10 Things About Me That You Probably Don’t Know

I came across a post on Oliva’s blog, and it got me thinking that it may be a good idea to tell you all more about me! I tend to write more about Long Island, my Jeep Wrangler, and self-love/self-care pieces (all of which are super important to me). Although I share and write a decent amount of social media, I try my best to keep my private life well private. It took a little brainstorming but I think it is pretty cool to give you an inside look at who I am and who is writing all this content! We might be more similar or different than you think.

In order to get to know me better, and let you learn more about who I am, I think it would be fun to share 10 things about me that you might not know :

1. I Played Lacrosse In College

I am a former D1/D2 NCAA athlete – kinda crazy that it feels like yesterday but my college career started 10 years ago! I’ve played lacrosse my entire life and continue to stay involved in the sport by coaching at the club level, providing private and small group training to youth players, and running/organizing clinics for local towns. I played at the Division 1 level at UMass Amherst and completed my playing career at Dowling College. Lacrosse has made me who I am and I am so lucky to have had to opportunity to play at the highest level possible.

2. Cooking Is Not My Thing

Ask me to bake anything and I got you! But cooking – that’s a whole other playing field that I steer far from. I mean I can do the basics and I follow directions really well, but coming up with creative meals and cooking from scratch is not my forte. I want to learn more and get better, but I’m pretty content with hoping I surround myself with a bunch of people that can cook! I do have to say, if there’s one meal I can cook it’s breakfast. I love making eggs and omelettes and pancakes – that I can do pretty damn well.

3. I Love Sneakers

I am a self-declared sneakerhead and have been since High School. I had a bit of a fall off when I wasn’t making enough money to support my expensive habit, but guess what? Sneakerhead Tina is back in full swing. I currently have my eye on two upcoming releases – Stussy X Nike Hemp Air Force 1 and Off-White X Futura X Nike Dunks. I’ve recently been all aboard the Yeezy train and have gotten lucky in the past few releases, but I have always had a soft spot for Nike sneakers. My collection of Dunks and Air Max’s was impressive – I wish I was the same size shoe to wear them all! My one rule for sneakers is to never buy after market, I will only pay retail for any sneakers that I own.

4. I Only Wear Mis-Matched Socks

Yea, this is a weird one but only the real one’s know how accurate this statement is. I like fun socks and I don’t like matching them after doing laundry. My feet are always covered by sneakers so it’s not like anyone ever sees my mis-matched socks! I’ve always been about being efficient, taking time to match socks could be better used elsewhere – like writing this blog. Think about all the socks you’ve matched and folded, that’s probably a pretty decent chunk of time you could of been using somewhere else!

5. Madewell Is My Favorite Store

I love Madewell – I swear by their jeans and they really are the only ones that fit me just right. Whether I am at work or out with friends it’s pretty much guaranteed that at least 2 pieces of my outfit are from Madewell. They really have clothes (shoes, bags, and accessories) for every occasion. The sale section is always pretty great as well, I’m always about getting a good deal – you can typically always find al sizes and extra discounts in the sale section!

6. I Was An Amateur Bodybuilder

Way back a few years ago, really not that long ago, I was into bodybuilding. I competed in NPC shows and earned the Nationally Qualified ranking. I was planning on competing at the National Level for my Pro Card but ultimately decided against it. I learned a lot about myself during that time and what I was capable of doing, physically and mentally. I am very happy that I left the sport. Not only are you pushing extremes physically, but it takes a mental toll as well. Constantly being compared to others and worrying about your own image starts to eat away at you confidence and self-esteem. As much as people preach that it’s “you against you,” every competitor knows that you are comparing and going against others. I’m happy I am one of the few who have removed myself from the sport without any major consequences, physically or mentally. Maintaining a good relationship with fitness is also something I am grateful for! I hope everyone who is consumed in the fitness world currently, comes to the conclusion that the world doesn’t revolve around the way you look. It’s all about balance!

7. My Favorite Color is Purple

This one people might say – Tina your Jeep is purple, you love purple, we get it. That is all true but most don’t know why purple is my favorite color. I lost a very close friend in 2012 to a tragic dirt bike accident. It affected me very much and I still carry the pain with me every day. His favorite color was purple. I started wearing purple bracelets to remember him by. Slowly but surely the purple bracelets evolved into pretty much everything – the color brings back all the happy times, the memories, and everything I never want to forget. Whenever I see purple I think of Nick and know that he is with me always. Purple will always be my favorite color.

8. I Am 5’10”

I am pretty tall for a woman and never really liked my height until recently. I was kind of tall for most of my life but really shot up in High School. Being the tallest person in the room is a typical thing, I’m used to feeling like an Avatar. I used to slouch a lot and hated taking pictures with my shorter friends. I started embracing my height and after all is said and done i really do love being tall! It doesn’t hurt that my boyfriend is 6’5″ so I always feel little next to him!. 🙂

9. I Will Own My Own Business

I guess this is a future thing, but manifesting works wonders – I will own my own business. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mind and have many side hustles. The idea is that I put enough energy and focus behind one to take off. Being super realistic, I’m spread very thin between my full time job, coaching, lacrosse private trainings, and lacrosse clinics. One of my goals is to dive into e-commerce and really take advantage of this super digital era that we are living it.

10. I Am An Emo Kid

Yup – Growing up on Long Island during the pop-punk/emo scene pretty much assured I would be an emo kid. My seat belt-belt, skinny jeans, and band tees were the regular. I still listen to all my favorite albums from the mid-2000’s – emo drives in my car happen weekly. I still go to shows pretty often, the last one I went to was Silverstein’s 15 year Anniversary Show at House of Blues in Boston. While in Boston I got to see Anniversary shows with Senses Fail, Bayside, The Story So Far, Of Mice and Men, Anthony Green, the list goes on. I’ve always been big into music and the scene!

So there it is – 10 facts about me that you might not know! I have to say this was a pretty fun blog to end the week with. Let’s hear it! What is a fact about you that others might not know? Feeling rebellious? I challenge you to post 10 things about you!

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5 thoughts on “10 Things About Me That You Probably Don’t Know

  1. This is so good! I really want to try Madewell but I have too many clothes for my capsule wardrobe already. Once a pair of jeans fizzles out though, I’m there. It’s also so cool that you played Lacrosse at such a high level. I admire athletes. The discipline athletes cultivate is otherworldly. A fact about me? I was in an A Cappella Group in college that almost followed the exact trajectory of the Pitch Perfect movies- all the way to the international competition and everything! It wasn’t intentional, it just shook out that way!


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