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Cute Necklaces on Amazon For Under $15

Who loves stacking necklaces? This girl!

I have to say, I typically never order jewelry from Amazon, but have recently started to explore some of the accessories. Most of the necklaces that I wear are passed down from my Mother or Grandmother. They are some very beautiful items that carry tons of sentimental value. I would be devastated if I ever lost or damaged these incredible jewelry pieces. So that’s why we’re here with Amazon! Always.

In an effort to not wear some of the family heirlooms as often as I have been, I recently ordered some adorable necklaces from Amazon that stand on their own or look great being stacked with chains of different lengths. Check out these bargains – they are great to use as going-out pieces or for gifts!

Angel Number Necklace – $8.99

I am the proud owner of 444 and 1111. These necklaces not only have a great meaning but are the perfect stacking piece. With an adjustable clasp, these necklaces can be worn short or long. These fall at the perfect length to be the top necklace or the middle piece in a necklace stack depending on where you set the clasp. These are great quality for a 9 dollar necklace!

Gold Beaded Choker – $11.95

These simple chokers are adorable! There are multiple styles – from single strand all the way to triple. There are also varying bead patterns to choose from, with options in both silver and gold. These are so simple that they can be worn with many different outfits at all different ocassions.

Gold Bar Necklace – $7.58

A Gold Bar Necklace is a staple. No explanation is needed.

Birth Month Flower Necklace – $12.05

Not ready to fully commit to being an astrology girl and wear your sign? Wearing your birth flower is a fun way to highlight you astrology-ways without screaming it in everyone’s faces – We know there’s some judgement on it. These simple necklaces with a round pendant are understated and unique. But don’t worry this link also has the astrology signs on necklaces incase you want to show it off!

Gold Letter Pendant Necklace – $12.99

I thought these were so cheesy for a while, but they really grew on me – so much that I had to get one of my own. They are super shiny and stand out – I have to say this necklace gets the most questions when I wear it. It looks great as the longest necklace in a stack if you are layering.

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