Long Island in the Winter

Visiting Long Island, New York in Winter

Long Island is typically known as a Summer destination – The Hamptons, Montauk, and Fire Island are just a few places on Long Island that have grown in notoriety recently. These spots that were once known by the locals only have become luxury summer vacation spots to those living in New York City and beyond. With all the hype about Long Island being a summer destination, what about visiting in the winter?

I may be biased, but Long Island is a great place to be for all four seasons. Winter is very pleasant on Long Island and isn’t is a bad time to come check it out.

Why Should You Visit Long Island in the Winter?

1. It’s less crowded.

No need to dodge all the weekender traffic on the Long Island Expressway in the winter. You won’t have to deal with anyone except the locals, for the most part.

2. There’s great seasonal activities.

Sure putting your wetsuit on an surfing in the winter may be attractive to some, but for the others who don’t feel like freezing in the ocean there are plenty of seasonal activities to take part in.

3. It’s beautiful.

If you are lucky and visit Long Island in the winter when it’s snowing, then you are in for a treat. Long Island is a beautiful place on any day but add in the snow combined with the beach and you have the perfect winter day.

What Can You Do on Long Island in the Winter?

The opportunities are really endless whether you want to be indoors or explore outdoors. Here are some great places you should check out on Long Island in the winter.

Long Island Farm Brewery

Long Island Aquarium

Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium

Bayard Cutting Arboretum

Montauk Point Lighthouse Museum

Cradle of Aviation Museum

Flanders Big Duck

Kontokosta Winery

Old Westbury Gardens

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