way to use the platform.

Creating a profile on LinkedIn and highlighting your previous employment puts you in from of thousands of recruiters who are actively trying to fill spots for their own companies or their clients. Flipping the button “actively seeking job opportunities” on your profile means that recruiters will be notified of you and can see if you profile matches the job they have to fill.

LinkedIn is a great tool for networking. Find 3-5 people with the job title that you would ultimately want, this could be senior leadership or c-suite level. Ask them to connect for five minutes to discuss what they do, how they got to where they are. This gets your name on their radar but also helps you figure out exactly what career that you want to pursue. Try this but picking companies you would love to work at, it could lead to plenty of job opportunities


Indeed is a tried and true favorite. It’s easy to navigate and search for jobs. They’re recently added features where you can search by job perks, like remote working.

When searching on Indeed, try not to be super specific. Try searching broader search terms opposed from a very specific job title like, ‘Senior Manager, Financial Strategy for Mid Market.’ Chances of something hitting to that search are slim to none. Plus indeed has a great search algorithm, so putting in “financial strategy” and “senior level”, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something that’s right up your alley.


You probably didn’t see this one coming.

Facebook has a large community, and groups that are actively trying to help that community. There are groups for individuals that work in all different fields, industries, demographics, job titles. You can search anything in groups and I’m sure you’ll find one that you can join. Once in a group, you’ll see tons of posts. Some of those could be job postings. You can even post that you are looking for work and get ready for your inbox to get flooded with messages.

Facebook Groups are a great way to find potential career opportunities, but also another great platform for networking. You can meet some very intelligent people, some who can help right away and others who might be a long-term connection who can help you 5 even 10 years down the road. Facebook is a great place to put your name out there, and it is not as competitive as LinkedIn because Facebook is not known as the go-to website for job hunting.


Glassdoor does have a job search/posting section, which can be helpful. But that is not where Glassdoor’s strengths lie.

There is anonymous feedback and company ratings, provided by past and current employees on Glassdoor. If a recruiter reaches out to you on a job, or you see a posting that interests you, double check it on Glassdoor. The website gives a great neutral look into what certain companies are like, and what it’s like to work for them. Do the employees approve on the CEO? How is the work/life balance? What is the managerial style? All of these questions and more can be answered on Glassdoor. This should be a website to keep close when you are job hunting!

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