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Friday Five | My Favorite Things From the Week

Friday Five is Back!!!!

I really do love doing these weekly recaps and sharing all my favorites with you. It’s really been great to be back int he swing of things with blogging, especially more posts like this where you can all really get to know me and what I’m currently doing! I think we’re almost on a two week streak of daily posting – I’m pretty impressed with myself honestly.

This week has been a crazy one, between work being very busy, going on 3 weekends straight of traveling, and trying to enjoy every last minute of summer possible, it’s been tough to just relax. Regardless, I really can’t complain. Even though I’ve been incredibly busy, I am so grateful for even having the opportunity to do all the things I do every single day.

Top Five

Blacksmith’s Bread



This is my spot. Nothing makes my morning complete like the walk to Blacksmiths to get my coffee. They have saved me quite a few mornings this week when I just couldn’t get our of my own way and needed coffee to live. Not to mention their food menu is absolutely insane and the bakery items are all made fresh daily. If you go and don’t try the Morning Bun, you’re doing it wrong. Shoutout to the team there who decided to stay open til 4pm and not 2pm in the summer! Afternoon coffees just got so much better.

AirPod Pros

Amazon Link

I feel like I mention these in all my Friday Fives, but I really do rely on these daily and they make my week so incredibly enjoyable. If I need to zone out and focus at work, AirPods. Going on my daily bike ride, AirPods. Lions Gate Meditation on 8/8, yup, AirPods. This week has been very hectic, from roadtrip planning to cramming my all my tasks into this work-week, having my AirPods and being able to zone out really improved my productivity level and thats why their a fav for this week!

Tommy Bahamas Beach Chair

Amazon Link

Between the Beach Volleyball Tourney I played in on the weekend and the Beach Volleyball League on Wednesdays, my Tommy Bahamas chair was the real MVP. It’s super lightweight and the backpack straps make it so easy to carry while I ride my bike to the beach. If I didn’t have this chair, my butt would be in the sand and I would be so uncomfortable in between volleyball games.

TJ Maxx


TJ Maxx was a lifesaver this week. For the life of me I could not find a dress for the party in Pittsburgh this weekend. Not even exaggerating, I spend countless hours looking thorough maybe 15 stores websites, only to come up empty handed each time. I went to TJ Maxx on a whim to get pillow cases and low and behold I found the most perfect summer dress for the party. Not to mention it was only $16. So thank you for being so amazing TJ Maxx.

My Job

This week, more so than others, I was reminded about how amazing the company that I work for is. They really value work culture and our mission is a pretty remarkable one that is going to change how people access data and use it to the benefit. Having a fully flexible workplace means that I can work from where I want, when I want. A perk that has made all these busy weekends and plans that much more enjoyable. I’m also lucky to do working on a team doing a job that I love, where I’m encouraged to grow and take on new projects. I really love what I do and am so thankful for it!

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