6 Reasons to Visit Long Island This Fall Colorful fall leaves on a tree in Long Island New York

6 Reasons to Visit Long Island This Fall

Long Island is notoriously known as a Summer spot and is highly trafficked in between Memorial Day and Labor Day by those who live in New York City. I don’t blame them for coming out this way, Long Island has everything you could want for an epic Summer weekend – the beaches, the relaxation, the amazing restaurants. But once the Summer House leases end, so does a lot of the city-slickers which makes room for the locals! Granted, we the city people come out east to the island, they’re immediately going to the Hamptons or Montauk. There’s a whole lot more in between NYC and the Hamptons, but I’ll leave that for another post.

With the summer Long Island hype dying down and the New York City locals returning to the concrete jungle, it can only mean one thing – Fall is around the corner. Fall on Long Island is very different than summer on Long Island, but just as enjoyable (but for different reasons).

Visiting Long Island in the Fall is the best time to visit, in my opinion. Here are 6 reasons why :

6 Reasons to Visit Long Island This Fall

Fall Activities on the North Fork

This one is pretty much a given and isn’t much of a secret… The North Fork of Long Island is already a packed house in the fall, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be mentioned here. Between all the farm stands, apple picking, pumpkin picking, sunflower fields, corn mazes, and more, the North Fork on Long Island is the ultimate Fall destination on Long Island. Visiting Long Island in the fall means going back home with an endless supply of apples, pumpkins, plenty of local beers & wines, and maybe a pie or two from a local farm stand. The North Fork is very different from the South Fork, which gets most of the notoriety in the Summer season. You’re in for a laid back, relaxing, slow-paced (by New York standards) trip that is very different from the fat paced, party scene of the South Fork during the Summer.

Because of it’s popularity, I’d recommend visiting early in the Fall season. My cousins and I went on Labor Day Weekend 2 years ago, and it was the most enjoyable Fall Trip to the North Fork to date. We went apple picking, went through the corn maze, stopped by the sun flower field, and grabbed some wine at a local vineyard, and most importantly successfully avoided the crowds. Going early means missing out on some of the live music, pumpkins, and more seasonal activities like hay rides and haunted houses, but it is a very small price to pay in order to beat the crowds.

Colder Nights

We all know it will be 70’s / 80’s all the way through September, especially this year with the crazy heat. Nothing beats a warm fall day on the beach, followed by an epic sunset – now throw in that its sweatshirt weather and it’s a perfect night. No more muggy, hot, humid, nights – at least less often. Whether you are at the beach are walking around Sag Harbor, it’s a more enjoyable without getting drenched in sweat from the crazy heat.

There’s just something special about warm days, being able to enjoy all the outdoor activities during the day, like the beach, outdoor dining, hiking and be able to enjoy a nice night with a bonfire and some warm drinks.

Breakfast Foods at Long Island Restaurants

Best Breakfast Spots on Long Island

Looking for the best breakfast on Long Island? Look no further. I’ve put together a list of some the best breakfast places that Suffolk County has to offer. If you are looking for some Long Island brunch spots, this list can double as that too! These are not listed in any order, so you should … Read More

Local Breweries’ Pumpkin Beer

It’s Pumpkin Season – which means pumpkin beer! There are so many Long Island Breweries, located all throughout the Island – from Barrier Brewing Company to Port Jeff Brewing Co. and from St. James Brewery to Moustache Brewing Co. The breweries on Long Island should be it’s own reasons to visit Long Island, but the pumpkin beer is definitely a reason to visit Long Island in the Fall.

I’ve already seen Leaf Pile Ale from Greenport Brewing Company out and about! I spoke to some friends at Port Jeff Brewing Co. and Boo Brew will be hitting the shelves soon. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to plan a brewery tour of Long Island to try out all of the Pumpkin Beers.

Haunted Houses

Although I am a big baby and don’t do haunted houses, there are quite a few incredible haunted houses on Long Island that are worth visiting this Fall. There really is a haunted house for every level of fear you are looking for. Family friend to fearing for you life level scary. ‘ Chambers of Hell ‘ located in Hauppauge, New York continues to be one of the top rated haunted houses in the nation, coming in at #1 in New York State and 39th best haunted house in 2021. Gateway Playhouse always puts on a show with their Drive-Through attraction “Haunted Playhouse,” located in Bellport, New York. Deepwells Farm in Head of the Harbor, New York, adds a historical touch to their haunted house ‘ Haunted Mansion ‘ which adds in a unique element since Deepwells Farm is known for its paranormal activity and real-life ghost encounters that happen year round on the property.

If you’re looking for a great scare this Fall, there’s no need to travel way upstate or into New Jersey or further. There is a plethora of options to visit this Fall on Long Island!

