What I bought on Amazon This Week

I am thankful for Amazon and their ability to keep my shopping addiction going while not being able to leave home. I have been getting better, but when I’m bored I’ll just log onto Amazon and see what’s going on and what they recommend. I am well aware that I am marketer’s dream. This week was heavy into apartment decor/storage and I get that because I have been stuck inside this whole time. Check out what I got this week. Click the images to open up the Amazon page!.

Curtain Lights

12 Strands of Fake Ivy

Fake GymShark-Like Leggings (10/10 recommend)

More Blue Light Glasses!

There is literally no rhyme or reason for what I bought. Isn’t that what Amazon is for right? Just buying the random things that you think you need on the flip of a coin. At lease that’s how I use it. Let me know if I’m completely off there.

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