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10 Things To Do On Long Island Before The End of Summer

It’s the words that no one on Long Island wants to hear, “summer is almost over.” We wait all year for these three months, just to have them disappear shortly after they’ve finally arrived. With the sun setting before 8pm again, it’s tough to deny it but Fall will be here before we know it.

Summer on Long Island is the absolutely best and cannot be matched. It really flies by every year. I’m happy I was able to make it out east, to Fire Island, and also to New York City. I swear, having all of those options right at your finger tips is what makes living on Long Island so great. With Fall approaching, there’s plenty more amazing things to do, but before we get there – here’s 10 things to do before the sun sets on sweet Summertime :

1. Go to A Concert At Jones Beach Theatre

Concerts are back and just in time for the end of Summer! Between the recent shows of Jason Aldean and Jimmy Buffet – the fun is never ending over at the Jones Beach Theatre. Pack your coolers and get ready to tailgate until the sun goes down! The best part of tailgating for concerts at Jones Beach is meeting all the other people who made the trip. You really meet some of the nicest humans from all over Long Island and beyond. Not to mention the actual concert is a blast – Listening to your favorite artists with the most picturesque backdrop just can’t be beat.

Check Out the Line-Up for Concerts at the Jones Beach Theatre!

2. Grab a Drink at Surf Shack

Located right off Ocean Parkway at Tobay Beach, in technically Massapequa, Surf Shack is exactly what it promises – a “Flip Flop Coastal Kitchen.” With great food and drinks this is a great spot to just relax and hang with friends or family. It’s not a bad place to catch a sunset or live out the last few days of summer.

Check Out Surf Shack’s Menu!

3. Have a Weekend Getaway on the North Forth

The North Fork of Long Island is the ultimate summer getaway. Staying away from the craziness of the Hamptons, the North Fork gives heavy stay-cation vibes with a big classy energy. Between exploring the wineries, cider house, and vodka distillery and shopping local at all the adorable farm stands, there are plenty of incredible restaurants waiting for you. Book an airbnb or stay at a quaint Bed and Breakfast to kick start an amazing summer getaway on the Northfork. Southhold, Greenport, and even Jamesport are great towns to spend a relaxing weekend!

4. Drive on Ocean Parkway During Sunset

This is for all my car lovers out there – There’s no better view of a Long Island sunset than the one from Ocean Parkway. With water on both sides, you get all the feels of summer from the comfort of your own vehicle. Roll down the windows and enjoy the breeze of ocean air. Looking to get out of your house and escape? Try this out. It’s a great little drive that will make you feel beyond content and ready to take on the next day!

5. Go For a Walk on The Jones Beach Boardwalk

There’s something about the South Shore Beaches – the ocean, the atmosphere, and the energy. Head down to the Jones Beach Boardwalk for a nice evening of relaxation and ocean views! When the beach goers start to leave, the craziness dies down and walking along the boardwalk you have the best views of the sunset. They recently added brand new volleyball courts, bocce ball courts, and little mini tennis courts. You can rent equipment and play or bring your own. There’s even a bird walk portion of the boardwalk. You can break off the main path and walk above the dunes to see all the wildlife that life in the area – great for kids and nature lover’s of all ages! Walking on the Jones Beach Boardwalk is not just a walk, there’s so much to do and so much to see. A must for any end of summer activity to do on Long Island.

6. Enjoy a Glass of Wine at Del Vino’s Vineyard in Northport

Don’t feel like driving in Hamptons traffic to head out east to grab a great glass of wine? Not a problem – Make a stop at Del Vino in Northport. Nestled away from major roads and Northport’s Main Street, when you are at Del Vino you are really taking a break from it all (Not like you really need to it’s not like we live in New York City)! With a wide array of wine and local beer to choose from, Del Vino is a great place to decompress after a tough work week. In my opinion, it is the perfect Long Island Summer date spot – so make your reservation and enjoy the end of summer at the vineyard!

7. Enjoy a Fishing Trip on a Boat Out of Captree

End your Long Island summer the right way with a fishing trip in the bay heading out of Captree! You can charter a boat yourself with a group of friends or family, or join in on a boat with other’s. Getting out to fish is easy on these charters, whether you’re a seasoned vet or a rookie. Historically these boats leave pretty early in the morning, so pack your lunch plenty of sunscreen and water and get ready for a day of fishing! If you get lucky you might even have some dinner to take home. For you night owls, there are also plenty of charters that leave in the evening. Regardless of when you choose to go, fishing out of Captree is a fun adventure to end summer for any group of friends of family!