Long Island Coffee Shops, Patchogue Coffee Shops, Garden City Coffee Shop, Nassau County Coffee Shop, Suffolk County Coffee Shop, Smithtown Coffe Shop, Long Island's Best Coffee, Coffee on Long Island, Coffee in Suffolk County

5 Must-Visit Long Island Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops are my go-to spots – morning, afternoon, or night! Back when Covid-19 wasn’t a thing, you could find me posted up at a local coffee shop working on this blog or some of my work projects. The atmosphere is always so welcoming and they are all decorated so cute. It’s safe to safe … Read More

Hikes to See Beautiful Fall Foliage

Being in the Northeast means all 4 seasons! Getting to see the leaves change color is such a highlight on the Fall on Long Island. Visiting Long Island in the Fall is a great time to really take in the changing of the seasons. The leaves changing mixed with the serene landscape is a recipe for the perfect Fall vision. There is way too many hiking trails to list, but all have their own unique view of the Fall Foliage – especially those that run near the water on either the north or south shore. There’s something very special about seeing the reds, yellows, and oranges in the tress right next to the water line. From Nassau County to Suffolk County, the fall foliage is on display.

One of my favorite hiking spots is Avalon Preserve in Stony Brook, New York. The rich history of Stony Brook is attractive in its own right, but the amazing walk through nature, especially in the Fall, is worth visiting.

Locals Only

The best part of Fall on Long Island is that it is mainly just the locals! Visiting Long Island in the Fall is a great time to take in everything Long Island has to offer without all the commercialized, tourist-trappy, Instagram clout chasing, parts of the Summer that make it all seem in-authentic. At the end of the day Long Island is an amazing place to visit Year-round, no matter the season. Long Island can get a bad reputation in the summer, especially with all the negativity press around the $90 chicken fingers this summer. Once all the summer craziness slows down, the beauty of Long Island really shines. Enjoying Long Island as the locals do is the best way to really immerse yourself in the amazing place that I am lucky to call home.

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Blue 1976 BMW 2002 in light blue restored driving in Port Jefferson New York on a summer night in August

The Perfect Port Jefferson Date Night

After what has been (and honestly continues to be) the world’s most crazy and hectic summer, Ian and I finally found some time to enjoy a much needed unplanned date night. Last weekend was really no different from the rest of the insane weekends we’ve been doing all summer ( Pittsburgh, New Jersey, Birthday Weekends, Lacrosse Tournaments, anything you can think of we’re had on our calendar this summer), considering we had a Bat Mitzvah and a Guyanese Wedding to attend, but we somehow managed to get a few hours to spend together in Port Jefferson for a date night on Saturday.

Every weekend has been regimented, there’s been so much to get done that the only way to fit everything in is to make wild schedules – wake up at this time, be ready to leave by 9, stop at Target or CVS, grab a quick lunch, off to the next event, try to catch a breath, drive another hour, get to the restaurant for dinner, get home at 1am and set your alarm to wake up at 6am… It’s been more stressful than relaxing, even with my amazing Summer Fridays from work. When we found a few hours on Saturday Night that weren’t accounted for, we immediately knew that a spontaneous, no thought, low-key date night was needed.

We didn’t want anything crazy, just a simple night – no fancy restaurant, no crazy traveling involved, just a low-key night spent together. Jumping in Ian’s cute little BMW 2002 and heading over to Port Jefferson was the obvious choice!

The Perfect Port Jefferson Date Night


Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/slurp_ramen_usa/

We wanted low-key, but we also wanted great food that doesn’t break the bank – Slurp it was. Located right in town, we were able to find a parking spot super close so there was no need to drive around like crazy trying to find something. Parking in Port Jefferson is notoriously difficult, but we had no issue finding a solid spot on the side of the road without having to go into any of the parking lots. We started off with Bao Buns for an appetizer. For Dinner, Ian got the Vegan Slurp Ramen and I got the Spicy Slurp. Both were pretty damn good and I would absolutely get them again.

Vegan Ramen and Spicy Ramen at Slurp Ramen in Port Jefferson New York

After Dinner Drinks

Port Jeff Brewing Company
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/portjeffbrewing/

A short walk across the way from Slurp leads you to Port Jeff Brewing Co. It was the perfect night to sit outside and Port Jeff Brewing had tons of outdoor seating, for all different sizes of groups. There was no live music when we went on Saturday, but they had a schedule up for all the days bands would be coming to play. There were dates throughout September, so even after Summer officially ends you can still enjoy outdoor entertainment. We were hoping to grab a Sour at Port Jeff Brewing because its out latest obsession, unfortunately they were sold out BUT we did get the amazing news that are going to be releases Boo! Brew soon!!

Walk by the Water

I really wish I took more pictures of the night because it was the best weather possible. We decided to keep the night rolling, and walk off the ramen, by heading down the water. We head past Danfords and made our way down to the Port Jefferson Visitors Center. The lit path was a perfect walk to the “beach” area – it was late at this point but you wouldn’t of guessed it purely based by the amount of people who were also out and about. We made our way past the #PJBIGCHAIR and naturally had to get a picture of Ian… He’s 6’6″ but by the picture you can barely tell.

Walking by the Water in port jefferson new york taking a photo break in the #pjbigchair a giant blue adironack chair on the walking path

We rested by the Big Chair for a bit enjoying the live music that could be heard from Danfords. After a couple Billy Joel singalongs and some boat watching, we decided to call it a night. It was a blast just heading out to Port Jefferson without a plan for a low-key date night. There were so many great spots to choose from but our little date night in Port Jefferson was perfect for us!

If you’re thinking about a spontaneous date night on Long Island, Port Jefferson is a great spot to pick!

