Long Beach New York West End Block in Summer 2022, Beach Summer 2022

My Favorite Things – Summer 2022

Took a break from my hot girl walk to clue you in on my Summer 2022 Essentials. This isn’t just any Summer Essentials List, this is everything that I swear by. Living in Long Beach, New York, I am blessed to live in the city by the sea and get to enjoy all things this incredible beach town has to offer. I think I’ve mentioned it so many times on this blog, but a Long Island Summer is the best summer. You really can’t beat it.

If you’re going on a beach vacation, heading down to the shore for a month-long getaway, or even just prepping for a day trip to the beach, this list is for you. Make Summer 2022 the best summer yet with all of these must-haves in your beach cart!

For all my girlies with summer birthdays (or friends with summer birthdays) – this has some great ideas and can act as a Summer Birthday Gift List for sure!

Summer 2022 Must Haves

Hydro Flask

Did you drink enough water today? Probably not if you don’t have this amazing Hydro Flask water bottle with straw lid! One of my 2022 resolutions was to drink more water and this little water bottle has helped me stay true. It is also incredible during! It handles my work commute to the cities (when I head into the office), late afternoon beach trips after work, and is perfect for beach volleyball & gym trips. Stay hydrated this summer!

Schwinn Beach Cruiser

If you’ve been trying to find a cute beach cruiser, that’s durable and tough, this here is for you! Living in a beach town means that I live on my beach cruiser all summer long (Summer 2022, Year of the beach cruise? Yup.). From morning coffee runs to sunset cruises on the boardwalk – this beach cruiser is both fun and practical. Let’s be real, we know parking is always a disaster in beach towns during the summer, so a bike is your best bet to travel places quickly and not have to worry about parking. This Beach Cruiser has the cutest colors, I went with off white and a tan seat! Don’t forget to outfit it with a cute basket and cup holder!!


Don’t hate me for this. Crocs are the ultimate outdoor shoes that you leave by your front door to slip on – they’re the summer Clugg (Clog + Ugg = Clugg), which everyone knows is my favorite.

Amazon Tank 4 Pack

This, Has. Saved. Me. From coaching lacrosse in the 90 degree heat to my daily morning bike rides, these tank tops are perfect for all summer outings. I’ve never been an Amazon Clothing girl, but Summer 2022 has changed me. These come in a few different options for colors – My favorite is the black, white, gray, and pastel green set. When I say I wear these all the time, I literally live in them. The quality is better than you’d expect, but let’s be real you aren’t buying lululemon, so don’t expect that! This is a Summer 2022 Wardrobe Essential is my book.

Summer 2022 Starbucks Tumbler

Judge me all you want for this, but I love all Starbucks cups and will pay the price for them. Lucky you all I found this one on sale and it’s just so pretty you’ll have to get it. I’ve been using this for water (hydration goals) and for the iced dirty chais I’ve been making in the morning.

Summer 2022 Beach Essentials

Sand Cloud Towels

Whoever invented these is a genius. If you’re a skeptic, you shouldn’t be. They really do work. Sand falls off of them. Water repells. They also fold up to virtually nothing, so transporting them to or from the beach is easy, they can fit in any sized beach bag or chair!

Tommy Bahama Chair

If you don’t have a Tommy Bahama are you even really going to the beach?

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball is my beach activity of choice, so this one makes total sense when it’s here! Having some sort of beach activity is a must – some other great ones are Spike Ball, classic football, and of course can jam!

JBL Split Portable Speaker

We all love music when hanging at the beach – bringing a speaker is the best! Just immediately picks up the good vibes. (Don’t forget a portable charger too! Playing music drains phones batteries). I went with the JBL because of the reputation and how durable it is – I can thrown it in my beach bag with all of my stuff and not have to worry about it, even if it drops on the floor I know it’ll be ok. Also, Summer 2022 Resolution – Play music at a reasonable volume and don’t disrupt everyone around you!

Hemlock Hat

This hat has been an absolute game changed for me since I got my first one in 2019. Not only are the patterns incredible, but these hats fit so well. No need to worry about the wind blowing it away! And for the girls who don’t like to tan their face, this casts the perfect amount of shade to make sure you skin is safe from the UV rays.

So there you have it! All of my Summer 2022 Essentials, my favorite things. My Favorite Summer Things if you must! Let me know what some of your essentials are in the comments!

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