8. Have a Beer at Port Jeff Brewery

Consider this some extra peer pressure to get get a Pier Pressure from Port Jeff Brewery. With an outdoor deck and plenty of seating, this brewery is the perfect spot to end a nice summer night. Between the amazing beer and amazing people, there’s not much else to want! Keep an eye out for dates where live music is playing – if you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does. Port Jeff Brewery has a great location right in the center of town – grab a beer before or after dinner, or run across the way and grab Ice Cream or Ralph’s! A quick trip to the Port Jeff Brewery can become a whole day outing in no time.

9. Spend a Day at the Beach at Robert Moses

A classic Long Island Beach Day is a staple of summer. Load up the car, grad lunch from the deli, pack the chairs and towels and head down to the south shore and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean at Robert Moses State Park. If you haven’t made it to the beach yet this summer, this is your sign to go make it happen.

* Pro Tip – pack sweat shirts and blankets and enjoy the sunset before packing up to head home!

10. Get Some Ice Cream from Kith Treats at Manhasset Americana

The original cereal infused ice cream? Sign me up. I may be excited to post this because I just recently found out this location existed. I used to plan city trips around getting this incredible ice cream, but not any more thanks to this great little location that is attached to Hirschleifers at Manhasset Americana. Pick between chocolate or vanilla ice cream in either a cup or shake and add your favorite toppings. They also have a menu to select from if you can’t make up your mind. My go to is “The Wifey” – something about the Nutella drizzle makes it the best thing on the entire menu. Plus they do collaborations with public figures so keep an eye out for new items added to the menu!

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The Best Long Island Snow Day Activities

We finally got our first real snowstorm of the season on Long Island! The first snowstorm always gets two different reactions – “Wow, this is amazing!” or “What the hell is this?” …I typically find myself leaning towards the latter, but this winter am going to embrace the snow and the season more.

Living on Long Island, we have the luxury of experiencing ever single season. Nothing beats a Long Island summer, but a Long Island winter isn’t that bad! When there is snow, the amazing views get more beautiful than ever before (which is tough to do)! The next time it snows on Long Island, think about embracing the colder weather instead of wishing it was warmer out.

With a decent amount of snow on the ground that accumulated over night – I put together a list of things to do when Long Island has a Snow Day. I hope this helps all my fellow Long Islanders embrace the snow and snow days!

Read a New Book

While the snow is picking up outside, there’s not better time to pick up a new book, cuddle up, and read! Make a cup of tea or hot chocolate, wrap yourself up in a blanket and settle down for the impending snow. (Or no snow, we know that Long Island Weather on the news has a history or being consistently inaccurate)

Need a book suggestions? Check out some of today’s best sellers! :

Midnight Sun
The Return
The Searcher

Bake Something New

Not feeling the sit down and read vibes? Then try baking something new. Making cookies in the winter is a great way to pass time and try something new. Also baking fills the house with amazing scents of fresh cookies, brownies, or baked goods. Baking something on a snow day keeps your taste buds and your nose happy!

Host a Virtual Zoom Hang Out With Friends

It gets lonely being stuck in your house all day – it may seem nice at first, but after a while not interacting with anyone gets a bit, stale. We learned quite a few things during the global pandemic and one that will stay for a while is that video conferencing has so many uses! Schedule a virtual zoom hang out for you and you friends who also may be snowed in. Try hosting a happy hour, bingo, trivia, or movie watch party! It takes minutes to set up and bring hours worth of laughter and joy.

Netflix Binge

If you’re really trying to embrace the introvert vibes this snow day, hunker down and get lost in a binge-worthy Netflix series! It’s snowing out and you can’t go anywhere so stay in side! Throw on your favorite sweats or pajamas and get comfy. I don’t know about you, but having a day to just relax and do nothing sounds amazing since I’ve been non-stop working for what seems to be the entire year!

Shovel The Driveway

This might not be the best Long Island snow day activity, but it definitely a necessary one. Getting the snow off your car and driveway ASAP is so important. Failing to do so can lead to ice forming on the driveway, walk way, and freezing on your car. If you fail to do this, your snow day might turn into a snow few days or weeks. Even though it is not the most fun shoveling your driveway, it really is one of the best snow day activities that you could do.