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7 Things You Must DO Before Visiting Fire Island new York, beach house on fire island in new york

7 Things You Must Do Before You Go to Fire Island, New York

Living on Long Island means you pretty much live where other people vacation. It took me my almost 30 years of life, and living in another state, to really come to terms with that and realize what a great place to live Long Island is. There’s so much to do, including go to my favorite place, Fire Island.

Located just south of Long Island, it’s a short ferry or boat ride from the mainland, but provides picture perfect ocean views, adorable restaurants & shops, and everything you would want in a quaint beach town. Before you go to fire island, here are some things you need to know and prepare for!

7 Things You Must Do Before You Go to Fire Island, New York

1. Research the Different Towns

There are so many different places you can go in Fire Island – Kismet, Davis Park, Ocean Beach, just to name a few! Each have their own quirks and charms. It’s important to know that each town is different, some have more restaurants than others, some have stricter beach rules than others, some are much more expensive than others… Do you research to make sure you are going to the best spot for your trip. Trust me, there are very different places you should be going for family trips with children or for bachelorette parties.

2. Book Hotels/Rentals in Wayyyyy Advance

Knowing how small the island is and how dedicated people are to returning to the same place the same week every single year, it’s important to get ahead of the rental game. Not only is booking in advance helpful for getting good rates and the exact dates that you want, but also good properties. Like the towns, not all hotels/rental houses are created equal. Some are brand new fully gut-renovated mansions (that come with a hefty price tag), while others are quaint small 1-bedroom bungalows. Locking in your accommodations early is also important because popular dates fill up quickly!!

3. Get a Beach Cart

I know I mentioned this in a previous point, but the beach cart needs its own blurb. Because there are no cars, you only mode of transportation is your feet or a bike. While most ferries don’t allows bikes on the boat over, you are looking at walking with all of your belongings to your house. If it is close to the ferry dock, you’re in luck. If not, you may be setting yourself up for failure without one. There are plenty of places where you can rent beach carts, but you can also pick up one of your own. The one linked is from Amazon, so all my last-minute shoppers, you can have this in two days! They aren’t too expensive and if you’re a beach person, this will itself off in no time.

4. Pack Everything You Need, and More!!

Fire Island is a small island with no cars. The only way to access is by boat, which means it costs a decent amount to import food, water, clothes, sunscreen, toiletries, and everything we take for granted on the main land. Mark ups are incredibly high and because its such a small island, theres typically only 1 maybe 2 stores where you can get what you need – which means they can charge whatever they want. To avoid spending a large chunk of your spending money on water and food, liberally pack these items with you! Make sure to stock your beach cart and coolers full, the ferries do a great job of helping you load and unload all your belongings!

5. Buy Bathing Suits

You will be living in bathing suits. Whether you are walking to the beach, tanning, or grabbing food, chances are you’ll be in a bathing suit and a cover up. It honestly may be the only outfit you have to pack! Everything is super casual on the island. You can obviously get dressed up and be fancy, but you risk sticking out like a sore thumb! This is an incredibly laid-back island, remember that.

6. Research the Laws of the Town you are Visiting

Another one that was briefly mentioned before. Each town has their own laws, some are more strict than others and most have different rules. The last thing you want is to get in trouble on Fire Island. That would mean another trip back at a later date for court and a typically hefty fine. These towns are also historically known for being very strict when it comes to the rules. At the end of the day, Fire Island is a small island and the owners, police, and regulars like to keep the towns peaceful and free of trouble, so the police will intervene to uphold the rules. That’s why it is important to know the rules before you go, some are kinda ridiculous but you still need to abide by them! I guess it’s a locals only kinda thing…

7. Get Ready for an Awesome Trip & Start Planning for Next Year

Once you go to Fire Island, you will want to go back. There is so much charm to the island and really makes you forget about all the stress and problems on the main-island. Make sure you fully disconnect to really make the most of your trip to Fire Island!

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Breakfast Foods at Long Island Restaurants

Best Breakfast Spots on Long Island

Looking for the best breakfast on Long Island? Look no further. I’ve put together a list of some the best breakfast places that Suffolk County has to offer. If you are looking for some Long Island brunch spots, this list can double as that too!

These are not listed in any order, so you should absolutely try them all. I stuck to Breakfast spots in Suffolk County for now, maybe I’ll make one for Nassau County too?

If you’re looking for Long Island Coffeeshops, don’t forget to check out my blog listing some of the best!

