Friday Five

It’s Friday and it’s the weekend! Time to finally turn off the alarm and not think about work for two days! It’s a small win, but I am 100 percent here to celebrate it. You know what that means – It’s finally time to bring back the Friday Five! I’m really diving back into this blog thing full force, so I hope you all appreciate it!

This week has been filled with crappy weather (Yay Hurricane Season) and a new car!! So you might see my Friday Five pretty reflective of those two things. Check it out!

1. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

I promised myself that I wasn’t going to do it, but it happened. I caved and bought a barefoot dreams blanket. This thing is really as incredible as everyone has been saying. I am such a big fan of cozy days and nights this time of year. This blanket has earned itself a spot in my starting cozy line up. I can’t imagine another Netflix series binge or late night movie without it.

I know these are insanely priced ( I honestly shouldn’t of splurged and got one, but we all make mistakes) but if you are in the blanket market or looking for a great gift to give to someone you care about, I couldn’t recommend this any more than I do!

2. Yankee Candle Fall Pack

I bought this three pack of fall candle scents from Yankee Candle and I absolutely love them. They smell incredible and really bring the fall vibes into my bedroom! I have them spread out through my room and the really look adorable. Yankee Candles burn so slow and even that these will last me the entire season. Right in time for me to whip out my absolute favorite winter scents.

3. Rae Dunn 2020-2021 17 Month Planner

The past few months have been a giant whirlwind for me. I still can’t believe it hasn’t even been 2 full months since I moved to New York from Boston. Back in New York I started working like a mad woman, running days from 6am to 8pm. Picking up private training clients (for lacrosee), coaching my lacrosse team, working my full-time job, and starting my side hustle (I guess it’s like my side side side hustle), all have been happening simultaneously and I was getting so overwhelmed.

So I picked up this adorable Rae Dunn “Best Year Ever” Planner and boy has this made a huge difference. I got the cute teal color and it is just so calming to look at, which I need while my head is spinning doing approximately 103 different things every minute. I’ve had planners before, but there’s something about this one that I love and it really has kept all of my ducks in a row.

4. ’47 Boston RedSox Camo Hat

So I’ve been missing Boston and not wanting to do my hair this week, so I’ve been getting a lot of use out of my ’47 Red Sox hat. The camo is perfect and goes with literally anything. I’ve been throwing this hat on my classic outfit – black leggings, white t-shirt, and jean jacket. It’s so basic but it really is perfect, especially this time of year. So thank you ’47 for making the best products out there and keep my messy hair hidden, stay the same never change.

5. Chemical Guys Leather Cleaner

I’m still in shock that I bought a car with white leather interior. It’s just so stunning and beautiful. But I’m a mess and terrified that I am going to absolutely destroy it. I bought pretty much every detailing product under the sun and this Chemical Guys product is the one I am most excited for. I am going to keep this seats sparkling clean. Also, not a soul is permitted to wear jeans in my car. Sorry I’m not sorry, no chances are being taking here.

That’s it for this week! – I’m about to head out east for a weekend full of paintball and race cars. Another amazing weekend planned and I’ll be totally logged off for it. So I’ll catch everyone next week! Hope you all have an amazing weekend! Let me know your plans in the comments below!

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