Blue 1976 BMW 2002 in light blue restored driving in Port Jefferson New York on a summer night in August

The Perfect Port Jefferson Date Night

After what has been (and honestly continues to be) the world’s most crazy and hectic summer, Ian and I finally found some time to enjoy a much needed unplanned date night. Last weekend was really no different from the rest of the insane weekends we’ve been doing all summer ( Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Birthday Weekends, Lacrosse Tournaments, anything you can think of we’re had on our calendar this summer), considering we had a Bat Mitzvah and a Guyanese Wedding to attend, but we somehow managed to get a few hours to spend together in Port Jefferson for a date night on Saturday.

Every weekend has been regimented, there’s been so much to get done that the only way to fit everything in is to make wild schedules – wake up at this time, be ready to leave by 9, stop at Target or CVS, grab a quick lunch, off to the next event, try to catch a breath, drive another hour, get to the restaurant for dinner, get home at 1am and set your alarm to wake up at 6am… It’s been more stressful than relaxing, even with my amazing Summer Fridays from work. When we found a few hours on Saturday Night that weren’t accounted for, we immediately knew that a spontaneous, no thought, low-key date night was needed.

We didn’t want anything crazy, just a simple night – no fancy restaurant, no crazy traveling involved, just a low-key night spent together. Jumping in Ian’s cute little BMW 2002 and heading over to Port Jefferson was the obvious choice!

The Perfect Port Jefferson Date Night


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We wanted low-key, but we also wanted great food that doesn’t break the bank – Slurp it was. Located right in town, we were able to find a parking spot super close so there was no need to drive around like crazy trying to find something. Parking in Port Jefferson is notoriously difficult, but we had no issue finding a solid spot on the side of the road without having to go into any of the parking lots. We started off with Bao Buns for an appetizer. For Dinner, Ian got the Vegan Slurp Ramen and I got the Spicy Slurp. Both were pretty damn good and I would absolutely get them again.

Vegan Ramen and Spicy Ramen at Slurp Ramen in Port Jefferson New York

After Dinner Drinks

Port Jeff Brewing Company
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A short walk across the way from Slurp leads you to Port Jeff Brewing Co. It was the perfect night to sit outside and Port Jeff Brewing had tons of outdoor seating, for all different sizes of groups. There was no live music when we went on Saturday, but they had a schedule up for all the days bands would be coming to play. There were dates throughout September, so even after Summer officially ends you can still enjoy outdoor entertainment. We were hoping to grab a Sour at Port Jeff Brewing because its out latest obsession, unfortunately they were sold out BUT we did get the amazing news that are going to be releases Boo! Brew soon!!

Walk by the Water

I really wish I took more pictures of the night because it was the best weather possible. We decided to keep the night rolling, and walk off the ramen, by heading down the water. We head past Danfords and made our way down to the Port Jefferson Visitors Center. The lit path was a perfect walk to the “beach” area – it was late at this point but you wouldn’t of guessed it purely based by the amount of people who were also out and about. We made our way past the #PJBIGCHAIR and naturally had to get a picture of Ian… He’s 6’6″ but by the picture you can barely tell.

Walking by the Water in port jefferson new york taking a photo break in the #pjbigchair a giant blue adironack chair on the walking path

We rested by the Big Chair for a bit enjoying the live music that could be heard from Danfords. After a couple Billy Joel singalongs and some boat watching, we decided to call it a night. It was a blast just heading out to Port Jefferson without a plan for a low-key date night. There were so many great spots to choose from but our little date night in Port Jefferson was perfect for us!

If you’re thinking about a spontaneous date night on Long Island, Port Jefferson is a great spot to pick!

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