Maureen’s Kitchen

108 Terry Road, Smithtown, New York
Monday – Friday : 7am – 2pm
Saturday – Sunday : 7am – 1:45pm


101 E. Main Street, Smithotwn, New York

Sunday – Saturday : 7am – 3pm

Sweet Mama’s

Northport : 9 Alsace Place, Northport, New York

Sunday – Saturday : 8am – 8pm

Stony Brook : 121 Main Street, Stony Brook, New York

Sunday – Saturday : 9am – 8pm


Kings Park : 2 Pulaski Rd, Kings Park, New York

Monday : 8am – 3pm
Tuesday – Thursday : 8am – 8pm
Friday – Saturday : 8am – 9pm
Sunday : 8am – 7pm

Hauppauge : 551 Hauppauge Rd, Hauppauge, New York

Monday – Tuesday : 8am – 3pm
Wednesday – Thursday : 8am – 8:30pm
Friday – Saturday : 8am – 9pm
Sunday : 8am – 7pm


286 Main St, Huntington, New York

Monday – Friday : 8am – 3pm
Saturday – Sunday : 7am – 4pm

The Shed

Huntington : 54 New Street, Huntington, New York

Monday – Thursday : 11am – 10pm
Friday : 11am – 11pm
Saturday : 9am – 11pm
Sunday : 9am – 9pm

West Sayville : 21 Main Street, West Sayville, New York

Monday – Thursday : 11am – 10pm
Friday : 11am – 11pm
Saturday : 9am – 11pm
Sunday : 9am – 9pm


West Islip : 306 Union Blvd, West Islip, New York

Monday – Saturday : 7:30 am – 3:30pm
Sunday : 7:30am – 3:00pm

Amityville : 55 Merrick Road, Amityville, New York

Monday – Saturday : 7:30 am – 3:30pm
Sunday : 7:30am – 3:00pm

Centereach : 1759 Middle Country Rd, Centereach, New York

Monday – Saturday : 7:30 am – 3:30pm
Sunday : 7:30am – 3:00pm

East Northport : 361 Larkfield Road, East Northport, New York

Monday – Saturday : 7:30 am – 3:30pm
Sunday : 7:30am – 3:00pm

Toast Coffeehouse

Port Jefferson : 242 East Main Street, Port Jefferson, New York

Monday – Friday : 8am – 3pm
Saturday – Sunday : 7:30am – 3:30pm

Patchouge : 46 East Main Street, Patchouge, New York

Monday – Friday : 8am – 3pm
Saturday – Sunday : 7:30am – 3:30pm

Bay Shore : 9 South Avenue, Bay Shore, New York

Monday – Friday : 8am – 3pm
Saturday – Sunday : 7:30am – 3:30pm

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Long Island Summer, Summer on Long Island, Activities on Long Island, Long Island Local

10 Things To Do On Long Island Before The End of Summer

It’s the words that no one on Long Island wants to hear, “summer is almost over.” We wait all year for these three months, just to have them disappear shortly after they’ve finally arrived. With the sun setting before 8pm again, it’s tough to deny it but Fall will be here before we know it.

Don’t forget to check out my last post on Summer Essentials!

Summer on Long Island is the absolutely best and cannot be matched. It really flies by every year. I’m happy I was able to make it out east, to Fire Island, and also to New York City. I swear, having all of those options right at your finger tips is what makes living on Long Island so great. With Fall approaching, there’s plenty more amazing things to do, but before we get there – here’s 10 things to do before the sun sets on sweet Summertime :

1. Go to A Concert At Jones Beach Theatre

Concerts are back and just in time for the end of Summer! Between the recent shows of Incubus and Taking Back Sunday – the fun is never ending over at the Jones Beach Theatre. Pack your coolers and get ready to tailgate until the sun goes down! The best part of tailgating for concerts at Jones Beach is meeting all the other people who made the trip. You really meet some of the nicest humans from all over Long Island and beyond. Not to mention the actual concert is a blast – Listening to your favorite artists with the most picturesque backdrop just can’t be beat.

Check Out the Line-Up for Concerts at the Jones Beach Theatre!

2. Grab a Drink at Surf Shack

Located right off Ocean Parkway at Tobay Beach, in technically Massapequa, Surf Shack is exactly what it promises – a “Flip Flop Coastal Kitchen.” With great food and drinks this is a great spot to just relax and hang with friends or family. It’s not a bad place to catch a sunset or live out the last few days of summer. There’s also great live music!

Check Out Surf Shack’s Menu!

3. Have a Weekend Getaway on the North Forth

The North Fork of Long Island is the ultimate summer getaway. Staying away from the craziness of the Hamptons, the North Fork gives heavy stay-cation vibes with a big classy energy. Between exploring the wineries, cider house, and vodka distillery and shopping local at all the adorable farm stands, there are plenty of incredible restaurants waiting for you. Book an airbnb or stay at a quaint Bed and Breakfast to kick start an amazing summer getaway on the Northfork. Southhold, Greenport, and even Jamesport are great towns to spend a relaxing weekend!

4. Drive on Ocean Parkway During Sunset

This is for all my car lovers out there – There’s no better view of a Long Island sunset than the one from Ocean Parkway. With water on both sides, you get all the feels of summer from the comfort of your own vehicle. Roll down the windows and enjoy the breeze of ocean air. Looking to get out of your house and escape? Try this out. It’s a great little drive that will make you feel beyond content and ready to take on the next day!

5. Go For a Walk on The Jones Beach Boardwalk

There’s something about the South Shore Beaches – the ocean, the atmosphere, and the energy. Head down to the Jones Beach Boardwalk for a nice evening of relaxation and ocean views! When the beach goers start to leave, the craziness dies down and walking along the boardwalk you have the best views of the sunset. They recently added brand new volleyball courts, bocce ball courts, and little mini tennis courts. You can rent equipment and play or bring your own. There’s even a bird walk portion of the boardwalk. You can break off the main path and walk above the dunes to see all the wildlife that life in the area – great for kids and nature lover’s of all ages! Walking on the Jones Beach Boardwalk is not just a walk, there’s so much to do and so much to see. A must for any end of summer activity to do on Long Island.

