Positive Quotes for Tough Times

Friday Five

Another Friday another Friday Five. This week has been one emotional roller coaster for me. Seriously, there’s been so many feels and so many personal battles I’ve had to fight and I think my Friday Five reflects that pretty well. So if you are dealing with something in your life, I hope this helps.

One thing I’ve been actively focusing on this week is staying positive and really focusing on the good in life. I may think everything around me is falling a part, but taking a closer look into what’s going on, not everything is thatttttt bad. I’ve had quite a few ugly cries that I’d rather not admit to, but we’re all human and it happens. Break Ups suck. End of story!

But it’s Friday! WOOOOO! The week is over and I’m so thankful. It’s actually ending on a pretty damn high note if you ask me. I’m hoping to share some big news with you all soon, but until then here’s my Friday Five, all the things I’m super thankful for this week!

1. The Good Quote

The Good Quote has been one of my go to Instagram accounts for some time. If you follow me you are most likely familiar with them because I share them 2 to 3 times a day on my story. They share the most relatable quotes for all different situations you may face. TheGoodQuote community includes 20 million people! Everyone needs a pick me up, feel good moment sometimes. This week was my time for that and I am so thankful for the TheGoodQuote for always having a post that I could relate to.

With May ending, which means Mental Health Awareness Month is also ending, I hope that people don’t forget about how important it is to keep an eye on their own well-being.

2. Air Pod Pros

The amount of obsession I have for my Air Pod Pros is limitless. I swear I didn’t know what I was I missing without them. This week I needed them to zone out and really just shut my head up. My head hamsters were going off running on their wheel and music was the only way to drown out the thoughts. So big shout out to Apple and their Air Pods (that I totally used to make fun of because I thought they were useless and dumb). They are totally worth the investment and I can’t tell you enough good things about them. Old me was a dumb-dumb for even hating on them in the slightest.

3. Claritin-D

This week was brutal for allergies. I know I am not alone in experiencing them but holy cow it’s like I’ve been walking through a cloud of pollen every day. No sleep for me, until Claritin-D did the lord’s work and got me back to normal. So Claritin-D, Thank You!

4. Twinings Tea

Tea at night has been a staple for as long as I can remember at my house. Personally I drink Green Tea like water, but this week I tried something different. I was drinking lemon tea with honey, trying to help with my allergies, and I think I found my new favorite tea!

I recently got this amazing variety pack of Twinings Tea and this is the first week I’m really straying form the norm and trying some new flavors. Really been a game changer. If you are a tea person or if you might be interested in trying it out, this pack is perfect for you. The 50-count assortment pack is incredible. Not only is drinking tea a solid staple in any nighttime routine, but at any point in the day drinking tea has always been a nice reminder for me to just relax.

5. ME!

This week has been a challenge but has really helped me grow. Lessons have been learned and self-reflection was at an all time high. No matter how I may be put down, I’m learning to love myself and be confident through everything. I always strive to be a positive light through negativity, and sometimes I forget that. Being positive and hopeful isn’t always easy, but when it’s all said and done loving yourself should always come first. So because of that, I am extra thankful for myself this week.

It’s more that okay to give yourself a pat on the back especially when you deserve it. Don’t forget to be proud of yourself. Self love means loving yourself no matter the time, place, or situation. It gets lost in translation sometimes, but you don’t need anyone to complete you. Never forget how truly awesome you are. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy the last few days of May!

I challenge everyone to come up with 5 things they are thankful for this week. It can be anything!

Success! You're on the list.

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