Getting outside during a snowstorm is so much fun! Channel your inner-child, grab your sled and head out to your local spot for sledding. I find that golf courses and high schools typically have some great spots to go sledding on Long Island! Not only do you get out of the house and get some fresh air but you also get to get active and have a little fun. Just because its cold and snowy doesn’t mean you always have to stay indoors.

Walk On a Boardwalk After The Snow Stops

Whats more beautiful than looking outside your window to seeing snow? Being to the beach and seeing the sand covered in fresh white snow. Head over to Long Beach or maybe Sunken Meadow State Park and walk on the boardwalk while taking in the amazing view. Getting active, while not actually playing in the snow, is possible – and we’re on Long Island so why not add in the water? If there’s no boardwalk near you, head to the beach (we know they are only 20 minutes away from you at all times on Long Island) and check out the amazing sights.

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5 Must-Visit Long Island Coffee Shops

Coffee Shops are my go-to spots – morning, afternoon, or night! Back when Covid-19 wasn’t a thing, you could find me posted up at a local coffee shop working on this blog or some of my work projects. The atmosphere is always so welcoming and they are all decorated so cute. It’s safe to safe that overall coffee shops make me calm, comfortable, and extra productive – plus a good cup a coffee? How could some body for wrong!?

Long Island is home to some amazing coffee spots, with new ones opening up seemingly every month! It can be tough to pick one – but you don’t have to! If you need to hear this, go try them all. Drive around Nassau County and Suffolk County and stop by all the cute coffee shops on Long Island. It’ll be worth it!

So, if you’re on Long Island looking for a new Coffee Shop to call home or maybe even looking for a nice date spot – this list is for you! There’s no better time than right now to support local small businesses. So while things are all open and there is still some slightly warmish weather (I’m trying to be optimistic here people), take a trip to one of these great spots to get your caffeine fix. Your taste buds, and your Instagram feed, will thank you.

Here are 5 great Coffee Shops on Long Island you have to visit.

Rise and Grind | Patchogue, NY

Address : 240 E Main Street, Patchogue, NY 11772
Hours : Coffee Bar 8am – 3pm
Kitchen 8am – 2pm M-F, 8am-3pm Sat & Sun
Lunch 11am – 2pm M-F

Soul Brew | Saint James, NY

Address : 556 N Country Rd, St James, NY 11780
Hours : 7am – 4pm Every Day

Crazy Beans | Stony Brook, NY

Address : 97 Main St, Stony Brook, NY 11790
Hours : 8am – 4pm Every Day

Karmic Grind | Locust Valley, NY

Address : 2 Birch Hill Rd, Locust Valley, NY 11560
Hours : 7am – 4:30pm Every Day

The French Workshop | Garden City, NY

Address : 191 7th St, Garden City, NY 11530
Hours : 7am – 9pm M-Th
7am – 10pm Fri
8am – 10pm Sat
8am – 9pm Sun

Where are you favorite coffee shops? Let me know!

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7 Things To Do On Long Island Before The New Year

One month left of 2020! I know everyone says this, but this year has flown and time really has just disappeared. So much has happened this year, but there’s so much more that you can fit into the last few weeks! With the holiday madness all around, there’s no better time for a break than right now. Take an hour out of your weekend or finish work early one day to do something new! There’s one month left in 2020, go on an adventure today instead of waiting until 2021!

There’s tons to do on Long Island at any time or day. If you are looking for a new adventure on Long Island before the new year, I hope this list can help!

Visit Avalon Gardens in Stony Brook

Avalon Gardens and Nature Preserve is a privately run sanctuary located in Stony Brook ( or Head of the Harbor, if we are being technical ). The property is filled with trails and paths that lead to statues and even a maze. You are bound to see plenty of animals. It is a great stop to visit for families or if you are looking for a solo escape. You can walk on the main paths and not go too far from the entrance. If you are looking to really get lost in the wilderness, you can head deep into the reserve on the less traveled paths. Avalon Gardens is really a hidden gem on the North Shore!

Find the Ruins of Knollwood Estate

The gold coast of Long Island is filled with houses larger than you can dream and properties with landscaping to match. Just driving through the area is sight-seeing in itself. Deep in the Muttontown Preserve, lies the remains of a once lavish estate owned by a royal from Albania, Knollwood Estate. There is not much left of the home, but there are two large staircases that lead from the gardens to the foundation where the mansion once stood. You can also find various structures leading up to the staircases that were once apart of this compound. The can get the ruins by accessing the preserve from southbound 106 through the equestrian center. You can also find the closed gates that hide the once lively driveway. Adventure seekers this is for you!