6. Enjoy a Glass of Wine at Del Vino’s Vineyard in Northport

Don’t feel like driving in Hamptons traffic to head out east to grab a great glass of wine? Not a problem – Make a stop at Del Vino in Northport. Nestled away from major roads and Northport’s Main Street, when you are at Del Vino you are really taking a break from it all (Not like you really need to it’s not like we live in New York City)! With a wide array of wine and local beer to choose from, Del Vino is a great place to decompress after a tough work week. In my opinion, it is the perfect Long Island Summer date spot – so make your reservation and enjoy the end of summer at the vineyard!

7. Enjoy a Fishing Trip on a Boat Out of Captree

End your Long Island summer the right way with a fishing trip in the bay heading out of Captree! You can charter a boat yourself with a group of friends or family, or join in on a boat with other’s. Getting out to fish is easy on these charters, whether you’re a seasoned vet or a rookie. Historically these boats leave pretty early in the morning, so pack your lunch plenty of sunscreen and water and get ready for a day of fishing! If you get lucky you might even have some dinner to take home. For you night owls, there are also plenty of charters that leave in the evening. Regardless of when you choose to go, fishing out of Captree is a fun adventure to end summer for any group of friends of family!

8. Have a Beer at Port Jeff Brewery

Consider this some extra peer pressure to get get a Pier Pressure from Port Jeff Brewery. With an outdoor deck and plenty of seating, this brewery is the perfect spot to end a nice summer night. Between the amazing beer and amazing people, there’s not much else to want! Keep an eye out for dates where live music is playing – if you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Port Jeff Brewery has a great location right in the center of town – grab a beer before or after dinner, or run across the way and grab Ice Cream or Ralph’s! A quick trip to the Port Jeff Brewery can become a whole day outing in no time.

9. Spend a Day at the Beach at Robert Moses

A classic Long Island Beach Day is a staple of summer. Load up the car, grad lunch from the deli, pack the chairs and towels and head down to the south shore and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean at Robert Moses State Park. If you haven’t made it to the beach yet this summer, this is your sign to go make it happen.

* Pro Tip – pack sweat shirts and blankets and enjoy the sunset before packing up to head home!

10. Get Some Ice Cream from Kith Treats at Manhasset Americana

The original cereal infused ice cream? Sign me up. I may be excited to post this because I just recently found out this location existed. I used to plan city trips around getting this incredible ice cream, but not any more thanks to this great little location that is attached to Hirschleifers at Manhasset Americana. Pick between chocolate or vanilla ice cream in either a cup or shake and add your favorite toppings. They also have a menu to select from if you can’t make up your mind. My go to is “The Wifey” – something about the Nutella drizzle makes it the best thing on the entire menu. Plus they do collaborations with public figures so keep an eye out for new items added to the menu!

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Driving Your Car on the Beach, Long Island Drive on beach, Jeep wrangle on off road beach on long island new york

Drive-On Beach Packing List – Summer 2022

Living on Long Island means epic beach trips. In my opinion the best beaches are the drive-on beaches. Not having to lug a beach cart and half of your life’s belongings to the beach is a godsend. Drive on – unload. Pack up – Drive off. It’s that simple.

I’ve laid out the requirements for the Drive-On Beach, for permits and safety preparations & required equipment, in previous blogs. This list is just for the fun part, enjoying the beach!

Here’s my list of must haves for the Drive-On Beach. It’s a pretty good list for non-drive-on beaches too, so check it out!

Beach Tent

Pop-Up Tent

Camping Toilet

Portable Hammock

Sand Cloud Towels

Folding Side Tables

Yeti Cooler

Now that you have your go-to’s, it’s time to enjoy the beach. If you’re living on Long Island or not, I hope this list can give you some inspiration for your own beach set up!

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Boy standing at the ocean line on Long Island in the city of Long Beach. Living in Long Beach.

Living in Long Beach | LBNY

In my crazy nomadic life, I’m finally able to call Long Beach (not California) home. I’ve been here for almost 9 months now, and am really mad at myself for not making this happen sooner. There’s just something really special about living at the beach and still having the city a stone’s throw away. I’ve kind of been all over the map on where I lived, from Boston to Eastern Long Island, but I’m really glad I landed on Long Beach.

Why I decided Living in Long Beach was the best option.

There were a couple defining moments that took place in 2021 that really solidified LBNY as the place to call home.

