Funny Advice for Newlyweds, desserts at an engagement party

Funny Advice for Newlyweds

It’s full blown wedding season, we are 100% in it right now. Which means Engagement Parties, Bachelorettes, and Bridal Showers every single weekend. And all those events mean, fun corny games and activities where you need to know everything about the bride to be, know how to count how many kisses are in a jar, and most importantly know the best advice to give to newlyweds.

If you’re anything like me, the chronically single friend who shouldn’t be giving relationship advice to anyone, then you want to give the newlyweds some funny advice. You know they are reading all the “never go to sleep angry” responses and the “always make time for date nights,” so why not shake it up with something that will make your friends laugh?

Funny Advice for Newlyweds

Never leave the toilet seat up

Always have at least 5 bottles of wine at the house

Prank each other often, start a prank war

The wife is always right

Get a king size bed, you won’t want to be near each other after a while

Don’t try to be a mindreader, or do and see if you’re right

Always be your weird selves

Never check each other’s phones, unless you want to start a fight which is fun sometimes

Don’t forget to put your ring on every day

A glass of wine solves all problems

Never run out of toilet paper

Always blame your partner even if you messed up

Never clean up after your partner, make them learn how to be repsonsible

Laugh at each others jokes even when they aren’t funny

Lie occasionally and see if your partner notices, keep them on their toes

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