Grab a Coffee From Rise & Grind in Patchogue

Calling all Instagram models, this coffee shop on the south shore of Long Island was made for you! Rise & Grind just open this summer and has made a big splash since then. Grab a cup of coffee or some amazing food. All you need to do is check out their Instagram for pictures of the incredible breakfast menu. But it gets better, they just launched their lunch menu this week! The kitchen is now serving lunch until 3pm, Monday through Friday. Located at 240 E Main Street in Patchogue, this can be a quick stop on any South Shore trip!

Walk the Boardwalk in Long Beach

Enjoy the ocean views in Long Beach! Parking may be tough, but it will be worth it. Spending time in this city is like no other on Long Island. Bring the family or your friends to walk the 2.25 mile boardwalk. In the summer you’ll see the packed beach and tons of volleyball games, but in the winter you’ll see beautiful views and will enjoy the brisk weather. After walking the boardwalk, head to the west end for some amazing food at one of the many restaurants. It’s incredibly easy to make a full day out of a trip to Long Beach!

Visit the Christmas Village at the Milleridge Inn

Looking for a family outing on Long Island? Look no further than the Milleridge Inn in Jericho, New York. Known for its themed displays in their village and fun seasonal activities for children of all ages, the Christmas Village is no exception. The ornate decorations really feel like you are visiting the North Pole. Located a short distance from the Long Island Expressway, it really is an easy spot to get to if you are coming from closer to the city or from out east. Don’t forget you can grab a great meal from the restaurant after exploring the village and all the activities.

Grab a Glass of Wine at Del Vino in Northport

Looking for a more relaxed adventure that ends with a glass of wine? Del Vino is the spot for you. There’s no need to drive all the way to the end of Long Island to enjoy the vineyards. Head to Northport and visit this gem tucked away on the North Shore. Located at 29 Norwood Road, in Northport, you’ll have to do a bit of driving off the beaten path but it is worth it! You really get all the charm and luxury from a North Fork vineyard, but half the drive (literally).

Visit the ‘Magic of Lights’ at Jones Beach

The drive-through holiday light display is back! Pack up your car and head to Jones Beach for all the holiday cheer. Not only is this totally social-distance friendly, but it is a tried and true Long Island favorite. This display has been around for years and continues to draw impressive crowds again and again. The 2.5 miles drive includes tunnels of lights and themed displays like the 12-days of Christmas. The only downside is the lines, pick a peak time and you may be waiting for an hour or so before you even enter. It costs $30 per car Monday through Thursday and $35 per car on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Grab some hot chocolates and get to Jones Beach!

Do you have any adventures you want to go on before 2021 starts? Let me know in the comments!

5 Places You Need To Go To on The North Fork of Long Island

You’ve decided to head out east on Long Island – great choice! Whether you’re escaping the hectic New York City life or just looking for a weekend getaway from Nassau or Western Suffolk, the North Fork is a pretty great location. The North Fork is filled with scenic roads and country vibes. It’s really hard to believe how close it is to New York City because of how different it is out east. Low key vibes, one-lane roads, and farm stands on every corner – escaping to the North Fork is a must!

Here are 5 Places you need to visit when you are visiting the North Fork.

Kontokosta Winery

Website | Instagram

Located in Greenport, New York, Kontokosta Winery is a real hidden gem. It is the only winery on the North Fork with views of the Long Island Sound. It really is the most picturesque vineyard I had been to. On 62 acres of property, Kontokosta has a beautiful barn style tasting room with high vaulted ceilings. You can relax inside, on an outdoor deck, or take a walk along the grass to the beautiful views on the sound. You really can’t go wrong at all when you visit Kontokosta!

Briermere Farms

Website | Instagram

There are tons of farm stands and family businesses scattered throughout the North Fork, but none carries a bigger name than Briermere’s. A family business since 1961, Briermere’s has passed the test of time with straight A’s. Located on Sound Avenue in Riverhead, it is a pretty convenient first stop on your trip through the North Fork. I would say last stop, but if you wait til the end of the day all of the great baked goods will be gone. It’s a pretty hot commodity. Briermere is known for its pies, jams and jellies (all made from scratch). They are worth the drive, from wherever you are coming from. I promise you. Make sure you get there early to avoid the inevitable long line that wraps around the parking lot!