  1. I got a new job in Manhattan!

    At the time I accepted my new job offer, there was a lot of uncertainty around the return to office post-covid. My house hunt actually started in NYC. I was honestly one signature away from locking in a 1-bed in Gramercy Park, and I’m glad I decided to second guess it. After finding out my company would not be requiring employees to be in-office, I saw this an my opportunity to expand my search. With the rental market in the city exploding and prices going crazy, I went back to the island to search!
  2. Fully Flexible Work

    I wanted to be somewhere that is close enough to the city where I could commute in if necessary, and have plenty of train options to do so. Living in Long Beach was a no-brainer at this point. I found this cute table for my balcony and I live here working every day. You really can’t beat it!!
  3. Cost of Living

    This one might sound crazy – but when you’ve been searching for shoebox apartments in Manhattan, LBNY rent doesn’t look that bad. Based on my budget and calculations, I’m saving over 120% on rent, parking, and utilities by living in Long Beach. …Not to mention I have the beach a couple feet from my door step, private outdoor space, and a garage. Manhattan just doesn’t have that for a mildly reasonable price.
  4. Summer Beach Volleyball

    Even while living in Boston, I was playing beach volleyball in Long Beach. Yes, I commuted and Yes, it’s ridiculous that I did that. Knowing I spend so much time here in the summer, it just made sense to get a place here because it really checked all the boxes. There was really no other option than living in Long Beach
Long Beach New York, Living in Long Beach, LBNY, Moving from Manhattan to Long Beach, Moving to Long Beach New York, Long Beach Not California, Beach Volleyball being played in Long Beach new york

Living in Long Beach

I heard so many rumors about living in Long Beach. Being a born and raised Long Islander, you always hear of Long Beach being the place to go if you don’t want to grow up. It absolutely had a reputation for partying. Let’s set a few things straight about living in Long Beach….

  1. It’s not as young as you would think…

    “I’m too old for Long Beach.” I think I said that when I was 25… and now I’m 31 enjoying everything single day in Long Beach. Yes, there are young crowds and pockets of recent college graduates, but by no means is Gen Z running around the streets and causing a scene. Quite frankly, the price it costs to live here, strict rental requirements, and sky-rocketing rent are definitely keeping younger renters from securing a place (but this is true throughout Long Island, not just Long Beach). Moral of the story is there is a ton of different people living in Long Beach – if you live here you are pretty much guaranteed to find your crew, your people circle.
  2. It’s very clique-y

    Long Beachers are a clique. If you manage to break into a pre-existing group in Long Beach, consider yourself lucky. It was really helpful for me to have my friend group foundation that I made through 3 years of Beach Volleyball here, but moving here with friends or making friends with other new Long Beachers is helpful!
  3. It’s easy to become a regular

    Long Beach is smaller than you think. Going on walks on the boardwalk or frequenting the local shops and restaurants means seeing the same faces time and time again. People start to recognize you quick, just because you’re new and then because you’re always around. This helps break the clique-iness you feel when you first move here. If I could give one piece of advice to someone moving to Long Beach, get outside and really explore everything this town has. It’s the best way to meet people!
  4. It’s an incredibly active city

    Do not move to lbny if you are a slug. Everyone is always out and about! I’ve found it so easy to be active. I went from a dedicated indoor Peloton rider (which I still am) to going on daily bike rides on the boardwalk. Big shoutout to my adorable beach cruiser!! There’s tons of run clubs, beach yoga meet-ups, and beach volleyball. No matter the weather, you can see people walking, running, skating, and biking on the boardwalk. It’s honestly pretty hard to stay inside when you live on the beach, so it makes sense. Realistically, when you commit to living in Long Beach, you’re pretty much committing to a very active lifestyle.
  5. Parking sucks. Get a bike.

    If you are lucky enough to have a driveway, garage, or parking spot, consider yourself blessed, especially in the West End. If you find a parking spot near your place, take it. Leave your car for as long as possible and ride your bike everywhere. The speed limits are super low and the police are super strict, so driving here in general is annoying. Biking to the beach, the bar, the grocery store, really anywhere is the norm around here. If you don’t have a bike and are interested in living in long beach, check out this cute beach cruiser!
  6. There’s awesome nightlife

    There are a lot of bars and they all are super low-key. It’s a beach town after all, so don’t think you’re getting NYC clubs. There’s some younger party spots and theres some laid back restaurants with great drink menus. Whatever your vibe, there’s a spot for you. There’s also great happy hour specials, bingo, trivia, and more at most (if not all) bars. From living in Long Beach, you’ll learn which spots are for younger crowds, or even the times they become spots from younger crowds. It helps navigate that rumor of Long Beach being a super young town.
  7. There’s nothing better than living on the beach

    I went through some shitty days last year and living in Long Beach really helped turn that around. There’s really something special about walking down the street and being on the sand. It sounds so sappy, but it really makes you not worry about the little stuff that can bug you. Living in Long Beach is just fun. It’s hard to be in a bad mood here. From experience, I’ll go to the city to work in the office for a day, I’ll get stressed out from work and just dealing with the hustle and bustle of the city, come back to Long Beach and just have a instant mood change. I’m incredibly lucky to live here and call Long Beach home.
Beach Cruiser on the beach

Living in Long Beach Forever?

As the 1 year mark of living in Long Beach approaches, I think about if this is a forever kind of place. Quite frankly, right now I can’t see myself leaving. From having lived in the city and the suburbs, I really have to say that Long Beach does a great job of giving both burb and city vibes. It’s a healthy combo of both, then throw in the beach, the good vibes, and all the fun things to do, it’s deadly combination of being a very awesome place to live. Do I see myself living in Long Beach forever? I absolutely could but it’s hard to tell what the future will hold!

