2 Hobbies I Found During Quarantine [that can help make you side money]

Being stuck inside for close to 4 weeks now, maybe 5 honestly I can’t keep track, has left a lot of free time on my plate. Anyone that knows me knows that I am constantly on the go and fill every moment possible of my day with either work or travel. With the job market slightly down and job security beginning to dwindle, I have been making sure I have a back up plan and ability to survive should anything happen to my current placement. With so much time to think and sit, I’ve started working on some new projects or hobbies to amuse myself with that can be monetized and grown!

Video Editing | Content Creation | Social Media Management

After creating content on my own Instagram for almost 2 years, I began exploring options on helping other people with theirs! Branding and telling a story have always been front of mind for me, so when I was presented with an opportunity to help a lacrosse club out creating video content for their social platforms and website, I jumped on!

For the past week I have been editing content and creating videos that the organization can use to help engage and grow their audience. The feedback I have been receiving is awesome! In the future this can evolve into a larger, paid role #bossstatus. I’ve even started actively reaching out to brands and companies that can immediately benefit from some Social Media Management on all platforms!

Understanding that my hobby can be monetized and that this expertise is needed by many, is kind of like a mini epiphany. I’m sure we all have expert knowledge and skill in some area that might seem normal to you, but is in urgent need and incredibly valuable to others. We all can provide value in our unique way. Do some digging and see what doors your skillset can open for you. What’s there to lose?

Investing | Day Trading

Yup, I’m gonna be the Wolf of Wall Street any day now. The stock market has been something I understood but never dove into. With time on my hands, what better thing to do then research, read, watch videos on Investing money and learn how to read and forecast stock behavior?

After what seemed to a lifetime of reading up, I began my venture into the stock market. Robinhood is an app I’ve have for over a year but never used it, it’s now my most used app on my phone. It’s beyond easy to use and a great way to learn the ropes when it comes to investing money.

If you don’t have Robinhood I highly recommend downloading it and you can receive a free stock for signing up! You can receive a stock in Facebook, Visa, Snap, Microsoft and more, just by registering here. You don’t need to invest money off the bat and can view stocks by easily searching the company or trading name. They are also going to be releasing a “fractional stock” feature, which will allow you to buy a portion of a stock instead of the entire stock! You can sign up to be on the release list here!

Investing doesn’t interest you? That’s cool! Maybe there’s a different craft or expertise you want to become knowledgable in. Start doing some research. A few articles a day doesn’t take up too much time and who knows what you can earn in dividends from it (see what i did there)!

What Can You Do?

Don’t let this time go to waste. Watching Netflix and binging series is fun, but make sure to use the most of your time to your benefit. Being blessed with time and no ability to leave your house (unless breaking orders) leaves so much room for doubling down on your goals. Start the blog, make the Instagram Account, set up your Shopify store, the time is now! There is always a silver lining in every situation. Despite the craziness happening outside right now, don’t lose hope. Invest the time back in yourself and make the things you always dreamed of happening happen. Fire it up.

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