Easter on the North Fork

Holidays are my favorite and I generally don’t share too much about my daily life, but I decided the make an exception. Easter is always a big holiday at the Fey house.Even though it seems like Easter came out of no where this year, my family was more than prepared. The four of us, me, my mom, dad, and brother have been planning logistics for almost a week. We packed up Ellie and all the food and headed out east for the weekend!

We started off Saturday morning out at the house on the North Fork of Long Island with egg sandwiches with farm fresh eggs. Breakfast with views like this can’t be beat.

My dad has always loved hosting, since I was little. We had these large parties in the backyard for all of our birthdays and for all our sports teams. Having Easter out East for the first time was his moment to shine. He managed to orchestrate the whole weekend along with a huge surprise, my sister, her husband, and their two kids ended up coming for the day.

Is an Easter miracle a thing? Because this absolutely was. The weather was perfect and everyone in the house was happy. I think everyone knows that holiday fights are a thing, we had none. That was an absolute first. My nephew wanted to go play outside since they pulled up to the house. We explored outside and took a few walks down the dock to the water.

We dyed eggs with the nuggets and got to run around outside literally all day. It was hands down the best kick off to spring. I can’t wait for the stay at home order to be called back here in New York. There’s way too many things to do and fun places to go (wineries, yes). Staying at home is a blast but all the farm stands and local shops make coming out this far on Long Island so much fun to explore.

Although we were forced to stay at the house and not be out and about, I can’t complain. I am so lucky to call this place home and to call this group my family. I’ll be posting so many guides coming up for things to do on the North Fork. Everyone will have an arsenal of places to eat, vineyards to hang out at, and fun mom and pop shops to visit once we can all safely leave our homes again.

Despite being in a pandemic, I hope everyone had an incredible Easter with friends and family. Stay home until this all passes!

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