What an Average Day of Social Distancing Looks Like When Working From Home

Starting a new routine is tough, but it’s starting to click. Today marks the start of week 5 of social distancing for me and I think I’m getting a pretty good grip on my new daily routine. I was putting off really getting into this new groove, but with the latest news reports announcing the Stay at Home order is in effect throughout all of April it’s time to make a more permanent plan.

I am a creature of habit and any change to my routine really throws me off. It took a while to get down to my new normal, but I think I’m finally here for the most part.

I am so incredibly blessed to have a job that allows me to work remotely. Since I took this position last summer, I have been lucky enough to work flexibly which has allowed me to continue going on adventures and continue seeking what makes me most happy. Although similar, this new life of social distancing has eliminated my ability to go to the office and interact with people on a daily basis. That has taken a lot of getting used to and I still don’t like it. I know that everyone is not in this position and my heart goes out to those who may have been furloughed and are stuck in a holding cell until this all passes.

With that being said, my day pretty much revolves around work, but I do my best to really get out and try to not be a sedentary piece of rock. It’s difficult at times to check out from work because I am living and working in the same place, it’s hard to 100% check out at times. I’ve tried to set a schedule that helps me disconnect and stay focus to be the most productive.

Check out my daily schedule while social distancing:

7:15-7:30am = Wake Up

7:30am = Make Breakfast

8:00am – 11:00am = Log on to Work, start going through emails from late last night/early morning. Finalize my task list for the day and start chopping away.

11:00am – 11:45am = I’ll make a quick lunch and either get back to work if I am busy or will go for a 10-15 minute walk mid day. At this point I’ve been sitting for pretty much the entire day and just want to make sure my legs still work.

11:45am – 2:00pm = Log back into work. I typically schedule all my work calls between 12 and 4, I find that I am the most productive and aware during these times. In the morning I like to plan my day and once I get through my administrative tasks, I am ready to take on more demanding tasks on my plate.

2:00pm – 2:20pm = Take 20 minute break to keep productivity high (this is one of my tips to being more productive in all aspects of your life). I am currently staying at home with my family. I chose to stay at my parents house to avoid being alone in my apartment for this time, especially since it has really been unknown on how long this will last. I think it’s necessary to have human interaction and I like to spend as much time with my family as I can. So clearly the choice to come back to New York was a no brainer. I’ll pretty much take this time to hang out with my mom, dad, or my brother, if they aren’t working on in class!

2:20pm -4:00pm = I log back in to work to end the day strong and start finishing up what I started earlier or start taking on my last projects for the day. Having my built-in breaks helps give me a time limit to get things done and I will do my best to set goals for completion, so I can be productive and respect my time working and not working, since it is so easily blurred when both happen in the same place! It also allows me to set realistic goals without burning out.

4:00-4:20 = The last break of my day! Sometimes I’ll skip this but most time I’ll get up and stretch and get ready for the final hours.

4:20-5:45 = The end of the day! By now, I’m either done or nearly done with my tasks for the day. Starting to plan my morning for the next day and go over my work to make sure nothing was missed!

5:45-6pm = I’ll make dinner and eat as soon as I’m done working.

6:45-7:15ish – This is my time to get outside and really distance myself from work. If it’s nice out i’ll head to the local school and play lacrosse, go for a walk, or skateboard around my neighborhood. If I dare run errands, food shopping or CVS, I’ll get that done now. I’ve heard that stores are the busiest in the morning because most get their new shipments overnight. I talked to an employee at Target who said it’s pure chaos when they first open. I was in the store at 7:00pm and was one of 15 people, including staff, in the store. Going out later in the day, if you absolutely must, is strangely peaceful because of the lack of people and lack of anxiety about the current state of the world.

7:15 – 8:15 – Depending on the day, I will either complete a Yoga with Adriene Class or go outside and come up with a quick HIIT workout to do outside. Ending my day with a workout helps me feel less like a lazy human.

8:15 pm = Winding down time. I’ll have tea and relax, then get ready for bed. This is when I check in with my friends, generally have a call or FaceTime with everyone to catch up. During this time I forbid myself from working. My laptop is closed and won’t be opened again until the morning.

9:30pm = Bedtime

Getting used to this new normal is a work in progress. I know I am so lucky to be able to have my job and be able to work during the week. I know many aren’t in the same boat and their days are pretty different than mine. This post isn’t meant to put anyone down, but to just share my experience with social distancing and remote work.

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