Lucharitos Taqueria & Tequila Bar

Website | Instagram

Lucharitos is such an incredible lunch spot if you love tacos, burritos, and margaritas. With locations in Aquebogue and Greenport (and others opening soon across Long Island), you have multiple opportunities to grab some great food during your day. But be prepared, there will be a line and at least at 45 minute wait during peak hours at all locations. This spot is well loved and it is totally worth it! I would order ahead to pick up your food on your way out east or back to avoid waiting ! It also saves some time for the rest of your day’s adventures!

Lavender By The Bay

Website | Instagram

When lavender is in bloom, you must stop by Lavender By The Bay! Two locations, one in Calverton and one in East Marion, offer the same amazing experience. The moment you pull up you will smell lavender, it can be kind of overwhelming but it really is incredible. On 15+ acres, you can pay to roam through the lavender fields and take all the Instagram-able pictures that you can dream of. They even have chairs set up throughout the fields to relax, take a break, and take in the beauty of the purple lavender all around you. Don’t forget to stop inside the store for some amazing smelling souvenirs! Pay attention to the website for official bloom dates to make sure you are going when the lavender is in full bloom!

Croteaux Vineyards

Website | Instagram

Located in Southold, Croteaux really is a gem on the North Fork! It is the only vineyard in the United States that devotes itself to making Rose! With plenty of seating within a rustic barn and in the outdoor “Garden,” the walk-in only policy is not intimidating. The wine is amazing and so is the food! I highly recommend the lobster roll, which is only offered on weekends! There are so many places to relax and the scenery is beautiful, a day at Croteaux is not a bad idea at all. If you are a Rose lover, you need to make Croteaux a stop on your next trip to the North Fork of Long Island.

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5 Must-Do Fall Activities On Long Island

Fall on Long Island is my absolute favorite. I mean every season, except winter, on Long Island is my favorite. So we are fully into Fall right now and, if you haven’t started already, it’s time to really jump into all things Fall! Get on your favorite chunky sweater, leggings, and boots and get outside. We know this fall weather on Long Island will be full blown winter before we know it!

Wine Tasting

The quintessential favorite fall activity on Long Island. With the weather cooling down, there is nothing better then sitting outside and enjoying a glass, or two, of wine. Being on Long Island, we are blessed with so many winery options. From Macari and Palmer on the North Fork to Woelffer Estates on the South Fork, there are tons of options to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine. For those not looking to make the trip out east, Del Vino in Northport is an amazing vineyard and you don’t have to deal with all of the traffic!

Apple Picking

No need to drive upstate, when you can head out east and stop by an apple orchard. Stop by Harbes’ Farm Stand in Riverhead to fulfill all your apple picking needs. With tons of activities, Harbes is a go to spot for friends, couples, and families. It wouldn’t be fall on Long Island without going apple picking. I personally never eat the apples I pick. Buttt for those of you Betty Crocker’s out there, there really is nothing better than making apple pies or apple crisp with the apples you picked. Please drop some off at my house if you have extra.

Pumpkin Picking

Head out to Stakey’s in Aquebogue for some pumpkin picking! Spooky Season would not be complete without pumpkins. Picking pumpkins off the vine then heading home and making jack-o-lanterns, name something more Fall than that. There are plenty of places to go on Long Island to pick pumpkins. Just to name a few – Schmitt’s Family Farms in Melville, Fairview Farm in Bridgehampton, Elwood Pumpkin Farm in Huntington. There are so many options! Bring the kids and bring your friends, get a whole group together and go pick pumpkins!


With the summer heat behind us, spending time outside (aside from the beach) is actually bearable. There are some amazing hikes on Long Island to get outside and enjoy the beauty. You can head to Sunken Meadow State Park in Kings Park or all the way out east to Montauk State Park. There are so many options to get outside and enjoy nature.

Sunflower Fields

Get your cameras ready and your best outfit picked out – there’s no better picture spot than the sunflower fields! Waterdrinker Family Farm and Manor Farm are two great options to see the sunflowers in bloom.

Success! You're on the list.

Driving Your Car on the Beach

PSA: For Anyone Driving on an Off-Road Beach

This past weekend was the taste of Summer that everyone on Long Island needed. People flocked out to the beach, myself included. The drive on-beach was flooded with people fishing, surfing, and enjoying the sun. There were tons of Jeep Wranglers and other 4×4 vehicles.

