My Offroading Bucket List Part 1

Moab, Utah

If Moab wasn’t first on my Bucket List, there would be a big problem.

Since I first bought my Jeep in 2016, all I heard about was wheeling in Moab. The more I saw pictures and got involved in the Jeep World, it all clicked about why going to Moab is pretty much going to the Mecca of off-roading.

The Views

Being from the east coast, the red rock just looks fake in pictures. I’m used to mud, rocks, trees, basically everything that isn’t Moab. From what I’m told, pictures don’t do Moab justice. Wheeling on red rocks while snow capped mountains loom in the background makes for some of the best views out there.

Trails and Difficulty

As you can imagine there is a vast network of trails throughout Moab. Just by doing some quick research online, you can see that there are trails for everyone. There are trails for beginners and even the most advanced wheelers. There are trails all throughout the area, some are close and others you need to drive a couple of miles to access. It’s not like your typical “offroad park.”

In every conversation I’ve had about Moab with people who have been, one piece of advice is always given. “Go to Moab with someone who has been there before.” This makes sense because – 1. There is so much to do and see that it can be overwhelming and having someone guide you through making sure you don’t miss anything is important. And – 2. Moab can get crazy quick. There are major cliffs and ledges that appear, sometimes out of no where, and can cause some major problems. Safety first.

My concern about my Jeep is that it would be pointless for me to head out across the country and not be able to do any of the trails I’d want to. After speaking with a bunch of friends who have wheeled Moab, on multiple occasions, you really don’t need a super-built truck to handle the terrain. Pretty much everything sticks to the slickrock and it’s really nothing like wheeling on the East Coast.

Zion National Park & Arches National Park

Going to Moab, for me, is much more than an epic wheeling trip. Within short drives you can reach both Zion National Park and Arches National Park. My trip to Moab, that I have been imagining, is more about exploring out west and wheeling not just wheeling. These two parks are filled with awesome hiking and the most beautiful views. I would be crazy to not take advantage of checking out these two landmarks when exploring Southern Utah.

Sometimes it’s easy to want to travel all these amazing places that are overseas and on different sides of the world, that you can forget about all the amazing places that are right here in the United States.

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