Friday Five My Favorite Things

Friday Five | My Favorite Things From the Week

Happy Friday!! The weekend is finally here and we can all finally shut our laptops and relax for a little bit. This week has been an absolutely hectic one. Last weekend I played in a Beach Volleyball Tournament in Long Beach on Saturday and went to Fire Island on Sunday, had my club lacrosse team’s tryouts, Beach Volleyball on Wednesday, plus a full work week. A very beach filled Long Island Summer weekend/weel… This weekend is a little different with a Bat Mitzvah on Saturday and a wedding on Sunday. Just as hectic, but a little less beach…

Let’s get into my 5 favorite things from this week!

1. David Rio Tiger Spice Chai Mix

My boyfriend is an angel sent from heaven and makes me the most delicious Chai Lattes every morning. I’ve been trying to cut coffee from my diet because I really have been relying too much on it to wake up and focus. So, chai was the natural alternative! I have tried in the past, and nothing compares to the Chai Lattes I get from my local coffee shop. This Chai mix that he uses is the best I’ve ever had. It is amazing on its own or mixed with a shot of espresso. I’m super thankful for my boyfriend and he’s always in my top 5, but this Chai mix is Number 1 this week!

You can buy some here – I highly recommend this brand and trying it out. It’s also super cost effective!

2. NA-KD

“Where’d you get your jeans?” – If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me that questions I’d be rich. I swear by NA-KD. They’re a great price and great quality. Why is NA-KD number 2? Well they had a ridiculous sale and I got 7 pairs of jeans for $200. Yes, you heard me. Around $30 per pair. These are typically $70-$90 jeans, so this price was tough to turn down.

I got great casually wide leg ripped jeans and some more classic khaki, black, and denim that can be worn to work. The only thing that’s annoying is sizing, and not all the jeans fit even though they are the same size… I guess it’s part of the game when you order from online boutiques. It’s also motivation to get in shape since they really do fit, I just wish 1of the pairs was looser!

3. Electric Tea Pot

I added a cup of tea into my nightly routine a few years ago. I’ve always relied on a classic tea pot to boil water… Oh has my life changed with the electric teapot. Prep time is cut in half, and some, and I get to relax and drink my tea sooner! Check out the one I bought here.

4. Bungalow West (LBNY)

I’ve been between my place and my boyfriend’s all week. It just hasn’t made sense to go grocery shopping because I would end up wasting most of the food. Bungalow West has been my go-to for lunch and dinner when I’ve been in Long Beach. Wait times are short, food is great, and it’s just a short walk from my house! Thanks for keeping me fed and happy Bungalow.

5. Crocs

Ya girl got crocs! Not the first time I’ve owned them, I technically have 3 other pairs… But they are from high school and my mom successfully took them in as her own, so I haven’t had a pair in years.

While we were in Pittsburgh two weekends ago, we went to the Croc outlet and I picked out my very own crocs and jibbitz. Don’t worry, I am judging myself too. They are so comfortable and perfect for running errands or just running out of the house quick to take out the trash or grab something from my car. They’re a big time game-changer, especially since my tried and true Kith slides just broke and needed to be retired on Monday.

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