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Long Beach New York West End Block in Summer 2022, Beach Summer 2022

My Favorite Things – Summer 2022

Took a break from my hot girl walk to clue you in on my Summer 2022 Essentials. This isn’t just any Summer Essentials List, this is everything that I swear by. Living in Long Beach, New York, I am blessed to live in the city by the sea and get to enjoy all things this incredible beach town has to offer. I think I’ve mentioned it so many times on this blog, but a Long Island Summer is the best summer. You really can’t beat it.

If you’re going on a beach vacation, heading down to the shore for a month-long getaway, or even just prepping for a day trip to the beach, this list is for you. Make Summer 2022 the best summer yet with all of these must-haves in your beach cart!

For all my girlies with summer birthdays (or friends with summer birthdays) – this has some great ideas and can act as a Summer Birthday Gift List for sure!

Summer 2022 Must Haves

Hydro Flask

Did you drink enough water today? Probably not if you don’t have this amazing Hydro Flask water bottle with straw lid! One of my 2022 resolutions was to drink more water and this little water bottle has helped me stay true. It is also incredible during! It handles my work commute to the cities (when I head into the office), late afternoon beach trips after work, and is perfect for beach volleyball & gym trips. Stay hydrated this summer!

Schwinn Beach Cruiser

If you’ve been trying to find a cute beach cruiser, that’s durable and tough, this here is for you! Living in a beach town means that I live on my beach cruiser all summer long (Summer 2022, Year of the beach cruise? Yup.). From morning coffee runs to sunset cruises on the boardwalk – this beach cruiser is both fun and practical. Let’s be real, we know parking is always a disaster in beach towns during the summer, so a bike is your best bet to travel places quickly and not have to worry about parking. This Beach Cruiser has the cutest colors, I went with off white and a tan seat! Don’t forget to outfit it with a cute basket and cup holder!!


Don’t hate me for this. Crocs are the ultimate outdoor shoes that you leave by your front door to slip on – they’re the summer Clugg (Clog + Ugg = Clugg), which everyone knows is my favorite.

Amazon Tank 4 Pack

This, Has. Saved. Me. From coaching lacrosse in the 90 degree heat to my daily morning bike rides, these tank tops are perfect for all summer outings. I’ve never been an Amazon Clothing girl, but Summer 2022 has changed me. These come in a few different options for colors – My favorite is the black, white, gray, and pastel green set. When I say I wear these all the time, I literally live in them. The quality is better than you’d expect, but let’s be real you aren’t buying lululemon, so don’t expect that! This is a Summer 2022 Wardrobe Essential is my book.

Summer 2022 Starbucks Tumbler

Judge me all you want for this, but I love all Starbucks cups and will pay the price for them. Lucky you all I found this one on sale and it’s just so pretty you’ll have to get it. I’ve been using this for water (hydration goals) and for the iced dirty chais I’ve been making in the morning.

Summer 2022 Beach Essentials

Sand Cloud Towels

Whoever invented these is a genius. If you’re a skeptic, you shouldn’t be. They really do work. Sand falls off of them. Water repells. They also fold up to virtually nothing, so transporting them to or from the beach is easy, they can fit in any sized beach bag or chair!

Tommy Bahama Chair

If you don’t have a Tommy Bahama are you even really going to the beach?

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is my beach activity of choice, so this one makes total sense when it’s here! Having some sort of beach activity is a must – some other great ones are Spike Ball, classic football, and of course can jam!

JBL Split Portable Speaker

We all love music when hanging at the beach – bringing a speaker is the best! Just immediately picks up the good vibes. (Don’t forget a portable charger too! Playing music drains phones batteries). I went with the JBL because of the reputation and how durable it is – I can thrown it in my beach bag with all of my stuff and not have to worry about it, even if it drops on the floor I know it’ll be ok. Also, Summer 2022 Resolution – Play music at a reasonable volume and don’t disrupt everyone around you!

Hemlock Hat

This hat has been an absolute game changed for me since I got my first one in 2019. Not only are the patterns incredible, but these hats fit so well. No need to worry about the wind blowing it away! And for the girls who don’t like to tan their face, this casts the perfect amount of shade to make sure you skin is safe from the UV rays.

So there you have it! All of my Summer 2022 Essentials, my favorite things. My Favorite Summer Things if you must! Let me know what some of your essentials are in the comments!

Long Island Winter, Long Island Snow, Long Island Activities, Long Island Winter Activities, Long Island Snow Day, Snowing on Long Island, Snow Day Activities Long Island, Things to do on Long Island

The Best Long Island Snow Day Activities

We finally got our first real snowstorm of the season on Long Island! The first snowstorm always gets two different reactions – “Wow, this is amazing!” or “What the hell is this?” …I typically find myself leaning towards the latter, but this winter am going to embrace the snow and the season more.

Living on Long Island, we have the luxury of experiencing ever single season. Nothing beats a Long Island summer, but a Long Island winter isn’t that bad! When there is snow, the amazing views get more beautiful than ever before (which is tough to do)! The next time it snows on Long Island, think about embracing the colder weather instead of wishing it was warmer out.

