Why Hosting a Cookie Swap is the Ultimate Holiday Party

What goes hand in hand with the holidays? Cookies. Growing up in my neighborhood, all of the families would exchange gifts with each others. Each family always stuck to the same gifts to give and it always worked out because there would be no duplicates. My mom always went the cozy route and got throw blankets, cute mugs, and hot cocoa for the neighbors. As amazing as my mom’s neighbor gifts were, the absolute best was from my neighbors down the block. Every year they would make the most amazing Christmas Cookies and deliver them on the most aesthetically pleasing tray. My sister and I would fight over our favorite cookies, every year.

I don’t know if you ever had a neighbor who makes the best Christmas Cookies or maybe you are the Christmas Cookie Neighbor, but what goes without saying is the home made cookies and the holidays are like two peas in a pod.

If you are hosting a holiday party or holiday get together with friends or family this year, not only should plan a unique activity, but you should absolutely host a cookie swap!

What is a Cookie Swap?

A Cookie Swap is the ultimate way to get all the cookies you’ve ever dreamed of. So how does it work? Invite all your friends over for a holiday party and instruct each to make 2 dozen (or any suitable amount for the people attending) of their absolute favorite cookies. They can be bought, but it makes it so much better is every brings their own home-made holiday cookies. The night of the party everyone brings their cookies and sits them all on a table. Each guest will take a turn going through the cookies table and creating their own holiday cookie platter! Essentially you are bringing a lot one one cookie, and leaving with a bunch of amazing cookies including a few of your own!

4 Reasons Why You Should Host a Cookie Swap

1. It is so much FUN!

Hosting a cookie swap is one of the most fun events you could host. Plus think of how amazing your house will smell with all the incredible cookies in one room! Hosting a holiday party in general is fun because of the decorating, the good vibes, the holiday cheer, and of course having all the ones you love under your roof at the same time. What also makes a cookie swap the most fun holiday party is that the fun starts long before the party even begins. Half of the fun for the guests is making holiday cookie classics or researching on Pinterest or Instagram to find a new creative recipe to try.

2. Guests leave with a tray full of cookies!

Guests have a beautiful tray of cookies at the end of the day. As a host, you should provides tons of material for wrapping the tray like cellophane and ribbon. After each guests makes their own holiday cookie tray, they can wrap it however they like. They will also be able to do whatever they would like with this awesome gift. Guests can use the holiday cookie tray as a dessert for Chirstmas dinner. They can use it as a gift to give someone. They can bring it home and immediately have a Christmas Movie night and eat all the amazing cookies with their family.

3. It’s a great excuse to get your Betty Crocker on!

Making time to these days seems like a very daunting task. Work, friends, family, commitments, and everything in between seem to take up all the time that we were once able to spend on ourselves. Hosting a Cookie Swap means you and all your guests have to schedule in some me-time to your hectic schedules to bake. While baking can come naturally to some and is an acquired skill for others, it is still fun to throw on your apron and channel your inner Betty Crocker. No matter your baking skill or level, it is enjoyable to get creative and bake some delicious cookies from time to time.

4. It’s an amazing tradition!

Cookie Swaps are something to look forward. After hosting a cookie swap, your guests will be waiting for year 2 the moment they leave. I know people who plan their cookies out months in advance and even try different recipes months before the actual cookie swap date. It really is a great tradition with friends and family.

7 Unique Holiday Party Activity Ideas

So you’re looking to liven up your holiday party… You can be with family or friends, but the key to having a great holiday party and not just a good holiday party is what you have planned as the host! You don’t want your holiday party to get looped into the classic boring nothing special…

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