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Drive-On Beach Packing List – Summer 2022

Living on Long Island means epic beach trips. In my opinion the best beaches are the drive-on beaches. Not having to lug a beach cart and half of your life’s belongings to the beach is a godsend. Drive on – unload. Pack up – Drive off. It’s that simple.

I’ve laid out the requirements for the Drive-On Beach, for permits and safety preparations & required equipment, in previous blogs. This list is just for the fun part, enjoying the beach!

Here’s my list of must haves for the Drive-On Beach. It’s a pretty good list for non-drive-on beaches too, so check it out!

Beach Tent

Pop-Up Tent

Camping Toilet

Portable Hammock

Sand Cloud Towels

Folding Side Tables

Yeti Cooler

Now that you have your go-to’s, it’s time to enjoy the beach. If you’re living on Long Island or not, I hope this list can give you some inspiration for your own beach set up!

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