With a decent amount of snow on the ground that accumulated over night – I put together a list of things to do when Long Island has a Snow Day. I hope this helps all my fellow Long Islanders embrace the snow and snow days!

Read a New Book

While the snow is picking up outside, there’s not better time to pick up a new book, cuddle up, and read! Make a cup of tea or hot chocolate, wrap yourself up in a blanket and settle down for the impending snow. (Or no snow, we know that Long Island Weather on the news has a history or being consistently inaccurate)

Need a book suggestions? Check out some of today’s best sellers! :

Midnight Sun
The Return
The Searcher

Bake Something New

Not feeling the sit down and read vibes? Then try baking something new. Making cookies in the winter is a great way to pass time and try something new. Also baking fills the house with amazing scents of fresh cookies, brownies, or baked goods. Baking something on a snow day keeps your taste buds and your nose happy!

Host a Virtual Zoom Hang Out With Friends

It gets lonely being stuck in your house all day – it may seem nice at first, but after a while not interacting with anyone gets a bit, stale. We learned quite a few things during the global pandemic and one that will stay for a while is that video conferencing has so many uses! Schedule a virtual zoom hang out for you and you friends who also may be snowed in. Try hosting a happy hour, bingo, trivia, or movie watch party! It takes minutes to set up and bring hours worth of laughter and joy.

Netflix Binge

If you’re really trying to embrace the introvert vibes this snow day, hunker down and get lost in a binge-worthy Netflix series! It’s snowing out and you can’t go anywhere so stay in side! Throw on your favorite sweats or pajamas and get comfy. I don’t know about you, but having a day to just relax and do nothing sounds amazing since I’ve been non-stop working for what seems to be the entire year!

Shovel The Driveway

This might not be the best Long Island snow day activity, but it definitely a necessary one. Getting the snow off your car and driveway ASAP is so important. Failing to do so can lead to ice forming on the driveway, walk way, and freezing on your car. If you fail to do this, your snow day might turn into a snow few days or weeks. Even though it is not the most fun shoveling your driveway, it really is one of the best snow day activities that you could do.


Getting outside during a snowstorm is so much fun! Channel your inner-child, grab your sled and head out to your local spot for sledding. I find that golf courses and high schools typically have some great spots to go sledding on Long Island! Not only do you get out of the house and get some fresh air but you also get to get active and have a little fun. Just because its cold and snowy doesn’t mean you always have to stay indoors.

Walk On a Boardwalk After The Snow Stops

Whats more beautiful than looking outside your window to seeing snow? Being to the beach and seeing the sand covered in fresh white snow. Head over to Long Beach or maybe Sunken Meadow State Park and walk on the boardwalk while taking in the amazing view. Getting active, while not actually playing in the snow, is possible – and we’re on Long Island so why not add in the water? If there’s no boardwalk near you, head to the beach (we know they are only 20 minutes away from you at all times on Long Island) and check out the amazing sights.

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Long Island Coffee Shops, Patchogue Coffee Shops, Garden City Coffee Shop, Nassau County Coffee Shop, Suffolk County Coffee Shop, Smithtown Coffe Shop, Long Island's Best Coffee, Coffee on Long Island, Coffee in Suffolk County

5 Must-Visit Long Island Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops are my go-to spots – morning, afternoon, or night! Back when Covid-19 wasn’t a thing, you could find me posted up at a local coffee shop working on this blog or some of my work projects. The atmosphere is always so welcoming and they are all decorated so cute. It’s safe to safe that overall coffee shops make me calm, comfortable, and extra productive – plus a good cup a coffee? How could some body for wrong!?

Long Island is home to some amazing coffee spots, with new ones opening up seemingly every month! It can be tough to pick one – but you don’t have to! If you need to hear this, go try them all. Drive around Nassau County and Suffolk County and stop by all the cute coffee shops on Long Island. It’ll be worth it!

So, if you’re on Long Island looking for a new Coffee Shop to call home or maybe even looking for a nice date spot – this list is for you! There’s no better time than right now to support local small businesses. So while things are all open and there is still some slightly warmish weather (I’m trying to be optimistic here people), take a trip to one of these great spots to get your caffeine fix. Your taste buds, and your Instagram feed, will thank you.

Here are 5 great Coffee Shops on Long Island you have to visit.

Rise and Grind | Patchogue, NY

Address : 240 E Main Street, Patchogue, NY 11772
Hours : Coffee Bar 8am – 3pm
Kitchen 8am – 2pm M-F, 8am-3pm Sat & Sun
Lunch 11am – 2pm M-F

Soul Brew | Saint James, NY

Address : 556 N Country Rd, St James, NY 11780
Hours : 7am – 4pm Every Day

Crazy Beans | Stony Brook, NY

Address : 97 Main St, Stony Brook, NY 11790
Hours : 8am – 4pm Every Day

Karmic Grind | Locust Valley, NY

Address : 2 Birch Hill Rd, Locust Valley, NY 11560
Hours : 7am – 4:30pm Every Day

The French Workshop | Garden City, NY

Address : 191 7th St, Garden City, NY 11530
Hours : 7am – 9pm M-Th
7am – 10pm Fri
8am – 10pm Sat
8am – 9pm Sun

Where are you favorite coffee shops? Let me know!

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