Unfortunately some people were way more prepared than others. Driving through the cut to the Atlantic Ocean side of Democrat Point, I saw 4 vehicles that were frame deep in the sand blocking traffic. Not to mention the other 3 that I saw get stuck as I sat in my beach chair enjoying the ocean view. Those weren’t the only ones of the day either! In the Beach Hall of Shame Facebook group, these pictures of stuck vehicles were shared by members this weekend.

Yes, that is a Bentley SUV stuck in the sand. Not only is getting stuck on the sand insanely embarrassing, but it’s an issue that is easily preventable. Simply airing down tires could prevent most, if not all of the stuck vehicles I saw. This is a reoccurring issue every single year and it seems like people never learn.

Driving at high PSI causes tires to dig into the sand and not “float” on top of it.

The moment you get stuck you will see the sand spitting out from beneath your tires, just digging the wheels further into the sand. The main purpose of airing down is to give your tire a wider, softer, footprint that covers more surface area as you drive over the sand. Tires with higher psi will not grip and spin more. The more your tires spin, the more likely you are to start digging in the sand. Digging in the sand is deadly and will result in your frame sitting on the sand pretty quick.

Not only does your tires digging in the sand take a toll on your vehicle and it’s performance (it tends to run a little hotter on the beach), but it also ruins the sand and the beach. The ruts on the beach keep getting dug out because of drivers who drive on the beach without airing down to a lower psi. Simply lowering your psi to around 15 can help preserve the beach and your Jeep/truck. Don’t be the guy that ruins it for everyone.

Don’t drive on soft sand without airing down.

If you’ve ever driven on Daytona Beach, you’ll see Ford Mustangs, old Toyota Corollas, and even Harleys out driving on the beach. They drive there with no issues because the sand is so packed down. It is pretty comparable to a dirt road and not sand, that is until you get to the soft sand. If you see people stuck, it is mainly because they drove onto the soft sand.

The beaches on Long Island, Democrat Point, Gilgo Beach, and Sore Thumb, to name a few, are not like Daytona Beach. The sand is soft and you tires will dig the moment you hit the sand.

Keep your speed consistent while driving on the beach .

Constantly stopping and going can cause your tires to dig into the sand even if you are aired down, but becomes a huge issue when you are not aired down. This is especially true on inclines and declines. When you drive on the beach, pay attention to where you are driving and what you are driving on.

Staying in the ruts is a safe place to stay. It generally gets tough when a driver decides to stray from the path and cross over the tire ruts. This is because the sand is soft and because your tire doesn’t have a full footprint on the sand you are driving on.

Avoiding soft sand is easy on Long Island, just stay clear of the dunes and don’t get too close to the water. Easy enough right? Just avoiding the soft sand won’t save you if you do not air down. I really can’t stress that enough.

What do you need to air down? What do you need in case your truck get stuck on the beach?

I put together a view of some essential gear that is helpful when planning a trip on an off-road beach. It’s one thing to know what to do, but a whole other animal to be prepared to do it. Don’t be one of those people who know they should air down but don’t because they don’t have the equipment to air back up. Even if you take all the necessary planning measures, you can still get stuck. You should always be prepared for the worst case scenario.

If you’re stuck and don’t know where to look, check out the list I put together of tire deflators, jacks, tow straps, etc. Everything you need to air down and to rescue yourself is there! There are several examples of each, so you can pick which is your favorite! Trust me you do not want to be the guy who is stuck buried on the sand with no way out.

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10 Outdoor Activities Anyone Can Do

10 Outdoor Activities Anyone Can Do

The weather is finally starting to warm up here on Long Island. Yes, I am in New York and have been for almost a week now. I have a feeling I’ll spending a lot more time here in the near future. Anywho, it’s really starting to feel like summer and that comes with all the feels. The warm weather makes its more difficult to stay inside and #stayhome. Now that the weather is cooperating, it’s easy to get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and keep up with social distancing guidelines. Here’s some ideas for getting outside and enjoying the weather and how I’m doing it!


