6 Christmas Gifts That Don’t Cost Anything

2022 has been a very interesting year – As a country, we’ve been battling inflation, a possible housing bubble, and gas prices soaring through the roof. As the holidays, more specifically gifting, can be a very financially heavy burden for most on a normal year, this year is even more so of a reach for many people and families. With prices rising for every day goods, major layoffs at major companies taking place, and cost of living continuing to rise with the stock market falls, it’s not the ideal time to be spending money of gifts and items that may not get used or loved as you would want them to.

With this year being different and an emphasis of cost effectiveness, I thought it would be helpful to put together a list of some Christmas or Holiday gifts that don’t cost anything (or anything additional to your typical day to day costs 🙂 ). If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the season and show your loved ones you care about them without breaking the bank, here are some ways to share Christmas cheer without spending a single dime.

Host a White Elephant Gift Exchange with Only Items You Currently Own

We all have a backlog of things and stuff hanging around our houses – in the basement, attic, stuffed in closets, you name it! Why not find something you no longer use that maybe someone else will love. You can set an estimated value minimum and maximum so people aren’t gifting an oven mitt and then a flat screen TV… Get all your friends together and do a gift exchange with the items! You never know what may be valuable to someone else. If you want to take it to the next step, make the event a potluck and have each guest bring a dish for the meal or appetizer.

Go on a Hiking Trip with Friends

No gift can beat quality time with friends. Instead of buying gifts, have your friend group take PTO (so you get paid) or align on a mutual day off from work and meet up for a hike at a local park! If you’re feeling adventurous you can even travel to a further destination, which may cost more in gas, but could make the day more of an event than just going down the street. Enjoy the beautiful scenery around you while taking in the great conversations and laughs with friends. Experiences for gifts and giving time as a gift are too very overlooked items!

Make a Photo Collage

I don’t know about you but I have an overwhelming amount of old pictures from high school and college hanging around my house. Remember back in the days when you got doubles and duplicates of all pictures, well I still have all of them and I’m sure you have quite a bunch too. Going through the old images and piecing together a collage or story board with the images is a great gift to give to long time friends. If you’re looking to spend a little bit you can always run to TJ Maxx and pick up a frame to store the images in. It’s always great to revisit memories around the holidays.

Gift a Plant

The pandemic produces more plant moms than ever before. I know I steered clear of the plant trend, but my mother 100% fell victim. This one is for her – She split up all her plants and gifted them to teachers at her school. Not a bad idea for a Christmas gift right? If you have an overwhelming number of plants and need to share the love, Christmas is a great time to share the gifts of plants with a friend.

Agree to No Gift

There’s nothing wrong with skipping a year of holiday gifts with friends or family. If you are saving for something or tight on cash, don’t be afraid to skip presents. You can even suggest doing a Christmas in July which can allow for more time to get yourself in good financial standing to allow for gifts!

Hand Written Note

Sentimental gifts can be the most expensive of them all. Taking the time to write a hand written note is a great way to share a heartfelt gift with a loved one during the holiday season. You can write notes to your most cherished family and friends as a way to recall amazing memories with them and discuss the plans you have for the future with them. Explaining why they are such a valuable part of your life is another angle you can take in the hand written note.

You can make the note as short or as long as you like. I personally love saving hand written notes to have them to look back on in the future. Even adding a handwritten note to any gift is a nice personal touch!

There are always ways to have a cost conscious holiday gifting season. I hope these few ideas can help!

The Best Last Minute Gifts | Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Alright, I get it. Not everyone gets their holiday shopping done in August… Trust me, I know. I used to be the person who went out on December 23rd to buy gifts that were to be opened on Christmas Eve. Note : I am a recovered procrastinator, I’ve managed to finish all my Christmas shopping…

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My Amazon Wish List for Christmas

With the holidays sneaking up on us and all of the holiday gift shopping hopefully being almost completed, it’s tough to shop for others without seeing a few things you wouldn’t mind getting yourself. I did purchase some of these as gifts for others, but really wouldn’t me getting one for myself! I’m gonna throw this out there, this list is a bit all over the place because it’s random things I have had my eye on or bought for others. If you’re anticipating a super organized list thats expertly curated, you unfortunately are in the wrong spot.