If the parks and preserves near you are open, hiking is an awesome way to get outside and escape your house (and maybe your family, but bring them along for company if you want). I’ve been heading to Sunken Meadow State Park, pretty religiously, when there’s been a nice day. Yes, there is an awesome boardwalk that overlooks the Long Island Sound. My favorite park though is the trails that go throughout the woods on the property. There’s some pretty steep trails that bring you down the to Sound but you can also get lost in the wooded area. Avalon Park and Preserve in Stony Brook is also an amazing place to walk around in nature. If you’re looking for a well-maintained place to explore, this is it. There’s art on the trails, plenty of wildlife, and even a large field to roam.


If theres a waterway nearby you, get to fishing. Am I skilled by any means? No. But it is extremely relaxing. I’m lucky enough to have a creek in my backyard that connects to the Atlantic Ocean. There’s tons of stripers that find their way in and I’ve managed to snag a few. There’s tons of spots to cast at on Long Island, and you can easily pick up some equipment from Dick’s. They’re doing curb-side pick-up and it really is a breeze!


Getting a little exercise is always a good thing. I’ve been finding myself glued to the sofa working and letting time get away from me. Kayaking has been so much fun and I don’t even realize how sore I am from it til the next few days! Getting fresh air and being on the water can’t be beat. I’ve been kayaking all around the North Fork of Long Island and found some pretty cool spots to explore. There’s tons of boat ramps and docks along the Long Island Sound and the Great South Bay where you can launch off from. Dick’s again is the go-to. You can order a Kayak to be picked up curb-side and they will even help you put the kayak on the roof of your car for transport.


It’s BBQ season baby! Get outside and cook some burgers, dogs, chicken, and whatever else your heart desires. I’m a huge fan of being killing two birds with one stone. Getting outside to grill gets you outside, having fresh air, while preparing some awesome food for lunch or dinner. If there’s an excuse to get outside, I will find it. Hey it’ll also save you some money on UberEats spending you’ve been doing lately!

Play an Outdoor Sport

Being a lacrosse rat, it’s hard for me to not play. It’s been fun picking up my lacrosse stick and going up to the field to get some reps in. Not only does it bring me back to the glory days, but it is an awesome workout. Grab a soccer ball or a basketball and start playing! Even pick up something new. Always wanted to try skateboarding? Go get a skateboard and start learning. People have been coming across a lot more free time during the stay at home order. It seems like a pretty good time to learn a new skill or try something new to me!

Read Outside

I was never a big reader, but have started to appreciate getting lost in the chapters of a book. Yes it’s nice to cozy up indoors and open a book, but why not take that outdoors? I’ll hop on my hammock or lay out on a lounge chair in my backyard and just read! Just because you want to get outside doesn’t mean you have to be running or doing something physically active. Take a break, enjoy the sun, and read a new book! You can go on Amazon and get books for a Kindle or have them sent to you via Prime. Check out some of my favorite books and some that are on my read-list!

Outdoor Yoga

In my post about staying active while the gyms are close, I mentioned my favorite at-home yoga practice, Yoga with Adriene. When the sun is shining I’ll take my yoga mat outside and set up my practice outdoors. I always see those outdoor yoga classes at the beach or a local park and I’m pretty intimidated to try them because I am still such a beginner, so making my own little outdoor yoga studio in my backyard has been pretty incredible.


I hate running, so much. I’ve been making a point of trying to get into it though. Even though it is a brutal, there’s no better time than right now to get out and start adding running into your routine. I think it would be pretty cool to say i can run a marathon at some point in my life. That might be a stretch, but you know what I mean. Throughout college I never realized how much running was involved in lacrosse, it just was part of the game. I’m trying to get back into good running shape and this warm weather is making it easy to get outside and make that happen. I downloaded Nike Run Club to track my progress and that’s been a pretty awesome motivator. They have challenges you can join and it keeps track of distance and time for all your runs. If you’ve been thinking about getting in shape or trying to get into running, now seems like a pretty good time to start!


Get outside and plant some flowers, or herbs, or veggies! It’s a Mother’s Day tradition in my house to go to the local nursery and pick out new flowers for the window boxes on the house. It’s always something I’ve done with my mom and loved! We’ve planted some vegetables in the backyard and it’s pretty cool to see them grow back year after year.

Outdoor Dinners

Any excuse to get outside is a good excuse. If you have an outdoor table, set it up for an outdoor meal. Even if it’s just sitting in chair, it’s nice to get out of the house. Since there is really no where to have a sit-down dinner right now, I’ve been picking up food from my favorite restaurants and bringing it to the park or the beach. Even sitting in my Jeep with the windows down is a nice change of scenery from my kitchen.