I’m hoping this list can help inspire you if you are have a gift-block when looking for others, but hoping that it can also entice you to also treat yourself this holiday season. Oh and it’s worth mentioning these are all Amazon links (and Prime), so for the last minute shoppers or those finding this a week before Christmas, rest assured these will come in time for the big day!

Amazon Christmas Wish List

Snowboard Addiction Jib Board

This awesome practice board can help you master park features, but also build up your confidence on standard tricks like butters and jumping. As a beginner in the park, I’ve had my eye on this since the end of last season. Something tells me that I will have this board and the full Jib set-up pretty soon.

Balloon Dog Home Decor

As I continue to make my apartment feel more like home, I’m starting to add little things that bring me joy. This little balloon dog is something I see being adorable on my console table!

Ugg Coquette Slippers

I swear by these things and live in them all snowboard season, my most recent pair is totally shot and I need a new pair. You can’t go wrong with gifting these to someone.

The North Face Nuptse Jacket

This retro style is coming back, and to me it is pretty timeless. They have tons of colors and they are perfect for staying warm in the winter.

Under Desk Treadmill

Moving in the winter and staying active while working has never been easier. I need one of these things and so does every remote employee in your life!

Hand Bag Display Stand

As a designer handbag addict with a few vintage bags on route to my house, ample storage that shows off their beauty is necessary.

Huna Snowboard Helmet Hood

I have two of these already and need more to match my new gear. This keeps you insanely warm and stops the wind from hitting you!

Nike Blazers

I recently ruined my trusted pair of Blazers at a lacrosse tournament and they were truly a staple in my every day wardrobe. If. you’re looking to get sneakers for someone, this is a good place to start!

Obsidian Candle

Obsidian is one of my favorite stones and one that has been resonated with me a little extra recently – this is a must gift for any crystal lover.

And that’s all she wrote for this disjointed Amazon Wish List!

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My Favorite Jeep Gifts for Jeep Wrangler Owners

No matter what time of year, a Jeep owner is going to appreciate a gift that is Jeep-Themed. There is a special type of love, some might call it obsession, that comes with being a jeep owner. Whether you are a Jeep Dad, a Jeep Girl, a Jeep Junkie, or even a Jeep Dog, a Jeep gift can go a very long way.

Check out some of the favorite jeep gifts that are great for birthdays, celebrations, anniversaries, and the holidays! There’s a jeep gift for every occasion.

Jeep Gifts for Jeep Wrangler Owners

Center Console Organizer

Interior Color Changing LED Lights

Trunk Organizer – Rear Seat Hanging

Wall Mounts for Jeep Doors

Jeep Key Fob Key Chain

Phone Holder for Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler Roll Bar Storage Bags

Jeep Wrangler Front Door Storage Pockets

Jeep Wrangler Bullet Antenna

Jeep Wrangler Weather-Proof Floor Mats

Car Cover for Jeep Wrangler

Dash Cam for Jeep Wranglers

Safari Mirrors for Doorless Jeeps

Sun Visor Organizer for Jeep Wranglers

Hard Top Removal Tool Kit Replacement

Jeep Wrangler Sunshade

Spare Tire Brake Light Kit

Jeep Wrangler Tailgate Organizer

Jeep Wrangler Tow Hitch Reciever

Spare Tire Trail Bag for Jeep Wranglers

Jeep Wrangler Trunk Liner

Pro-Lift Creeper Seat

Rooftop Cargo Carrier for Jeep Wranglers

Folding Tailgate Table for Jeep Wranglers

Moveable Jeep Wrangler Door Storage

Jeep Wrangler Awning

I’ll say it again, you really can’t go wrong with getting a jeep owner a nice Jeep gift. With the holidays around the corner, you can use this list as a Jeep Gift – Gift Guide. Or you can save it to revisit for all your Jeep gifting needs.

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